I’m not sure what I enjoy most about this story – that James Willis, after being given a shot at defensive coordinator by his long-time head coach Tommy Tuberville, is walking away from his mentor, that Tuberville learned about the move from third parties instead of from Willis directly, or that Will Muschamp’s first coaching hire at Florida may be the guy who masterminded a defense which ranked No. 116 out of 120 major-college teams in total defense and last in pass defense in 2010.

It’s all good, though.



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9 responses to “Win-win.

  1. Bryant Denny

    The guy’s a pretty good recruiter, good coach and also a Son of Saban.


    • Jaybird

      Son of Saban?! WTF! He secretely walked out on his alma mater to coach for a minute or two at bammer, after he screwed Auburn’s recruiting in the Mobile area. Once again, his appreciation and loyalty shows through. I am embarrassed to say this guy WAS an Auburn man..what he is a son of a bitch.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    The operative word there is ‘may’. That yutz Willis is in limbo right now, probably because of his own impatience.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    I’ve learned my lesson with crowing about questionable coaching hires at the University of Florida, at least as far as the Jacksonville game is concerned.

    However, it certainly looks shaky for Tommy Tuberville at Texas Tech. Perhaps Willis is jumping ship before things become truly unpleasant down there.


  4. Mike

    I would not assume that Willis is the Florida DC. Rumor has it that Tubberville was going to fire him, so him taking a demotion to go to Florida is not that big of a stretch.


  5. aious

    How could someone be shocked at a person leaving Lubbock for Gainsville?

    Ever been to Lubbock?