The science of calibrating the gift of body art

I’m curious:  in a world where punching the wrong button on your cell phone can be an NCAA rules violation, where does trading autographs for tattoos rate on the “I sold my signed jersey and all I got was this lousy four-game suspension” scale?


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7 responses to “The science of calibrating the gift of body art

  1. AthensHomerDawg

    First Younger Dooley is instructing his players on the importance of proper hygiene and good showering techniques and now we have Coach DaRick Dooley himself receiving remedial education in cell phone basics. Wonder if this “back to the basics” approach will lead to more checks in the win column for the Big Orange. They are UT!


  2. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    The Scam Newton case taught us that if a student athlete is unaware of the infraction then he is not culpable in the infraction.

    Consider that those who get tats on a whim usually are under the influence of alcohol.

    If the OSU players were in such a state, then they should be exonerated since they were unaware of the actions that they were committing.


  3. Russ

    Good thing players stomping an off-duty cop isn’t an NCAA violation, or Dooley would have three infractions. Is “Bar Knoxville” the bar where underaged UT football players get in for free?


  4. BMan

    I would think if the OSU players traded autographs for tatts then it would be similar to A.J.’s situation. In other words, they cashed in on their names, literally, to receive something of value. If the value exceeds $250, it’s one level of suspension, and if it’s over $500, it’s another level, right? Now the thought of the NCAA asking an independent tattoo artist to appraise the value of the tattoos so they can determine punishment would be amusing.


  5. Trbodawg

    The NCAA has quite a dilemma with the policing the ‘contact’ restrictions in today’s electronic messaging environment. I propose that they make FaceBook (or Twitter, or other public posting services) MANDATORY. Let the world know what these coaches/boosters are telling the kids. Nothing sanitizes like sunshine…
    Just my 2 sense….