Flat, (in a) funk and stupid is no way to go through life, Coach.

Just when I think they’re about to get back to being a competent football team…


UPDATE: So is this the problem?

Or is this?

I really am sick of this shit.


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  1. PennQuarterDawg

    For those of you truly “in the know,” is there any chance at all that we make a change?

    • Will (the other one)

      At this point…I partly hope so. What real hope is there going into next year?
      On the other hand, what would be a great hire at this point?
      Harbaugh is either going to the NFL or Michigan, not Athens.
      Holgorsen, who I wanted to replace Bobo a year ago, already has the HC job at WVU after one year.
      Maryland’s going to snatch up Leach, and there’s no way he was coming here anyway.
      The TCU and Boise coaches aren’t leaving.
      We’re stuck.

      • Jim

        As ive been saying for a couple of years now, my dead fucking grandmother could do more with what we have at UGA than this staff is doing. But hey, let’s keep driving off the cliff because jumping out of the car might hurt a little…

  2. Lee

    I feel like UGA VIII

  3. Joe

    It does seem to be getting stale a bit now.

  4. Krautdawg

    But Coach Richt prayed so hard!

  5. BMan

    (Sorry to repost, but I had just written the following on the previous thread when this thread came up)

    Somewhere, Pat Dye is laughing as he mutters the phrase, “not man enough,” and he’s not talking about Bobby Lowder. Georgia plays like pussies on both lines, plain and simple. I hope Grantham, Tereshinski and others can fix that, but I don’t think they can as long as Garner and Searls are coaching the lines. And I think it’s about time for Richt to start that ministry program we all know he’s bound for someday.

    • The Rodfather

      Just did the same thing, but I think it bears repeating so here goes:

      Well I’ll be damned. Finally the D puts together a decent performance and we get this shit. WTF? Mark Richt has no balls. We go 96 yards from the 2 to 2 and we’ve got 4th & very short in a scoreless ballgame so we kick a FG? Way to set the tone for the game there, chief. Hey I know this sounds crazy and everything but how about a JUMBO set? Maybe even with some D linemen or TEs as FBs. FUCK ME. Was it just me or did we seem to run the same unimaginative O that we did early on in the season? And what in the hell was up with Murray bringing the gloves back out? Not that I think it made much difference but it seems odd to pull that for the bowl game. 2nd & 23 & we send Carlton Thomas up the middle & then when that goes for no gain we try to set up the screen for him? Hmm, seems like I’ve seen that before. I’m sure no one saw that coming. Mark Richt has lost it, his time management is absurd. After a change of possession & TV time out in 1st half we call a TO? And the two late in the game where time was stopped because the play went out of bounds and then an injury TO? That game was atrocious. The O line was pathetic – That was the huge difference in this game.

      • MinnesotaDawg

        This is called Richt “game management.” Now that the (close) wins don’t come on talent alone, the coaching ineptitude has become completely exposed. Trouble is, our passive administration will wait before the program is dead and buried before a change is made.

  6. Dolly Llama

    Life is a God damn hellhole, and death is nothing but monstrous devils breaking wind in your presence night and day. And that’s my take on this season.

  7. Jim

    All you fucking homers said I was an idiot when I called for richt’s head early in the 09 season. All I will say is this…told you so.

    This guys is a fucking idiot. Next year is going to be a disaster.

    It will take a new coach years to pull us out of a ditch we’ve let cmr drive us into.

    I’m sure recruiting on the heels of this will be a breeze too.

  8. Steve

    I have a feeling that we’re not going to be good again for a long time.

  9. HVL Dawg

    It’s basketball season now. Go Dogs!

  10. The Realist

    I would give Malzahn the keys to the kingdom, and keep Grantham. It could not possibly be worse. If he fails, then go get a big name in a few years. If he succeeds, then all the better. What is certain is the team is broken, and you either believe the coaches who allowed it to break on their watch can fix it or they can’t. Personally I wouldn’t trust Bobo to put Jenga back together… much less get the offense passable for championship quality.

  11. baltimore dawg

    so the reason for accepting a bid to a bowl like this is the extra month of practice, huh? guess we would have been better off focused on recruiting after all.

  12. TennesseeDawg

    Tired of this shit? Quit buying tickets. The program is in steep decline and continuing to support this turd isn’t going to improve it. After that 1st drive where the offense was in control, CMR undermined all the momentum with probably the stupidest decision (and that’s saying alot) that he has ever made by sending the message that you can drive 96 yards but I don’t trust you to get one more. After that, the entire team seem to lose confidence and started to look soft again. Boise State will kick the living shit out of us next year.

  13. Steve

    Why do we abandon the run so quickly in every tight game? It didn’t even seem like they were stopping us. I feel like I’ve said this before…

  14. 69Dawg

    I would like to apologize to the poster earlier that said Aaron was not that good. You are right, he could not hit a Bull in the butt with a bas fiddle today. Our long game was non-existent. It’s official we suck and only beat bigger losers than we are.

  15. ShackDawg

    This idiot adopted a “special” child knowing that he didn’t have the time to properly attend to him because he’s a college football coach. Which begs the question – what’s he doing with his time?

    • Dawgfan Will

      This would be unworthy of a Tech poster, man.

      • ShackDawg

        OK. He adopted the kid with full knowledge that he didn’t have the time to be the father to him he needed to be. So he dumped all the raisin’ stuff off to his wife (who just survived her own illness.) Then he failed the team he’s in charge of coaching by driving them into a ditch. IOW, he failed his special needs adopted child because he’s at the office for 87 hours a week and he failed his team because he’s at the office 87 worthless hours a week. He’s a failed Georgia. He’s failed his special need child. Time for him to go.

        • WFdawg

          Dude, see above comment.

        • Cynical in Normaltown

          You’re a real hero ass wipe. I hope you’re some butthurt Tech fag.

          Those kids (like thousands of others) were left to rot in a dreadful Ukrainian orphanage.

          Bringin that up is beyond reprehensible.

        • Bill Haverchuck

          You are a horrible human being. Or drunk. Or both.

        • Stoopnagle

          First, seriously? Go look yourself in the mirror, state your age, then re-evaluate.

          Second, do you really think that at $3 mil per, Richt’s children don’t have proper care when he’s not around?

      • HVL Dawg

        Watch your stupid mouth. Unless you are the parent of a special needs child, which I am, you shouldn’t go there.

        Shame on you.

    • That crap’s totally inappropriate. Slag him as a football coach to your heart’s content, but keep this kind of stuff out of the debate if you want to keep commenting here.

  16. X-Dawg

    We are a basketball school now. Go Dawgs!

  17. Dawgfan Will

    One thing that I will say is that our O-line is the most baffling aspect of the suckitude that infects this team. Even when they play against smaller, less athletic defenses, they still get their asses handed to them on a regular basis. I lost count of the number of times UCF blew right threw the line while rushing only 3 or 4. Baffling.

    I won’t join the Richt-firing bandwagon yet, but I certainly do think next year is put up or shut time.

  18. Hunkering Hank

    The richt dawgs will never win another big game and will never win more than eight games again. The program is in total pussy mode right now.

  19. NRBQ

    I love Mark Richt, the man.

    Richt, the coach, is a pussy. And I’ll now admit that I’ve thought so for about eight years.

    If he’d fired his BFF a couple years ago and hired a competent, hard-assed OC, things might have worked out. But I have zero confidence this game won’t be re-played 3-4 times next year, given the status quo.

  20. HVL Dawg

    Well then I guess I don’t have any business doing it either, but I didn’t get that choice. So maybe that kid was better off unattended in that nice orphanage. We all know that young parents are just clamoring to adopt special needs children. I can’t beleive I’m corresponding with you. Once again, Senator, I apologize for getting into a mudfight with a pig on your board.

    I’ll put myself on probation.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      I have no authority to speak for others, but I think we all understand you’re pissed. I’ve never seen a worse performance by a UGA coach in the 35 years I’ve had the pleasure of following the Dawgs. This was an absolutely pathetic effort. A juggernaut football program is lead by a lazy wimp.

  21. ASA

    don’t worry we got kids from east hall and north hall coming we are not getting good players and we sure as hell can’t coach 4th and 6 inches and we kick a field goal people worry that glenn and sturdivant go pro sturdivant gets big 15 yard penalty that is very constly team is in disarray and richt can’t fix it

  22. WFdawg

    The above tweets tell me that Walsh is the one with his finger on the pulse of this team. This, as much as anything, frustrates me. It’s totally unacceptable for Mark Richt to watch the effort put forth by, e.g., Josh Davis and say that lack of fight wasn’t the problem. Walsh and I know better.

  23. Russ

    At least we’re not Pitt.

    We won’t make a move now, but I completely expect more of the same next year and then we’ll have to make a move. Richt tried firing Martinez last year and that wasn’t a quick fix. He puts Tereshinski in charge of S&C and we’ll see how that works, but I’m not optimistic. I see Richt trying some things, but then it just doesn’t seem to be working.

    My big worry next year is that we win 9 games but still get spanked by the Gators, ‘Cocks, BSU (at least). Do we fire him at 9-3 or 8-4?

    • Stoopnagle


      I was looking for three things: waxing UCF, closing the recruiting class and beating Boise.

      I have no confidence in Georgia hitting 66% on those goals now.

    • Krautdawg

      +1 EEThomas. Richt is convinced that the players put forth a good effort, then a player steps up and admits that no one thought effort was necessary.

      By the way, I won 23 free shots guessing our play calls. Even though I’ll admit I didn’t see Thomas-off-left-tackle coming on 2nd and 23. Just pathetic.

  24. Doug

    Y’all know I’ve been one of Richt’s staunchest defenders, but in my mind that shitshow of a performance officially turned 2011 into the deciding year. We’ve been on a steady downward trajectory for three seasons now; it’s one thing to fall to 10-3 from preseason #1, but we’re now losing to the Colorados and UCFs of the world, and that’s WITH a full roster. The longer this continues, the less ’02 and ’05 matter in the grand scheme of things.

    I don’t know where the administration is setting the bar in 2011 — or if they’re setting one at all — but for me it’s nine wins, minimum, and at least showing up against a good opponent in the bowl game. As much as I dearly love and respect Mark Richt, if we can’t reach that level in 2011, it’s reasonable to wonder whether he ever will again.

    • JaxDawg

      You mean to tell me that it took THIS game and performance for you to determine that 2011 was his deciding year?

    • Stoopnagle

      Yeah, Doug. I love reading your opinions and enjoy most of your writing, but ’11 turned into a deciding year over a year ago.

      I’m a card-carrying “bean” and the “bashers” are right.

  25. S.E. Dawg

    This was the South Carolina game all over again. Wonder how many full contact practices they had for bowl prep?

  26. 69Dawg

    Mark is in total denial. He does not have a clue what to do. He has never been faced with these problems and apparently God ain’t on his side anymore. He was a better coach when he had nothing to lose. When he first came to us nobody expected much from the hire so he let it all hang out. Tell me the same coach that took us to victory at UT that first year is the same coach that allowed this team to perform as badly as this team has. He has lost the fire in the belly and the Ole Ball Coach is right 10 years at one school is enough.

  27. Cynical in Normaltown

    Dear Santa:
    Please contact Urban Meyer’s agent and put said agent in touch with one of Athens fine realtors. Urban won’t need to pull the trigger til next December, but he ought to have an idea about his options (Five Points is great but more rubber neckers. Crystal Hills maybe?). I expect that AD McGarity will be giving a “statement of support” for CMR after we lose to UT or UF (both?) on top of the early season wet fart loss to USC or BSU (both?). But once we lose to Auburn or Tech (both?) it will be too much to bare. Expect AD McGarity to pull the trigger and contact you about Mr. Meyer first week of December.

    Thought this would be helpful so you’re not inundated with all these requests after the December presser.

    As alway, I’m being extra good just for you.

  28. aious

    I remember during the early Richt years where everyone told me that Richt had made our program a consistent winner with leaders

    Now? Now we keep hearing “inside” stories of zero leadership, lacking practices, and absolute laughingstock performances…a LOT of them

  29. Charles

    To be fair, are really expecting him to given any thing less than credit due at a press conference? Really, guys?

    It’s pretty evident that we went through the motions today. The coaching staff knows this, whether they’re venting about it in public (which does nothing to fix the problem, and only comes off as whiny and churlish… much like the commenters in this fever swamp) or not.

    Sucks all around. I really hope the changes in S&C restore what’s been missing the past seasons. Otherwise, yeah… we might be looking at an overhaul in the near future. Hate it for the team, the program, and CMR.

    • WFdawg

      Vent? Probably not. But endorse? That’s what gets me.

    • HobnailedBoots

      I’m not asking him to be Nick Saban. But dammit, show some kind of outrage at a presser for once after a performance like this. There is nothing admirable about blowing sunshine after a showing like that.

  30. NRBQ

    $3M per year buys a lot of specialized help for a kid who needs it.

    You, however, are beyond help. GFY.

  31. NRBQ


    That was intended for ShackPrick and his friend who was deleted.

  32. defactodawg

    It’s time for Richt to move on and save us from another season of misery. Being blown out by Boise State on national TV will be the death knell for this program.

    If I am Greg McGarity, I’m on a plane to Pasadena with a blank check for Gary Patterson. Blow out all of the good ‘ol boys and start anew.

    • JaxDawg

      you’ve actually touched on an important point. Completely overhauling the football program, removing all dead weight that’s worked their for 35 years just b/c they have ties to 1980 is entirely necessary. And please take Loran Smith and all the other “old timers” with them.

    • Ray

      I see Patterson’s name thrown around quite a bit, but why would he leave a program he pulled up and highly ranked for an unranked team in total disarray? Does he have ties to UGA in any way?

  33. Package Thief

    Honestly. Do you you think Richt can fix this? And why? And spare me the ” he’s a good man” bullshit. I don’t care.

  34. 69Dawg

    What is really telling is that the frigging placekicker is the one making the speech. That is like the flea and the elephant joke. The place kicker is the last player on God’s green earth that the team is going to listen to or play for. This is the fakest of fake juice. I wait for a real player who has the balls to tell it like it is to do so. The place kicker as team spokesman that is how bad this team has gotten. LMAO.

  35. NC Dawg

    Let’s see, Richt is a “turd” and an “idiot,” among other, equally insightful observances. Come one. The team sucked bigtime today, there was no fire, maybe there is a need for better or even different coaching, but my God …

  36. ASA

    chasser from chestatee bailey from east hall curry from north hall and you think we are going to win get a life these guys can’t play dead in a western

  37. The Rodfather

    I find it hard to believe that the players thought that they were “entitled” to a win just because the competition was UCF of C-USA. You think they would have learned their lesson with their little trip out west, or at least woke up at halftime and realized that they weren’t in a cake walk. Hell, they haven’t even beaten a team with a wining record. That’s after the fact BS. But if they did feel that way, that’s on Richt. You would think that he realized what was on the line with this game and the consequences an embarrassing showing could have on recruiting. So motivation, mental preparedness, & game-plan all fall back on him. I had hoped that he could turn things around, but after this display I really don’t think that is going to be possible.

    • Brian

      Agree completely. I could be wrong, but I think Murray said in a pregame interview that losing to UCF would be a “slap in the face.” That comment bothered me at the time and I think it indicates how deeply deluded this entire team is, from CMR on down. UCF fought hard, played solid D, and moved the ball when they needed to. IF we had won the game on that hail Mary, it would have been a slap in the face to UCF. They earned the win. They worked hard for it. What did we work hard at?

  38. ASA

    total disaray we are in deep do do

  39. NRBQ

    Nobody who’s believable is using those terms, N.C.

    But this was CMR’s low-water mark. Will it be his Waterloo?

    When you run the Shrimp up the middle on 2nd and 23, with the game in doubt, you’re begging to be second-guessed.

    Or, the famous “sprint-draw for no gain” on 1st and 35?

    Even if he’s not the OC, it’s all on Richt’s head. And you know he called for the field goal on the first drive.

  40. Regular Guy


    For all the times you’ve posed the question of how this team possibly ended up 6-6 despite what all the statistics say (and I’m not knocking you for asking the question, I think a lot of us felt that way, myself included)………..I think with today’s game, the question has been clearly answered.

  41. Spike

    The O line play was just disgraceful. Pathetic. The whole team has no fire, no killer instinct, no apparent will to win. Just like CMR. That call to kick a field goal tells you all you need to know. On a C-USA team!. I have been a CMR supporter and defender. No more. Run the whole lot of them off. First, Searls, then Bobo, then CMR. Enough is enough!

  42. JaxDawg

    I told you so.

  43. Regular Guy

    On another note, I don’t envy your position as a blogger over the next few months. Very few people are people going to be looking forward to 2011 with any sort of optimism, and that will be the first time that has happened in a LONG time. I hope it doesn’t affect your ability to keep interest in the site here, because you do a phenomenal job.

  44. Cynical in Normaltown

    CMR should be required to write:

    “I will not kick a field goal from the 3 in the first quarter of 0-0 game”

    500X on every single chalk board on campus.

    • Stoopnagle

      They won’t take long since there are hardly any chalkboards on campus.

      I’d make him use the dry-erase boards.


      • GreenDawg

        I’m guessing you haven’t been in Boyd recently. There are enough chalkboards in there to keep him busy until Naitonal Signing Day.

  45. W Cobb Dawg

    A new low, that’s for sure. I hope the criticism of O-line coaches or D-line coaches or OCs or DCs can be put to rest. CMR’s best years are behind him, and every game that goes by leads me to believe the only reason CMR has a job now is because of BVG’s D.

    Dream team recruiting year? Give me a f-ing break! CMR wouldn’t know wtf to do if he had 24 Herschels coming in. CMR is a lazy disappointment who gets by on past performance. Dump him now. It’s unavoidable. Why drag it out. If he had any self-respect or respect for UGA, he’d resign.

    • BMan

      If he had 24 Herschels coming in he would redshirt all of them because of inadequate pass blocking. And then every year after, he’d take them out every third play and run Carney Norris into the line.


  46. ME

    Coach has lost this team. Period. Our O-line is a joke and should be ashamed. Poor Durham. That kid played his heart out all year. This team has to be turned around, but who can we hire? Yes, I am mad and sick of this sh!#! but we are in a deep hole. If our AD has a hotline to a great coach I hope he can pull it out, but no name comes to mind. I guess we can jump out of the damn car and at least be happy we made a choice to get out.

  47. MinnesotaDawg

    I’m already having a hard time waiting until the next press conference or interview when CMR will make us all feel better by explaining to us ignorant fans that Georgia really is a good team and scored 30+ points in a number of games this season. Until then I’m going to be pissed.

    Sadly, I can’t say I was at all surprised by today’s loss. I would have thought we’d have scored one TD though.

  48. merk

    They fire peeps in the arena too coach…

  49. I HAVE OFTEN SAID THAT RICHT IS THE BEST HC THE DAWGS HAVE EVER HAD. NOW, I am doing a 180 because that is no longer the case. It is time to revamp the entire coaching staff.
    The loss to UCF was totally unacceptable. Even worse than others such as the loss to GT in 08 & Col. this year. I now feel that the Dawgs will never again win the East with Richt as the HC. Time for a change.
    The Buck stops with Richt, but the OL coach & the DL coach are doing terrible jobs. Not sure the new DB coach is doing much better.
    It may take 1 more year but It is time for changes to be made.

  50. Turd Ferguson

    Richt lost me with the field goal on 4th and inches from the 2-yard line. I still can’t wrap my head around that call. We’d moved the ball 96 yards. Against a C-USA team. And it’s a bowl game. Right then and there, I just knew it’d be an ugly loss. We got exactly what we deserved.

    Richt’s done a lot of great things in his tenure as Georgia’s head coach. But I really can’t help but wonder if his coaching philosophy has become the program’s biggest obstacle. And I don’t see that philosophy changing any time soon.

  51. crapsandwich

    Senator, I don’t ever recall from you better descriptive words, to express your feelings.

    Why is it that we pass against teams we shouldn’t, we run against teams we shouldn’t, and vice versa. DOES THIS COACHING STAFF EVER LOOK AT FILM????????? EVER A GAME TIME ADJUSTMENT? I mean wasn’t it rather blatant that in the first half our passing game OBVIOUSLY wasn’t working, but OH NO LET’S JUST KEEP DOING IT!!!

    I hope the entire team goes NFL.

  52. Vinings Dog

    I have watched GA football since Dooley’s first year in 1964. This was one of the worst performances I have ever seen. We cannot find five guys in the entire country who are self motivated enough to show up and BLOCK?
    We were pretty bad in all phases of the game, but the offensive line looked lost. The backs had no holes to run through and Murray had very little time to throw.
    I have given up on the coaching staff. They seem to be mailing it in. Remember when Richt and Weiss and Tubberville went to Iraq? There is a curse!
    The only positive I can come away with is that this nightmare is over. GA did not even look right coming onto the field. No fire, no desire.

    Could you not find reserves that wanted to play? It’s like we have to BEG them to want to play. Personally, I would have given virtually anything to play one down of football for Georgia, but these pampered prima donnas seem to only care about their NFL draft status. I wish we had some players that loved Georgia the way Tebow loved Florida.
    Despite all this, I remember walking out of Sanford in 1979 after we were totally dominated on homecoming by Virginia, 31-0. If someone had told me then that Georgia would win the national championship the next year I would have laughed in his face! Also, USCe had a TERRIBLE performance last year against UConn in the Papa John’s Bowl.
    Can we fire players? I wish I had the ability to pull scholarships. If I did, over 50% of the team would be gone, starting with any player that celebrated his accomplishments on the field. Chest pounding when you are getting your collective asses whipped? Where has Erk Russell gone?

  53. thewhiteshark

    Driving 95 yards then kicking a field goal on 4th and inches set the whole tone for the game — I do not get that one. Let me tell you what else I don’t get — Bruce Miller– from Canton, GA , growing up a Dawg fan and not getting a sniff by the home team. Bruce Miller — two time Conference USA defensive player of the year. Bruce Miller –who was in the backfield all night. Recruiting speed alone over football players isn’t working. Give me guys who will get after it and hit somebody.

    • bort

      Rodney Garner was too busy writing his annual ransom note.

    • King Jericho

      I would have been in the backfield all night and I’m 5’8″ 180.

      • GreenDawg

        My team played against the guy in high school my first year. Luckily, I didn’t get on the field my freshman season cause he was a monster.

        That being said he didn’t get sniffed by any D-1 schools(not many in Canton ever do), so I don’t think it is a case of inept UGA recruiting.

  54. Bulldog Joe

    “Now when I say change I don’t necessarily mean personnel or anything like that. I don’t want to light a fire. But we need to improve, and we’re going to improve. We’re going to get Georgia where it belongs.”

    It’s not going to change, folks.

    This man doesn’t get it.

  55. Can the Bobo defenders please now and forever, SHUT IT?

    Bobo can score tons of points on mediocre or bad defenses. This is because his conservative, vanilla gameplan works fine when our talent is significantly superior to the defense.

    But as soon as we can’t score on pure talent, and we need actual COACHING, our points dry up. That’s what happened against SC, MSU, UCF.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Could you just let go of it? Post something different. I thought you gamers had so creativity.

      • How can anyone let go of it while Bobo is still the OC?

        I think that’s pretty damn obvious.

        You don’t “let go of it” until the problem has been remedied.

        • Normaltown Mike

          These aren’t rhetorical questions
          (1) who elected to kick the FG?
          (2) who aligned the OL so that UCF could easily shoot the gap on numerous plays and kept AM ducking for cover and rushing throws most plays?
          (3) who offered (in 2006) the likes of Brandon Wood, Demarcus Dobbs, Michael Lemon & Ricardo Crawford on defense but missed Bruce Miller of Canton GA? [as an aside who offered (also in 2006) Akeem Hebron, Akeem Dent, Darius Dewberry and Darryl Gamble but wouldn’t offer both Brinkley brothers of Thompson GA?
          also who played 17 yr old Samuel as a backup in 2008?]

          I don’t know who did these specific things. But I don’t think it was Bobo. I also think the Liberty Bowl was a micrcosm of what our program has become. Firing Bobo wouldn’t change the problems elsewhere. I’m sad to say that I expect the Richt era will end this December.

        • A Different Jim

          I agree with Muckbeast.

        • Hackerdog

          So is your position simply that we lost the game, so we should fire Bobo? I understand certain criticism of Bobo, like the Auburn game where every run call was a lost opportunity for calling a pass. But what exactly was working yesterday that Bobo got away from? It looked to me like we couldn’t do a damn thing right. That’s not play calling.

  56. dawg1976

    CMR has shamed our team

  57. dawg1976

    CMR has brought shame upon the bulldog nation

    • Agreed.

      I have resisted saying this for years now, but its final.

      Mark Richt must be fired this offseason. Period.

      Keep Grantham perhaps, but the rest has to be cleared out.

  58. Russell

    I certainly understand the desire to see Richt go, although unless he resigns, I don’t see that happening.
    I’ll tell you what bugs me more than that. The outpouring of vitriol because of this. You can make excuses all you want for yourselves, but at the risk of sounding moralistic, (like there should be something wrong with that), there have been some contemptible comments made….Evil comments if I may take a step further. Go ahead and laugh if you want, it ain’t nothing to me, but some of you people have some issues, and if you can’t see it you are in for a miserable life. I’m sure glad life is more than CFB. I’m also glad I don’t know many of you, and I’m glad to give up the blog reading, no offense to the Blogger. Yeah, I’m disappointed in the Dawgs , but I still love them. But I’m just going to be satisfied reading the newspaper pap like I used to back before this insanity called the internet came along.
    Wish you haters well with your personal issues. Wake up before it’s too late,

  59. Stefon

    I have backed Richt for too long now. I can’t possibly do anymore. I am sick and tired of hearing people defend him by saying he’s a good christian man. He is supposed to be running a big time college football program not a Sunday school class! I would rather have Caesar leading the team in battle instead of St Paul!

  60. Castleberry

    I’m glad to see everyone has this in the proper perspective. Don’t panic. Take a deep breath. Grab your checkbook. Don’t forget that your Hartman Fund donations are due February 15th.

  61. H-Town Dawg

    It’s amazing to me that the players were allowed to feel “superior” to UCF going into the game. The coaches are supposed to deal with that stupidity. One of the teams in the game yesterday had 10 wins already…and it wasn’t Georgia. One of the teams in the game yesterday was champion of its conference…and it wasn’t Georgia. One of the teams in yesterday’s game was ranked in the Top 25…and it wasn’t Georgia. Heck, one of those teams had a winning record…and it wasn’t Georgia. So…why did the players feel “entitled” to win this game without putting forth any effort? And for God’s sake, why did the so-called adults (aka the coaching staff) allow that mentality to sink in? Newsflash for the team and the coaches: teams who have lost as many games as they’ve won don’t get to be complacent. It’s a failure of coaching to let this happen. The decision to settle for the FG on that first drive was pathetic. Even the announcers were embarrassed for Richt, so they immediately began making excuses for it and talking about the conventional wisdom and needing to come away with points, blah blah blah. In reality, if a team with the kind of O-line we’re supposed to have can’t pick up a couple of inches than the team doesn’t deserve to be there. And, sure enough, the Dawgs didn’t deserve to be there. With the way things worked out, the Dawgs would have been better off not going to a bowl game. Ending the season with the win over Tech and then recruiting would have been more productive than this nonsense.

    • Bulldog Joe

      On the ESPN broadcast, Pam Ward and Danny Kanell commented throughout the broadcast on the differences on the sideline demeanor of both teams.

      One sideline was excited, supportive and into the game. The other was listless.

      This theme began in the first quarter.

      Kanell also commented throughout the game on how much the Central Florida’s defensive line line was dominating Georgia’s line despite being outweighed by 30-50 pounds per man.

      Kanell played QB for Richt so I know he was being kind and understating just how bad it was for Georgia.

  62. Red Blackman

    Red Blackman is sad, very sad.

    Stacy Searles should be. What an embarrassing performance by our offensive line…..again. I’m not feeling this dude anymore.

  63. Silver Pants

    After some sober reflection (*ahem), it looked to me like UCF coaching staff did an excellent job of preparation for this game. They knew our (unimaginative) offense inside and out right down to the blocking schemes and receiving routes while UGA coaching staff appeared to make no special preparation or adjustments whatsoever and came in with the same old game plan that everyone has learned by now.
    Business as usual from the coaching staff resulted in the players attitude of entitlement that they would need to make no special effort to win because our coaches certainly made no special effort to win.

  64. dan

    There is no doubt what we should do.
    There is a proven sec head coach who beat forida with little talent. I’m sure he has a grudge against the gators.
    He would have won the east with our talent.
    He has worked with our ad.
    He coaches a team named the bulldogs.
    Not a pussy either.

    • Stoopnagle

      I was thinking the same thing today. It’d be one hell of a way to blow the rest of our ESPN money (buyout, buyout, $3 mil + per).

      It won’t happen though. The money doesn’t line up right at the moment and McGarity has already committed to Mark Richt for ’11.

      ’11 is going to S-U-C-K.