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Cool beans.

McGarity is on a roll today.


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For Georgia fans, one less hard call to make.

Here’s an example of how Greg McGarity gets it:

To some, it is a tough call: watching the third round of the Masters or attending G-Day. You won’t have to make that choice next April.

Plans are “being finalized” to move Georgia’s spring football game back a week to April 16, UGA athletic director Greg McGarity told me as we waited at Hartsfield-Jackson for a (delayed) flight to Memphis on Monday. The Masters will be played April 7-10.

The G-Day game has been played on Masters Saturday the past couple of years. McGarity figures G-Day will benefit in terms of attendance and media attention by avoiding a conflict with the Masters.

You’d think that was obvious, wouldn’t you?



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“I’m a Gator,” he said. “That’s what I am right now.”

It sounds like Will Muschamp’s got some serious internal recruiting to attend to.

When your clearest option for transfer is Division III football and you can’t rule that out entirely, that’s not exactly a vote of personal confidence for the regime change.


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Thanks, dad.

There is something wonderfully ironic about this.

Around this time in 2009, Texas Tech wide receiver Adam James was about to wrap a productive season with the Red Raiders that would see him grab a career-high 17 catches for 154 yards and a touchdown.

But for the 2010 season, James was moved to tight end and has so far managed only two catches for 26 yards and no touchdowns with just the team’s Ticket City bowl game against Northwestern on New Year’s Day remaining.

Maybe Tuberville believed the best chance for protecting Master James’ fragile health was to limit his exposure to on-the-field contact.  No word yet on Craig James’ reaction to his thoughtfulness.


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“But we’ve just gotta come out here and look at it as a business opportunity.”

If you’re looking for reasons why 2010 turned out to be a lost season for Georgia football, here’s a good one.

… When the season started, Georgia hoped to have Ealey and King as a potent tandem. They talked of each rushing for 1,000 yards. Instead the Bulldogs will end up having had each available in only seven of their 13 games.

What is striking now is the tone of the coaches.  I don’t want to say that they’ve written Ealey and King off entirely, but it’s pretty clear between yesterday’s comment from Richt about King (the current Quote of the Day), Bobo’s mention of how close the coaches came to taking the redshirt off Ken Malcome and Ealey’s own awareness that he’s in competition with the redshirted Malcome and a player who hasn’t even committed to Georgia yet to be next year’s number one back that the coaches aren’t married to this year’s top two.


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Uncommon sense

The next time you hear somebody make an argument which is essentially based on an assumption that your typical 18 to 21-year old student athlete is a fully mature and thoughtful human being, you might want to point out to that person that not one but two sets of college coaches found it prudent to block their players from having access to a place that’s seen more than 3,000 people die this year as the result of a drug war.


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Trying to recapture the old Gailey magic

This image may be the best sports metaphor of 2010:

Even the Air Force mascot had enough sense to flee the scene of the crime at yesterday’s Independence Bowl.

With the loss, Georgia Tech is on an impressive run.

… Tech finished with a 6-7 record, its first losing season since a 5-6 campaign in 1996. It lost five of its last six games and has dropped its past six bowl games, including the last three under Johnson.

It’s gotten bad enough that Paul Johnson, Mark Bradley’s resident genius, is looking back at the Gailey era with what sounds like a certain amount of nostalgia.

“I want to fix this and get us back to where we belong, where we’ve been,” Johnson said.

Chantastic!  As a Georgia fan, I’m down with that.


UPDATE: If you’re a Tech fan, Paul Myerberg has a depressing observation for you.

… Far from taking another step forward in Paul Johnson’s third season — history had shown the third year under his watch to be a turning point — Georgia Tech enters the winter nursing its wounds, eyeballing a cloudier future at the tail end of a 6-7 finish, the program’s first sub-.500 campaign since 1996.  [Emphasis added.]

Maybe the program is bigger than the coach.


UPDATE #2: Per the Wall Street Journal, TV viewers don’t like watching the Jackets any more than the falcon does.


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