Uncommon sense

The next time you hear somebody make an argument which is essentially based on an assumption that your typical 18 to 21-year old student athlete is a fully mature and thoughtful human being, you might want to point out to that person that not one but two sets of college coaches found it prudent to block their players from having access to a place that’s seen more than 3,000 people die this year as the result of a drug war.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    You mean they’re blocked from visiting Detroit?

  2. Irishdawg

    I spent 3 months in El Paso allegedly working on combatting the border violence, and I think I can say without fear of strenous argument than Juarez is the worst place in the whole world. The idea that anyone should be convinced not to go there is a testament to the foolhardiness of young men.

    It’s a shithole even without the endless murders, anyway. I can’t imagine seeing a donkey show is so compelling that these kids need to visit that hell.

  3. AlcoholicGenius

    Why you want to pamper them fool! Man, they aint seen nothin til they go over to Lakewood Heights or Carver Home. Dont be wearing no red or no blue, less you a gang bro with a mac. Long long time ago some white dude like King Arthur said “that which do not kill you will make you stronger.” Why they call that the dark ages? This the dark ages. Maybe the Dawgs new conditioning coach need to send them fool over to the Westend Mall parking lot about 3 am to do they mat drills. Caleb want be the only one to miss that bus. They will get quicker, or they will get dead. Now that will motivate and the crew that left over, them would be more than Junkyard Dawgs. They be BAD (Bad Ass Dawgs).

  4. JBJ

    You are making an awful big assumption here that these guys actually wanted to go to Juarez. Educating them on the dangers of Juarez and taking away their passports does not give any credence to your argument. Those were security measures to make 100% sure nobody went to Juarez. In this litigious society, the school is compelled to protect themselves from any and all liability no matter how remote the possibility.

    • …. taking away their passports does not give any credence to your argument.

      Really? How often do you hear of schools confiscating S-As’ passports?

      • JBJ

        I could take away your passport to keep you from going to Juarez. Does that mean you are an immature kid that needs me to protect you from yourself?

        You can’t sit here on your high horse and say those kids wanted to go to Juarez just because the coaches decided to take away their passports. The coaches wanted to have zero chance of anyone going over there no matter how remote the possibility.

        You obviously think there was an extremely high possibility that they would ignore the warnings by the FBI, Police, and their administrators. Versus me that thinks the possibility was really remote but the coaches don’t want to take any chance that something bad could happen.

        • Oy.

          I’m not saying these kids wanted to go to Juarez. I’m saying the coaches were concerned enough about the maturity level of their charges to preclude the possibility of that happening. Since they know them better than either I or you do, I’m going to defer to their judgment.

          • JBJ

            Their judgement is more of an indictment of Juarez than the SAs. This is where we disagree.

            • Then why don’t the ADs confiscate the coaches’ passports, if everyone’s judgment is at the same level?

              • JBJ

                Did they take the coaches passports? I don’t know. Did they take away the graduate assistants passports? I don’t know. What about the Redcoat band?

                An over-reaction by the Coaches is not a clear indictment of the SAs. If it was the Spanish club at UGA going to El Paso then you would have the exact same situation. Does that mean they are a bunch of immature, thoughtless human beings? This is what you are implying about the SAs.

                • Again, you know nothing about these kids, so you don’t have a clue whether their coaches have overreacted or not.

                  I’m not sure why your implications are more valid than anyone else’s in this matter, especially the people who interact with those kids on a daily basis.

                  • JBJ

                    Ay yayayayay. The counter argument is just as true, Senator. You do not know why they took these precautions. You are saying it is because the SAs are immature, thoughtless human beings. I am saying it is because they are afraid of Juarez and have overreacted. If you are right, then they should take away their drivers licenses so they can’t drink in El Paso as well.

              • fuelk2

                Are the ADs responsible for safety of the coaches in the way that they are responsible for the S-A’s?

  5. Cojones

    They can still walk right by the border crossing and into Juarez or any other border town without a passport. The problem would be getting back into the US since Homeland Security took over. I hope that they warned them about some parts of El Paso.

    Years ago, I visited there (Ciudad Juarez) for the grandest Mexican food you could put in your mouth. Several visits were wonderful there and there was no interest in donkey shows from the professional groups I have visited with. Years later after the UGA/AZ game (UGA won when the best field goal kicker in the US that year missed from about 30 yds), I traveled thru with my 3 children on the way to Chihuahua where we stayed in a 5-star international hotel before departing by train for Canyon de Cobre (Copper Canyon). It rivals the Grand Canyon.

    My family and I have traveled many times to differing parts of Mexico where we were always met with friendly and gracious people (after you get away from the border towns). No more. Many brave Mexicans,women and children included) are getting killed daily while trying to bring law and order back to that present-day hellhole. We should all respect and support Presidente Calderon and their troops who are gradually gaining a slow footing against the druggers who have demolished cities like Ciudad Juarez and who use the almighty dollar to pay officials and thru temptation, drag ordinary citizens into their web.

  6. shane#1

    I cut my teeth sneaking across the border into the third world. No one asked for IDs in the local joints and no one cared how old you were. The only problem was that you needed to stay together and had to be very careful about messing with their women. Mess with the wrong one and get your tires slashed, or your throat, or both. Yep it was tough over there in LA.[lower Alabama].

  7. Irishdawg

    “We should all respect and support Presidente Calderon and their troops ”

    Let’s not go crazy here. Calderone has alleged ties to one cartel, which is why they say he’s gotten so aggressive with the others. Not to mention that I don’t appreciate the leader of a corrupt, dysfunctional basket case country coming to my country and sanctimoniously lecturing us on our immigration laws, not one of which are half as draconian as Mexico’s.

    • Macallanlover

      Amen. I am all for anyone’s assualt on druggies….in Mexico, or the US; but let’s not get carried away with an endorsement of Calderon and his support for illegal immigration. That is support for illegally entering OUR country and draining OUR resources of course, not his.