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Here’s a nice tidbit from Gentry Estes’ piece examining Georgia’s academic policy which Caleb King ran afoul of:

… Alabama’s written policy uses positive and negative points, with one point issued for “A missed class, tutorial appointment, mentor appointment, counselor appointment or study hall obligation,” and suspension being automatic when the total reaches 10.

UA also gives itself the flexibility to award positive points for, “Demonstrating special effort in the classroom, putting forth extra effort in study hall or by meeting proactively with faculty members.”

Does “demonstrating special effort in the classroom” mean something more than showing up?  Beats me.  You also kinda have to wonder how much input a certain head coach has into the points awarded process.

At LSU, they don’t bother with any pesky window dressing.

… Some are perhaps even less stringent. Asked for its class attendance policy, an LSU official responded, “We wish to advise that the LSU Athletic Department does not have a written student-athlete class attendance policy but does monitor class attendance.”

Before some of you get riled up and start in the comments section with talk about how Georgia shouldn’t put itself at a disadvantage with its rivals over something like this, let Mark Richt shame you back to reality.

“I just think it’s another way to tell our players, tell the players’ families, tell our recruits that we’re serious about academics,” Richt said. “We have a plan for them, and if they follow it, then they’ll be fine. If they don’t, they’ll have to suffer the consequences for it.”

It ain’t, pardon the expression, exactly rocket science we’re talking about here.  Maybe when Mike Slive gets done making sure that no kid tied to NCAA violations gets left behind playing in a BCS game, he can turn his attention to leveling the academic playing field in his conference a wee bit.



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6 responses to “Points program

  1. JBJ

    This is what I have always liked about CMR. There is no wishy washy stuff. If you screw up you pay. He doesn’t apologize for that.


  2. Bad Marinara

    Its a shame there are programs out there that don’t think this is obvious stuff. But when your job is just to win and you have a fan base and administration that doesn’t care about the kids, their education, or if they take drugs (as long as its less than 5 times)…it trickles down.
    When Coach R finally wins the MNC, we can be proud of his regime and we can be proud the fanbase didn’t stoop to that level…assuming we do indeed stick by him and give him the credit for the job he is doing with the limitations he places on himself and the high standards he places on his kids. It will be a much sweeter thing.


  3. NCT

    If I’d had a mandatory attendance policy to follow, I’d have graduated summa cum laude. More power to ’em.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      One of the first things I discovered in Athens was that there was no truant officer…much to the chagrin of my daddy.

      This is just one of the many things Mark Richt does to try to make men out of kids. I wish I had had the opportunity to have my college experience managed by somebody like him, Daddy would sure have appreciated it.


  4. The Rodfather

    “demonstrating special effort in the classroom” – Positive points will be awarded for: bringing an apple to the professor, cleaning the boards after class, etc. It’s the college equivalent of a gold star.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    I certainly hope nobody’s ignorant enough to hold up UGA’s class attendance policy as evidence that we’re at a competitive disadvantage against our conference rivals. And I hope that nobody is further ignorant enough to claim that we need to do away with it. Not only is it something that is obviously needed, it’s also especially important at Georgia seeing as how our school gave the world the Jan Kemp scandal. We’ve managed to wash away that shame in the public’s eyes (snarky Georgia Tech fans nothwithstanding), but Georgia still needs to be cleaner than the other guys to maintain that perception. At least, I’m sure that’s how some of the administration feels about it. Kudos to them. I’ll say this about my years at Georgia, I never skipped the classes with attendance policies. I tried not to skip too many of any of them because I needed to keep my scholarship, but I for damn sure knew which ones I could skip and which ones I couldn’t. As a student athlete, you’ve got a whole lot on your plate. It’s just not possible to play “catch up” with student notes and assigned reading if you’re also practicing and trying to learn the game plan for the next game. Good for Georgia for making sure these guys go to class.