The secret of their (lack of) success?

I think it’s pretty much a given that a 6-6 regular season showing after being ranked in the preseason qualifies as underachieving, so it’s not like I need independent validation to know that Georgia’s 2010 season stunk on ice.  (On that point I’m not alone.)

Still, I’m a little surprised by the near universal acknowledgement of Pro Football Weekly’s All-America team, which includes five Georgia players,  as evidence of that.  First off, how relevant is their criteria – “determined based on considerable feedback from NFL evaluators taking into consideration a player’s pure talent and contribution to his team. Unlike many other teams rewarding the best college football players, PFW places an extra premium on true talent and draft value in the selection process” – to being a success on the college football field?  Cam Newton isn’t PFW’s first team quarterback, which may be understandable if you’re looking at how he may play on future Sundays, but looks silly if you consider how he played on Saturdays this season.

And in Georgia’s specific case, well, it looks a little silly, too.  The A.J. Green who played in the last eight games will be a terrific player on the next level, but the A.J. Green who was suspended from play in the first four games didn’t do his current team a lick of good.  Nor did the Cordy Glenn who clearly struggled early on from the effects of a bout with mono.  Drew Butler turned in another solid season, but I don’t know too many people who would seriously argue that a program’s success turns on its punter.

Color me unimpressed.



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6 responses to “The secret of their (lack of) success?

  1. Eric

    I was thinking the same thing. Even Feldman linked to it in his blog. No journalist wants to question the renowned Pro Football Weekly? Or just ignore it as not legit?


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    “We are players, too.”
    Drew Butler/SEC Media Days


  3. Robert K Burnham

    Perhaps it’s coaching ??


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    I can certainly understand AJ and Justin having high NFL value. But Boling, Glenn and Butler – I have doubts. Don’t get me wrong, they are DGD’s and have been starters since hitting campus. But I think Boling and Glenn fall into the Nick Jones/Kevin Breedlove category – long time dependable starters who don’t have NFL talent. Either that, or our O-line coaching sucks much more than I thought. Hope they all have long NFL careers and prove me wrong.