Happy New Year, or, 2010 couldn’t end fast enough

Honestly, before yesterday’s game I planned on a pretty innocuous post coming in this spot, riffing off David Ching’s pre-game piece in the context of what I expected would be a sloppy, maybe even ugly, win.  (You can read David’s post game analysis, which is spot on, here.)  Given the steaming pile of refuse that Mark Richt’s team left on the Liberty Bowl field, that ain’t happening, of course.

I see little use in breaking down the game into every crappy little component.  It’s big picture time for this program.  Suffice it to say that Mark Richt wakes up today with the realization that the most favorable fan support he can hope for this offseason is apathy.   Put it this way:  I’m not going to lead any charges to run the man out of town, but for the first time in his tenure I can honestly say that it won’t bother me if he’s gone.  And I’m not going to deny that there are any number of qualified coaching candidates out there who could have gotten a better performance out of Richt’s players than he did yesterday.

So pardon me if I shake my head when I read quotes like this one

“We’ve gotta go back and re-dedicate ourselves to doing what it takes, and that includes every single man, every single coach, everybody in the Butts-Mehre to do what it takes to be a championship team,” Bobo said.

… not because I doubt his sincerity, but because I doubt either he or his head coach have a clue about “what it takes” means at this point.

I hope McGarity is able to drill it into Richt’s head that next season isn’t about a specific number of wins and losses.  It’s about making sure that he fields a team that is ready to play week in and week out.  It’s been five years since we’ve been able to see that.  One way or another, that’s gotta end.


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  1. Red Blackman

    Color Red Blackman apathetic.

    Let it be known, Red Blackman will never, ever, ever…drive a Ford truck.

    • Rusdawg

      Will this forever sit in the mind of Red Blackman as a bad deal?

    • HobnailedBoots

      I’m right there with ya, Red. I find it saddening that I couldn’t bring myself to care yesterday about losing. That’s where we are as a program, wallowing in the apathy of mediocrity. And I don’t know if there’s any charades of passion that Richt can put on that can turn this around.

      • Russ

        While my wife probably enjoys the fact that I don’t care (read “scream at the TV”) as much, that is a damning fact about UGA football the past few years. I just don’t care nearly as much. Even the FL game didn’t bother me as much because I was half expecting us to fuck it up somehow, so I protected my psyche by not caring.

        It’s a damn shame!

        • GIDawg

          Couldn’t agree more Russ. During the Florida game especially, I was the definition of ambivalent- I wanted to care but I didn’t care about the outcome, because I knew if I did I’d get my hopes dashed. Such is the state of Georgia football these days.

    • East Cobb Devildawg

      Hey man, don’t discriminate against ford like that. They are a solid auto manufacturer.

      On a more serious note I think CMR could learn a lot from the Marine Corps philosophy of “kill the enemy’s will to fight”. If I have to give him my copy of Sun Tzu’s art of war or anything else off of the commandant’s reading list I will, and that is only because I want UGA to succeed. But I’m in the crowd of skeptics.

  2. walter sobchak

    sobchak= apathetic

    • aristoggle

      Before the game I was apathetic … now I just don’t give a damn.

      I really hate to feel this way, but I can’t see anything to get excited about. But, hey, our Equestrian Team is still riding pretty high (get it? Riding high … I kill myself!) Then again, they lost to Auburn, too.

  3. FourOFour

    I’ve not been a “fire Richt” guy until yesterday. One argument I had was who would we get to replace him. But after yesterdays continued showing of little effort, no fire/energy, questionable preparation I’m done. Replacing Richt won’t be as hard as i’d thought. It’s not because of wins and losses, it’s just about fielding an energetic well prepared team, regardless of the outcome.

  4. baltimore dawg

    richt can’t do it. if he coulda, he woulda. let’s just call next year what it is: it’s a courtesy to a coach who revived the team in the first half of his tenure and who is an exceedingly decent man. donnan got a relatively quick hook because he was a bit of an asshole in addition to middling results.

    • Gatriguy

      And because he didn’t do the booster golf circuit and he hitched his wagon to Quincy. But he could recognize NFL talent and left Richt a ridiculously loaded cupboard. Richt walked into a hell of a lot better situation than our next coach is going to walk into.

      • merk

        Aye…We will have 0 playmakers next year.

        Say Murray will be all you want. W/o a run game or OL he will do good, but will never be great. Wonder how many teams will use the UCF D strat against us cause it shut Bobo down.

        • W Cobb Dawg

          I respectively disagree. CMR and CMB ‘shut Bobo down’. UCF did little more than show up and play hard. This one was all on CMR & Co – our lousy effort, our lousy coaching, our lousy preparation, and in particular the most gutless call on 4th and inches that has ever been witnessed in a football game – hs, college or pro!

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Quincey”throw it high and over their heads and then point to himself” Cater was the end of Donnan. We don’t do Oklahoma here. That and the nebulous demise of one Mikey Greer was the end of Coach Donnan. That comment after the South Carolina game per over heating of players to Mr. Smith didn’t help. But the man knew talent.

  5. Gatriguy

    The “who can we get better” argument is weak. There are great coaches out there that the average fan has never even heard of. What is obvious is how terrible a game day coach Richt is. How many games this year would have gone the other way if we’d switched coaching staffs before kickoff?

    • merk

      I dunno, but 50ish teams did better then us this season. I would venture to say that most of them had less to work with then we did.

    • TexasDawg

      Who are some of the possible replacements right now? I think ADGM has to force CMR to hire a proven OC/former head coach with an eye towards that coach taking over midseason next year. After yesterday, does anyone think we can hang with BSU, USC, MSU, or UT at Knoxville? What if we are sitting at 0-4, 0r 1-4 and they are ugly losses and Sanford is empty on Saturday? Need a replacement on staff and it aint Bobo, TG or RG. Also a new big name OC might help with recruiting. Does any good recruit want to be apart of the status quo at UGA?

  6. merk

    Bet all those recruits who were on the fence just jumped off.

    Who the hell wants to come to a team where there is no OL, no D, no RB, and a QB.

    So I’ll be the first to say…Thanks for 11 years Richt have fun on the mission trips.

  7. bort

    How many times can we hear the same BS coach-speak?

    Going on 5 years it seems . . .

  8. PA Dawg

    The OL is the worst I’ve seen in 25 years. I don’t think we have a really good RB; but there are absolutely no holes to run through. I don’t recall ONE running play all year where the RB burst up the middle for a long gain….You know…. the ones where no one touches them for 10 yards. Knowshon made the OL look better than they actually were. Whoever coaches the OL needs to go today. They’ve underperformed for way too long. CTG doesn’t have the players to run his D effectively as he doesn’t have the proper personnel in the 3 down linemen. So, he gets a break this year. S&C is the key on the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. There is no way our teams should get pushed off the line of scrimmage by UCF; but that’s exactly what happened again last night.
    CMR gets one more year imo. Get tougher in the trenches and things will get better immediately. If they don’t have a solid year next year, he should go.

    • merk

      U see we are past the “Fire coach X” and “Hire coach Y” and the team will be righted point. Richt could not get anyone competent to come to UGA now. He is on the choping block now and only a great season can save him. Anyone joining the Dawgs will be gettin fired in 1 year.

  9. TennesseeDawg

    I just hope we can keep it close with Coastal Carolina next year. CMR come on out and get yo whoopin!

  10. Somebody get in touch With Hugh Nall I think he is working in Albany-Bring a real Dog back to Athens to Coach OL-He would light a fire anyone who knows him will tell you he would not put up with this crap!

  11. What fresh hell is this?

    I’ve always been a big fan of CMR….. as a coach and as a quality human being, someone you could feel good about sending your son to play for and be mentored by. It’s hard for me to accept that he must go, but go he must.
    His quality of character can no longer supercede his shortcomings as a coach. Normally one game, in and of itself, should never be a reason to recommend the dismissal of a coach, but yesterdays performance was the exception to the rule.
    But sadly it goes much deeper. We have a rot, a cancer in the football program and it is my belief that the entire staff must go to save the program. And I mean down to the last man and assistant. The culture must be changed or the rot will continue to exist. I don’t know if this is possible after McGarity stated that CMR would return for 2011, but it’s what must be done to save the program. My Dawgs have become unbearable to watch.
    My heart is broken.
    Cleaning house and changing the culture without completely trashing recruiting may not be possible, but that is the price we may have to pay, and it’s why we pay big bucks to an AD.

  12. Chuck

    Nothing about yesterday makes any sense if you believe pregame punditry. If I knew that, even though we would throw 2 picks on offense, we would hold them to 10,points, I would have figured on a 17-10 or maybe even 21-10 win.

    I can’t see how the decision to kick the FG on the first drive was wrong. It wasn’t exactly a free-wheeling throw caution to the wind decision that thrills the guys who play Madden on their Wii, but we had just had a killer first drive and it didn’t look like that was going to be the only real opportunity to score a TD. Not getting any points would have been a much bigger momentum killer.

    The D played well, imo. They looked like they had a clue and wanted to win. Can’t say the same about the offense. There’s a lot of blame to go around there, too: CMR, Bobo, BOBO, Searles, even AJ to a degree.

    I sometimes wonder if having 4 & 5 star players is a good thing for us. The most successful players in CMRs regime have not been the Matt Staffords and the AJ Greens of the world, it has been the Pollacks, the David Greenes the Verron Haynes, the Thomas Davis’ and the like of the world.

    Just a thought.

    • bort

      I completely disagree with your assessment of the FG vs. 4th and 0.5.

      That lone move completely sums up the attitudes and actions that have permeated the last 5 years of Richt’s tenure.

      The safe, “we’ll get ’em next time, sport,” go back and re-assess horse crap lines that we’ve unbelievably become accustomed to.

      McGarity is going to force some changes, in my opinion.

  13. austintwo

    Something just seems strange about Coach Richt and it is getting more and more noticeable. Look at his halftime interviews with the reporterettes and the way he’s changed over the years, yesterday was another example – what was with the smug smirk about Murray’s picks and the remark about “settling him down before we get fancy”? It’s a very odd behavior pattern and highly dissimilar to the way he used to be.

    I remember the 2003 Clemson game, in all that heat, and the reporterette asked him at halftime if the heat was a problem for his players and he very irritably said “they aren’t allowed to let it bother them!” – can anybody honestly imagine him saying that or anything like it now?

    Another observation is the silly shades he wears on sunny days – looks like one of the Blues Brothers – they are very offputting and make it appear that he doesn’t really want to be part of the team, trying to separate himself, doesn’t want anyone to see his face – the whole thing is just strange and quite frankly sad.

    I wish I knew what the hell had gotten into him . . . he used to be such a great coach.

    • TexasDawg

      Totally agree on the first point, not sure the shades matter one way or the other. But to your first point, the old CMR demanded his teams perform no matter what, now when it gets hot at practice he takes them swimming. That has to matter on gameday. They are soft and weak and lack the ability to fight back, because they are not coached to dig deep they are coached to go cool off when it gets too hot.

  14. Will Trane

    UGA is a great institution. It has great facilities. Great alums who are willing to support the football program. But over the past 3 -4 years this program has been in a steady decline. The athletic board and the new AD has to see and understand it. They need to understand that there is a fire hot revolt going on in the alumni and fan base about the football program. It is now below mediocre. It is a damn circus where certain people are not willing to make tough decision. Too much of the good old boy network and let’s continue to let the alums support this mediocrity. I think the alums have had it.
    I don’t want to hear about rededication and changes. I want to see a signifca nt change now. My suggestion would be on the offensive side of the ball. Change the damn scheme to a spread and find a coach that get it into place starting this spring. If CMR is not willing to do so, the buy out his contract. But Bobo, McClendond, Lilly, an Searels must go and go now. For the past two years they have done nothing but draw big pay checks with lesser returns each passing season. The Liberty Bowl was an opportunity for them to show some change not another post game interview where we hear ” we got to go back and everyone at the Butts Mehre rededicate themselves”. That comment says alot about Bobo…there is a close link from that to his offense and play calling.
    Lets see how smart CMR can be. The sun is setting on his program. He needs to find some postive change where he is carrying this program. After yesterday there is no sunrise and new season on the horizon.

    • mike

      sux that our arch rival is rebuilding their program today while we continue to slide. You can’t believe that any decent OC or any other assistant is going to come to UGA knowing that the HC is on his way out. If Richt stays I gotta believe we are stuck with the same motley crew. (not crue).

    • AthensHomerDawg

      “UGA is a great institution. It has great facilities. Great alums who are willing to support the football program. But over the past 3 -4 years this program has been in a steady decline.”
      I’m upset too, but if we are gonna construct time lines for when this program started its epic fail lets me accurate.
      4 years ago -2007 Georgia 11–2 6–2 T–1st (East) W Sugar †
      3 years ago-2008 Georgia 10–3 6–2 2nd (East) W Capital One
      Last year -2009 Georgia 8–5 4–4 T–2nd (East) W Independence
      When ” shit hits the fan” it flies all over the place, and innocent and guilty alike get covered.

  15. Jim

    Whether richt goes now or after next year, the damage is done. We aren’t going to contend for the east for a long time. Shame too as there is a chance the gators are headed to a couple of down years

    What the Senator said in his blog and what most of these comments suggest is what I have been saying for a couple of years now. The slide began in the sugar bowl against wvu. It’s been downhill ever since. Say what you will about 07 but we flat out didn’t show up for the 2 games we lost that year. Unfortunately the occasional episode of being unprepared has devolved into what should be expected from this staff.

    Those of you that still have your heads in the sand and don’t want to fire cmr because we don’t know who we will hire I’ll say the same thing I said in last nights post – don’t keep driving off the cliff just because jumping out of the car is going to hurt a little…

    • W Cobb Dawg

      +1. It’s foolish to think anything is going to change if CMR & co returns. All it’s going to be is another heapin helpin of mediocrity: 7-5, maybe 8-4 – and that’s being optimistic! Other than AM, we don’t have the horses coming back, and thinking true freshmen and JUCO’s (haven’t signed any yet) are going to rescue the program is a fantasy.

      Get a new coach & staff now, or waste another season until we get one anyway.

  16. crapsandwich

    What are the odds, that Richt will be fired…..just sayin.

    • Jim

      The odds of him being fired today are much higher than they were two days ago. Unfortunately those odds are still pretty low. You’ve got think McGarity has given it some thought in the last 18 hours since that game ended though…

    • Normaltown Mike

      right now? same as Blutarsky’s GPA, zero point zero.

      After the 2011 season? 80% IMHO.

      We’ll drop one of BSU/SCU and people will be disappointed.

      We’ll drop one to UT/UF and people will be livid. On the call in show some idiot will pop off about the sprint draw or what not and Scott will try to toss CMR a layup about “we’re all angry” but CMR will instead give some “arena” response that sounds eerily familiar to Donnan’s invitation to the ButtsMehre to that student in 2K.

      Then we’ll drop a close one to AU/GT and the pitchforks and torches will come out. McGarity will give the presser listing CMR’s achievements BUT a change was needed, Mike will be seated behind him but will not speak. We’ll launch a search and hopefully (please oh please) it will be very private and quiet. By Christmas day we’ll have a new HC (Gus Malzahn or Urban Meyer are my guess as the leaders as of 1-1-11).

      • Jim

        This is a pipedream. Everything from beating Boise or USC to someone with the resume of Meyer coming to UGA.

        No offense but we are going to be putrid next year.

        We will get embarrassed on national tv by both Boise and USC and things will only go downhill from there.

        We’ll likely have to hire someone unproven at head coaching. Kirby smart will be high on the list whether we like it or not. Maybe muschamp if he shows well next year with the gators. I don’t want Meyer (he doesn’t have the fire in his belly either) and malzahn will look a little different without cam

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Have you forgotten what happened when we let Goff go? The coaches weren’t exactly lining up to get a shot at coaching for Georgia. We settled for a wishy washy coach that ditched us at the last minute. I don’t want to go from the frying pan into the fire.

  17. Will Trane

    Read Chings articles and a few other while at lunch and before going back to work. What are going to do in the next 30-45 days is the crucible for the football program. If CMR thinks he can get it done with the current O staff that is a serious issue the AD needs to address now.
    The AD needs to understand where the recruiting is at. Nothing has moved since August. Three coaches go to see Crowell. Every coach on staff should have to sit through the HS games at the Dome this year or look at the tapes of those games. How many of those teams run a pro style offense? Most have gone to the spread. When you see a program like CCHS run the plays they did and the defensive sets of Sandy Creek you have to take notice of the level of coaching and skills. Those are coaches who are on the outside of the envelope cutting the path.
    Other than down lineman on the D line I think the D goes into 011 in good position with a scheme, staff, and players. They need the young man at Thomas County Central HS. He is a player! TG will make him 1st round draft by 2013 easily.
    CMR must change to the spread. That is what these young men see and understand. Not Bobo, it is all a vertical field of play…deep routes, no usage of the TEs…all WRs, a QB throwing when not running for his health, and occassional running play with some slow RB with a O line that never traps or sets a edge. Go back to CMR was at FSU and how his O failed against OU. That is where this offensive program is stuck. They cannot change or adapt from season to season, game to game or during a game. They can prance out those 5-2s, 30 points, and etc all they want to. It is nothing. Well, it is what it is as we have heard…you a losing SEC record for the past 2 years and a program in decline.

  18. slive sux

    Chuck you mean Donnan’s players, which is the real point.This staff cannot spot talent.UGA looks at the same players as other schools. CMR is a super guy,great neighbor …. UGA pays him well to win fb games, he has been average at best. UGA may feel this in the pocketbook next year,that will force the change. btw; thanks senator for another great year

  19. HobnailedBoots

    And am I the only one who thought it simply added insult to injury that UCF had better TV commercials than UGA did?

    • Russ


      How in the world with our “outstanding” PJ department do we have such crappy commercials? It’s an embarrassment! I used to brag that we were the ones that awarded the Peabody for excellence in broadcasting. Now I wonder how can we claim to see excellence in others when we have such garbage for our TV spot.

      • Wolfman

        actually *stand* near. Oops. See what my UGA education has done for me? I should have been paying attention to more student-made commercials in my search.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        How in the world with the second highest ranked law school in the conference(number 2 after Vandy) do we not have some legal talent in place to handle some of these “emergencies”.

    • Wolfman

      Based on those I would much rather go to UCF. And how much did those students get paid to actually near Adams and smile? That was the most disgusting thing I saw yesterday, game included.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Amazing that this supposedly elite J-school re-shoots the same promotional commercial every year, with some minority chick looking through a microscope then some kid with a bad haircut looking at a beaker, then finishing up with a half dozen ethnically diverse students standing with a douchebag university administrator.

      Sign me up… I want to go to school there.

  20. ernie

    Win the game. Take no prisoners. Set the tone…

    Go 5 for 5 passing, running the ball with a 5+ yard average, the very first time touching the sacred ball, we go 96 yards down the field poised to inflict a psychological and physical injury to the opponent, and instead of breeching through the castle doors with less than six inches, we catapult a cow over the tower (not one negative yardage play to that point).
    Let’s leave 2 timeouts at the end of the first half, and not even try for an interference penalty or (gasp) a long completion attempt. Shampoo, rinse and repeat…masterfully, call a time out after an out of bounds play near the end of the battle which could have helped with the final series.

    CMR does not have a big picture of game management or real-time decision making, and somewhere in the past several years, he lost his Y chromosome.
    He is a figurehead CEO, who delegates. He rarely demonstrates direct coaching behavior (unless after the fact).
    He is routinely out coached on the field.
    He rarely is the aggressor or tone setter.

    We usually win on other’s mistakes, not of our own doing (unless with a far inferior opponent).

    Last thought—-
    We went 6-7 with a list of impressive victories over
    Tennessee: 6-7, Kentucky: 6-6, Vanderbilt: 2-10, GT: 6-7, Louisiana-Lafayette: 3-9, Idaho State: 1-10.
    (0-4 against top 25 teams)

    With not one winning record team’s scalp in our bag, the 2010 UGA football program coaching was the definition of pitiful and impotence.
    We do less with the athletes we have than any other program in America.

  21. Dawgfan Will

    For those who want unhappy fans to show their displeasure with their wallets, I would say yesterday was the first indication of that: I have never seen the stands so sparsely populated at a Bulldogs game. And I’m sure McGarity saw it too.

    • HobnailedBoots

      A: Memphis is a shit-hole.
      B: The dawgs are 6-6 going into that game, and
      C: the opponent is UCF.

      Nobody could have anticipated anything other than sparsely populated stands.

      • Russ

        As bad as Memphis is, Shreveport is much worse. I was in Shreveport last year when we sucked, and the stands were full. Granted, the place only held 40-50k, so filling it up was fairly easy, plus the Aggies will pay to go to a pig f#@king, so there’s that. However, there were still a lot of Dawg fans last year. This year, not so much. Next year (if we manage to get to 6-6 somehow), it will only be worse.

  22. J.M.

    I’m tired of these same platitudes from the coaches. “We’re going to work harder. We’re going to rededicate ourselves to the game,” etc. This is the third year in a row we’ve heard that. After a while it starts to ring hollow, and it begs the question: If the coaches say they need to work harder, does that mean that they didn’t work hard this year? If that’s the case, can all the fans who spent good money to watch this pitiful, underachieving product get a refund?

    I still don’t think Richt should be fired. Before this year he had never won fewer than 8 games in a season and we’ve finished in the top 10 six of the 10 years he’s been at UGA. However, we have now suffered through three straight bitterly disappointing seasons. Richt built up a lot of capital during his first five years, but he’s burned pretty much all of it over the last five years. I’m not saying anything that hasn’t already been said, but 2011 is now officially a make-or-break year. And I don’t want to hear anymore talk in the offseason about how things are going to be different. Just get it done.

  23. The Watergirl

    Bobo will be Richt’s escapegoat this year (or at least he better be), but it comes a time when a man has to look in the mirror! Richt is quickly destroying his reputation in UGA history and he looked clueless all day.

    We had a month to prepare and we come out with the same vanilla crap thats been killing this program for the past three years!! Its time for a change DAWG fans and the time is now because we are quickly falling behind every team other than Vandy and Ole Miss in the SEC, make the changes McGarity

  24. aious


    We get to hear Richt talk about going back to the drawing board to make changes….for the 4th time

  25. Josh

    I will always want Mark Richt to be my son’s coach. I no longer want Mark Richt to be Georgia’s coach.

  26. I agree. For the first time in his Tenure, It will not bother me If he Is gone. Let Searels & Garner go forth first. Time to move on.

  27. HobnailedBoots

    His words just sound hollow now. You can only make so many comments about “looking within” or “rededicating” yourselves before they start falling on deaf ears. The fan base doesn’t believe it anymore and I honestly wonder if the players do, either.

  28. Russ

    The more I’ve thought about it, the more the decision to kick the FG in the first quarter bugs me. That just shows playing to not lose, as opposed to playing to win. There’s a fine line between “managing a game” and “playing not to lose”, but Richt has fallen on the wrong side of it. We need more killer instinct in the program, and I don’t think that’s Richt’s MO.

    • aristoggle

      That just shows playing to not lose, as opposed to playing to win.

      Excellent observation. The decision bothered me, but I couldn’t put my finger on why.

  29. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Senator, any chance you write a letter of apology to Andrea Adelson?


    • I already did.

      By the way, if you can stop being smug for a moment, you might go back and check why she ranked Georgia the way she did. It’s not like she nailed Georgia’s season.

      • The Original Cynical in Athens

        Sorry, not attempting to be smug, just wanted to bring up all the gnashing of teeth that went on when her ranking came out and to say, “damn, she and that prick from the Dalton newspaper have seen it for a while now.”

        I really am a huge Georgia football fan, alum and contributor. Just bewildered and depressed about the program, watching TCU right now and wondering if they could really be this much more talented than Georgia, or simply that much better coached?

      • WFdawg

        What’s really crazy is to look at our preseason predictions in the 7/27/10 post. Out of 830 voters, only 12 saw us going 6-6 this season. Anything worse than 6-6 wasn’t even a choice. Would be fascinated to compare the results with a poll given on 7/27/11. Guessing the distribution would be 75% of voters picking 8 wins or fewer.

  30. Gshock

    Anybody see little ole 170 lb Greg Reid flatten the living daylights out of Lattimore. Sad that he was more effective than our 11 players. Also, he gets up after the hit, catches up to the action and makes multiple blocks on the runback. We don’t have any players like him and can’t expect many to come play for us under our wet noodle regime.

  31. Cheerwino

    Can’t y’all see this is all Leebern’s plan to drive UGA and GT fans to drink!

  32. FourOFour

    For next year, what constitutes improvement 8-5? So we wade through yet another year of this until we backslide again? I believe the last 3 years have shown us everything we need to see. Again, I’m not talking about wins and loses, I’ve seen all I need to see with the players lack of energy and game preparedness.

  33. sniffer

    I have a hunch that CMR considers retiring and walking away. He can’t be happy with the way things are and he knows it won’t get better anytime soon. Walking away allows his staff to keep their dignity (he cares about this) and prevents the university from having to fire him. This saves his family the pain and embarrassment of being let go.

  34. 69Dawg

    I mean no disrespect but I think the end of Coach Richts passion for the game came with the cancer scare of his wife. That kind of thing makes a person consider what is truly important. Since her illness he has just not seemed to really care what the team did or what the fans cared. Maybe I’m wrong but he just seems to be going through the motions.

    • Murph Dawg

      My wife and I have shared that thought several times in the past few years. If that theory is indeed true (and I still believe that it is), I do not fault him in the slightest for the reprioritization of his life. At the same time, it seems a huge disservice to the University, the fans, and most importantly all the young men in our program who put their trust in the coaching staff for him to continue on. Everyone involved would have been better served if he would have resigned at that time for the above stated reason. He would have had everyone’s respect for doing the right thing by his family and the program could have moved on but instead we have sat in limbo for several years now.

  35. Tumbling Dice

    Funny how it’s the little things that really chap your ass once things have deteriorated to the point that we now find ourselves.

    I certainly can’t detail the specifics ( I’ve blocked out as much of that sorry debacle as humanly possible), but on UCF’s last posession when it was pretty clear that the die was cast, we stopped one of their plays behind the line of scrimmage and the Bulldog responsible got up and went in to one of these chest-beating, arm-pumping celebrations as if he had just sacked Tom Brady in the Superbowl. It was just pathetic. The lack of perspective displayed by many of the players is truly frightening… And by making a decision to bring CMR back before this game was even played I have to wonder about the AD’s ability to accurately access the true nature of our current situation.

    I’m afraid a massive, well-organised boycott of all thing Georgia Football may be the only option as far as getting the powers-that-be to reconsider going even one step further down this long , dark path we find ourselves on.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      “I’m afraid a massive, well-organized boycott of all thing Georgia Football may be the only option as far as getting the powers-that-be to reconsider going even one step further down this long , dark path we find ourselves on.”
      That’s a bit strong don’t you think? Let’s take this one step at a time. We should focus on getting tailgating back like it was meant to be done and work our way up from there.😉

      • Tumbling Dice

        Yes it is. It is extreme. It would be a very ugly situation that could negatively effect recruiting for years to come and could have lots of other unpleasant consequences. It may not be the right thing to do.

        However, I can’t see anything good coming out of another season with CMR at the helm. Should we call off the Dawgs if he achieves anything less than winning the SEC next year? In light of what we’ve seen lately I think that is a ludicrous thing to expect.

        I guess my point is the only shred of hope to get on with all this unpleasantness now instead of plowing through ANOTHER demoralizing year is for the fanbase to revolt on an unprecedented scale.

        I understand yours is a more conservative approach. I’m curious to see how you envision it playing out. First we “get tailgating back like it was meant to be done”. How exactly would we go about that? And at what step do we get into something that has an effect on the product on the field?

        I’m not being sarcastic. I really am interested in hearing some way to get on with becoming relevant sooner than later that doesn’t involve writing off next year. Is it possible that CMR could win the SEC title, win a major bowl game, and then go on to beating…Wait, not even that…just being competitive with Florida and other SEC heavy hitters on a consistent basis? I suppose it is. Would I bet a wooden nickel on it? Not on your life.