Ice, iced baby.

Wes Byrum’s heroics notwithstanding, it’s interesting to see there’s one bit of conventional wisdom that may actually have some validity to it.

… But a study published in September by a University of San Diego professor has delivered the worst news of all to kickers: Icing works. Really, really well.

Nadav Goldschmied, an adjunct professor at the university’s psychology department, examined field goals over six seasons, 2002 to 2007. He identified 273 attempts that he considered “pressure” kicks, those attempted in overtime, or with one minute or less remaining in regulation when the kicking team was tied or trailing by 3 points or fewer.

Of the 163 field-goals attempted when a timeout was not called before the kick, 80.4 percent were successful. But in the 110 cases when the kicker was iced, the success rate dropped to 66.4 percent, a difference that Goldschmied — and probably every coach in the N.F.L. — considers significant.

I’d like to see what a similar study for college football presents.  I can’t imagine that college kickers are less immune to pressure than their pro counterparts are.  If anything, I’d expect the opposite.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Pardon the off subject comment, but that moment is one of the top 5 reasons Corch will forever be a hustler and a bullshitter.

    • Mike

      How did you like it when Richt iced Chas Henry? Or, at least he tried to. Along with his buddy Grantham

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        It’s not the timeout that reflects on Meyer, it’s the way he did it to make sure they’d run the play.

        • Mike

          Oh jeebus. I believe this is what is called making a distinction without a difference

          • Hogbody Spradlin

            No. There’s a significant difference. Meyer just had to be as cute, clever, and smart as he possibly could. This is the same guy who told Jevan Snead they were only recruiting Tim Tebow as a linebacker, the same guy who said they called timeouts at the end of the 2008 Georgia game to give a scrub playing time, the same guy who said they didn’t score against Tennessee only because they played down to Tennessee’s level, the same guy who publicly called out a reporter who he knew couldn’t do anything about it, the same guy who retired then unretired, the same guy who’s thrown headsets in anger because things didn’t go his way in a game. Have I missed anything?

            Now you can bask in your record, but Corch is a hustler and a bullshitter.

            This is a polite blog. No sheeshing, jeezing, or jeebussing allowed.

            • JaxDawg

              And he’s also a f’ing head case that suffered some serious burnout. One day we’ll see a video of Meyer running naked through the Butler Plaza parking lot, shitting himself and pissing into his own face.

            • Mike

              I do bask in Urban’s record. And only in the mind of a deluded rival does the timing of the TO matter.

      • JaxDawg

        We did it before the kick not simultaneous with the snap. Such a dick move by Meyer – like a cheap playground call. Kind of like those late to’s at the end of the ’08 game. And it’s not the first time Meyer had tried that particular icing tactic. Everyone in cfb country was glad to see it backfire – except the arrogant Gators of course.

        • Mike

          But the Grantham choking gesture and obscenity directed to Henry was not a dick move, right? That was an example of sportsmanship at its finest, right? And as an arrogant Florida fan, I was particularly delighted that Chas had the presence of mind to blow both Richt and Grantham a kiss before the kick. And to top it all off, he then ran over to Grantham and Richt and Gator chomped them after the kick

          Come one guys, from a “sportsman” stand point, there is absolutely no difference in timing of the icing call. Richt was just apparently more worried about getting the TO called than Meyer. In nay case, the end result was the same in both cases.

          • JaxDawg

            If you try and compare Mark Richt the sportsman and Urban Meyer the sportsman, then I will win that argument every time son. I’m not saying I wouldn’t rather have the wins, but don’t be so arrogant as to think you can win that argument.

            Oh, and let Tavares King know that it was Nick Alajajian that pulled that pussy-boy cheapshot after Hill’s int return.

            • Mike

              Really? Name one time when Urban orchestrated a team wide celebration that garnered him not one but two unsportsmanlike penalties.

              He did call those time outs. But guess what, they are legal and allowed.

              Game, set, match

              • JaxDawg

                We celebrated, your team whined about it, and we still kicked your asses. And when Meyer adopts underprivileged children instead of demeaning sports reporters and lying to recruits then you can debate me.

                Now go suck your own dick, Mike.

                • Mike

                  And we celebrated the next year. And called the time outs to continue to enjoy the celebration.

                  But the UGA fans did not have to endure that. There were none left in the stands by that time.

                  Tome outs have played an important part in several Florida/Georgia games.

                  here is one of the more famous;

          • Hackerdog

            Arguing that calling a timeout before the kick versus calling the timeout concurrent with the snap, so the kicker has to kick it twice, is stupid. They’re not the same. Use Google from the time. Everyone disagreed with the tactic and thought it poor sportsmanship.

            Was Grantham’s choking gesture poor sportsmanship? Sure. I won’t argue that Grantham is more gentlemanly than Corch Meyers. Most of us wouldn’t. But you should join us in recognizing that Richt is a step up from that level.

          • dboy

            you are a little too into this $hite bro

  2. Macallanlover

    So icing has research showing it is effective sometimes, let coaches use it as they feel necessary, but there are two modifications I would like to see: 1) no back-to-back timeouts allowed. Why should fans be subjected to more delays and commercials? 2) Once the center has his hands on the ball, timeouts are not allowed by the defense. Use a variation of the baseball rule where the batter can ask for time, but the umpire/referee does not have to allow it if he feels it is meant to be disruptive. How many times do we see the TO called so close to the snap that both teams actually go through with the play only to see it be disallowed. In addition to possible injuries, I just don’t know of another sport that has so many “non-plays” due to intentional actions by a coach. So allow the coach one chance, but not at the instant of the play when everyone is ready to pull the trigger.

    • Comin' Down The Track

      “1) no back-to-back timeouts allowed. Why should fans be subjected to more delays and commercials?”

      Uh, yeah, good luck with that one. The games are not for the fans, you see. They’re for money. Stupidly absurd, fantastically giant, cigar-lighting piles of green.

      • Vinings Dog

        I cannot stand the last second timeout. I agree that it should be illegal, for many reasons. I think the NCAA and NFL should make changes like the scotch liker above mentions. Another rule I would change is when an offensive player moves slightly before the snap, (the line judge drops his flag), the play continues, and the defense makes a good play for a loss……BUT instead of loss of down, the offense gets to run the play again with only a five yard penalty. This happen to us in Jax this year when we thought we had a sack of the Gator QB for a nine yard loss. No, they only lost five yards and they got to re-run the play. See also Tennessee against USCe in 2007 when they missed an important field goal, but because of offensive illegal procedure, they get to kick again (after the five yard penalty) and go on to represent the SEC East in the GA Dome. I think the defense should have the opportunity to take either the play or the penalty, but because it is a dead ball foul……….

      • Macallanlover

        I fully understand the economics, and started to not use that as an issue because the point is the delay from the action. Unlike the time for booth review, this serves no real purpose and is unnecessary.

        I don’t think non-stop action makes soccer a compelling sport to watch, but contrived delays of dual timeouts are BS, and detrimental to the game. It is even worse for fans sitting in the noon sun in Sanford, and they are not subjected to the commercials. The rule doesn’t rise, or fall, because of the ads or the dollars, just a crummy gap that needs to be closed. I don’t think we ever saw this tactic until the last 15 years.

  3. D.N. Nation

    Holy moly, was ’07 Florida overrated.

  4. JaxDawg

    Florida is overrated most years. The problem is that they have that big season often enough to keep them in the discussion. This, above all else, distinguishes them from the Florida pre-1990. I will say this though – it will be a long, long time before Florida wins another national championship.