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A man’s got his pride.

At least after the game is over.

… Georgia coach Mark Richt didn’t accept the runner-up trophy, instead telling an official to get it to him later.


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Happy New Year, or, 2010 couldn’t end fast enough

Honestly, before yesterday’s game I planned on a pretty innocuous post coming in this spot, riffing off David Ching’s pre-game piece in the context of what I expected would be a sloppy, maybe even ugly, win.  (You can read David’s post game analysis, which is spot on, here.)  Given the steaming pile of refuse that Mark Richt’s team left on the Liberty Bowl field, that ain’t happening, of course.

I see little use in breaking down the game into every crappy little component.  It’s big picture time for this program.  Suffice it to say that Mark Richt wakes up today with the realization that the most favorable fan support he can hope for this offseason is apathy.   Put it this way:  I’m not going to lead any charges to run the man out of town, but for the first time in his tenure I can honestly say that it won’t bother me if he’s gone.  And I’m not going to deny that there are any number of qualified coaching candidates out there who could have gotten a better performance out of Richt’s players than he did yesterday.

So pardon me if I shake my head when I read quotes like this one

“We’ve gotta go back and re-dedicate ourselves to doing what it takes, and that includes every single man, every single coach, everybody in the Butts-Mehre to do what it takes to be a championship team,” Bobo said.

… not because I doubt his sincerity, but because I doubt either he or his head coach have a clue about “what it takes” means at this point.

I hope McGarity is able to drill it into Richt’s head that next season isn’t about a specific number of wins and losses.  It’s about making sure that he fields a team that is ready to play week in and week out.  It’s been five years since we’ve been able to see that.  One way or another, that’s gotta end.


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How bad was Murray’s bowl game performance?

This bad:

Only a mediocre bowl performance was needed for Murray to set Georgia’s single-season efficiency record, but Bobo’s mark of 155.8 in 1997 remains the school standard. Murray entered with a 162.7 rating and left at 154.5.

And, no, I don’t blame the gloves either.  Unless he was wearing one on his brain, too.


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