The most honest man in college athletics…

may be Sugar Bowl CEO Paul Hoolahan, who, after successfully lobbying Ohio State officials and Jim Delany to avoid suspending any Ohio State players for his game, offered these words of consolation (h/t Coaches Hot Seat Blog) to Buckeye fans who felt those players should not suit up for his bowl game:

“I appreciate and fully understand the Midwestern values and ethics behind that,” he said. “But I’m probably thinking of this from a selfish perspective.”

I like this comment:

Hoolahan said the Southeastern Conference, which has its tie-in with the Sugar Bowl, was eager to “display its wares against this type of opponent,” referring to an intact OSU squad.

Damn, that Mike Slive sure knows how to work both sides of the street, doesn’t he?

I can’t wait to hear Mark Emmert’s spin on that whole “display its wares” thing.  It’ll probably have something to do with not knowing.


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5 responses to “The most honest man in college athletics…

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Hell, I guess you can add me to the black helicopter folks… really is just about the money. While there are many great aspects of the huge availability of knowledge the intertubes offer, the bad thing is at some point you begin to know more than you really wanted to.

    Guess there is not enough money involved so nobody called Greg McGarity about Caleb.

    I sure hope we play well and beat UCF, which I have read is coached by a guy who won a national championship at Tech….funny how memory fails us, I thought he worked for Bobby Ross.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Well, at least he’s honest. He could have just as easily lied about it just like the NCAA has. It’s about the money. I tip my cap to Hooligan… er, Hoolahan… for having the guts to say it. It’s the world we live in, just don’t piss on my leg and then try to tell me that it’s raining.


  3. Normaltown Mike

    They don’t call the midwest the Dirty Dirty and they sure as hell don’t have a Big Easy up there.


  4. DJ

    I like how “Midwestern values” are clearly distinguished now. Apparently the South (or SEC in particular) don’t have these types of “values”, whatever they are. As an OSU grad, you bet I don’t want those 5 playing in the Sugar Bowl (as most of my fellow alumni and fans agree), but apparently the bowl’s integrity (whatever that is) is more important than the NCAAs.

    Another reason why the bowls need to be done away with entirely. I hate them all and refuse to watch even one.


  5. Cojones

    Hell, from your title I thought the article was about Richt.