Thursday morning buffet

There aren’t too many buffet opportunities left for 2010, so dig in.


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16 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    It’s only 7 am, but thoughts about your coordinator list. First, put an asterisk beside Kirby Smart. He’s a figurehead until proven otherwise.

    Second, okay this is fine, but show me the list 4 years running. You find somebody who appears all 4 years and you got yourself a hot coach. Norm Chow comes to mind, before Pete Carroll ran him off.

    Third, where is Gus?

  2. Brandon

    What’s going to be the meme if we thrash BSU again? Anybody? “A Boise State team hit hard by graduation loses what was essentially a virtual home game for Georgia” or “Why does Georgia always catch Boise on off years?” would be a couple of my guesses.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Oh, those are obviously going to be the case. And man, it’s going to be a frustrating offseason if they’re already writing this BS before the bowls are over with. Of course, if you predict a South Carolina National Champinoship appearance in the same column, it kinda screws with your credibility. Look, SC is a good football team, but look at what happened to them this year. They shouldn’t have beaten Georgia, beat Alabama’s ass, and then couldn’t even beat UK the next week. They’re still South Carolina, it’s not like UGA didn’t still have a chance to win the division heading into JAX. Huge down years for UGA and UF and UT in the same year, and it was still close heading to the end of the year. ’nuff said.

      • Brandon

        I’d feel safe betting USCe does not win the NC next year, real safe, however if Lattimore didn’t get hurt I think they would have beaten Kentucky this year, no way they lose the big lead with him available to burn the clock in the second half, he chewed up the clock against us.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    Wonder if Mushmouth noticed that Chuck Heater is considered one of the “biggest statistical bang” coordinators in CFB?

  4. Bad M

    Coodinators aside, why hasn’t someone hired away the head coaches for TCU and Boise? Nothing is a no brainer, but this seems close. These guys aren’t a flash in the pan. They aren’t just riding one good year or on the coattails of one great player. Their teams play smart. They’ve upset top teams. Did Dan Hawkins mess it up that badly for other Mid Major coaches?

    • nate

      The recent Boise coaching tree is not helping Petersen. Dirk Koetter was at Boise in the late 90’s and won a lot. He got the Arizona State job and was barely .500 before getting canned in ’06. Dan Hawkins was the same. Lots of success at Boise from ’01-’05, then trash at Colorado and he got canned. I like Chris Petersen, but it would be tough to take a chance on him after comparing him to his predecessors.

  5. Castleberry

    Seems like Maisel missed an opportunity to compare cultures. Oregon shows Masoli the door. Auburn goes all in with Cam.

    Brandon – let’s worry about the meme after we win.

  6. The Shreveport story has great candidates for parents of the year.

    “The [18-year-old] was visiting Shreveport with her parents to watch Georgia Tech play Air Force….She was apparently trying to get to the city jail to bail out her boyfriend, who was arrested for disorderly conduct. Seaton offered to drive her there, she said….KTBS also reports the girl acknowledged she had been drinking.”

    • Brandon

      Assuming any of that is true, in most of the media stories I have ever had personal knowledge of they are frighteningly inaccurate.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Heard that.

        I’ m really hesitant to blame stuff like this on parents before all the facts are in. You seem to be making a lot of assumptions. All the article says is that the girl traveled with her parents to see the game. It doesn’t say if the boyfriend traveled with them or separately, it doesn’t say if they knew she was drinking or not. She could have very well slipped away from them and met up with friends and started drinking and things could have gotten out of control from there. She could have told her parents she was going to be supervised by someone else’s folks (or she could have actually been supervised by someone else’s folks). Clearly her parents weren’t with her at the point the assault happened. So, let’s wait a bit before we lay it at the feet of her parents. If the rape occured, all you can really be sure of is that this official is the winner of scumbag of the year, and I hope he gets to experience it himself in prison soon.

    • Scott

      Wow! I hope you are not trying to use bad parenting to justify what happened. I am so mad after reading that story that I can’t see straight.

  7. Ben

    I think it’s interesting that he claims Florida will be better because of Muschamp’s arrival and then says Texas will be better because Muschamp left. I guess the five star recruits from Texas don’t buy in to Muschamp’s system the way five star recruits from Florida.

  8. 69Dawg

    I think given the absolutely awful way we have played early in our schedule the last two years; opening with a team that will more than likely not fumble, not throw interceptions and has a 21st century offense could get us beat. Call me Debbie Downer but the last two years have not got me feeling like we are world beaters. Let’s see if we can actually beat a team with a winning record to end the year.

  9. Melody

    RE: Muschamp
    My friends fancy me to be a conspiracy theorist; but, how many people think that Muschamp was playing CIW at Texas, when he was in actuality CIW at UF? Methinks that Foley begged Urban Myth to stay “for recruiting purposes” and that Muschamp has had a whole year to line-up his coaching staff. Myth was bought and paid for and overmedicated himself to deal with his wrteched life after GPOOE. We will all know next week🙂