Adding insult to injury

I got an e-mail on this, and also noticed that something appeared to have happened when I looked at the video summary of the Liberty Bowl at ESPN, but it’s apparent that Washaun Ealey received a lovely parting gift from a UCF player after the loss.


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27 responses to “Adding insult to injury

  1. Matt

    Aside from the humiliation factor, that had to hurt that idiot’s hand more than it hurt Washaun…

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I know it’s cheap of a winner, but if Washaun had half as much running talent as mouth he would have passed Herschel by now. He never misses an opportunity to spout off.

  3. Agreed. Based on his antics throughout the season and earlier in the game, he deserved that lick. Truthfully, he deserves a beat down. No sympathy from this Dawg fan.

  4. Normaltown Mike

    Hate to say it, but he seems to be a motormouth.

    And one that dominated Class A football as a 19yr old Senior.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      That happens a lot. A convenient birthday plus flunking a grade or starting school a year late. My brother in law, the Mayor of Tideville, did that with both of his sons to give them a leg up athletically. Is anyone out there old enough to remember Charles Dudish, the famous bust at QB for Tech? That’s how he got to be a star in HS. A 20 year old playing against kids. When he had to play against guys who were full grown it was a different story.

  5. Macallanlover

    From all reports I have read, he is a big trash talker and motor-mouth, on and off the field. WE seems to never be far from trouble and bad situations. Change your attitude and your surrounding cast WE, or prepare for a long life of confrontations.

  6. Castleberry

    And my question on this play is why isn’t AJ in the middle of the group leaping for the ball???? Was he supposed to be a decoy?

  7. Ben

    Win the damn game, and you don’t get punched.

  8. 81 Dog

    my biggest question when I saw the replay of the Hail Mary was: why arent any of our guys even looking for the freaking ball? Were they hoping it would just lodge itself in someone’s facemask? Did they think one of the UCF guys would catch it and hand it to them? Have any of them actually ever seen how a Hail Mary play can work? Don’t they understand the concept of someone looking for the ball in order to make a play on the ball?

    Maybe they thought if they ran to the end zone, closed their eyes, and stuck out their hands, the ball would magically land there. Who knows, but from the way they played it, that would appear to be the case. Aaron Murray could have drawn the play up in the dirt at a middle school and gotten more enthusiastic attempts to catch the damn ball than we saw in Memphis.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Pitiful. Four UCF players were closer to the ball than any UGA player.

      Perhaps we could get Mark Fox to coach ’em.

  9. RTD

    Bitch-slapped as a team…..then really bitch-slapped!

  10. Georgia Bulldogs being made someone’s bitch?

    That seems to be a trend ever since the 05/06 Sugar Bowl.

  11. Go Dawgs!

    It looks like the UCF player is leaning back as if reacting to a shove when he comes into frame. I have no doubt Ealey started it. Way to get aggressive after it is too late. That is what we are today. A team that has to take a cheap shot to get even after being bitchmade by a team from Conference USA.

    • BMan

      That’s exactly how I see it too. The guy enters the frame backing up and leaning his head back as though Ealey had jabbed at him first. Ealey seems like a punk-ass bitch a lot of times. I think back to G-Day and his starting crap and throwing heymakers. I knew then that this team had the same old discipline problems. No one is afraid of the coaching staff, and just like being a parent, if the kids don’t have a healthy level of fear, then they will never respect you.

  12. mdr

    Until this entire staff is show the door, we have much more of this crap to look forward to.

  13. Seal

    So, is this one of the signs a team has almost totally lost its fanbase – random video of player apparently getting (harmlessly) cheap-shotted, and nearly every commenter takes the opportunity to applaud the move or criticize the cheap-shotted player.

    • Tenn_Dawg

      I would say so.

      • Normaltown Mike

        If the tomohawk chop breaks out in the student section, you’ll know that Richt has officially let all the air out of the program

    • FWIW, a UGA colleague of mine said he saw the entire thing and that Ealey shoved the guy first. So, it appears as if the “cheap shot” was in retaliation of Ealey’s first move. As I stated, it surprises me none given what I’ve seen of Ealey (in this game and others) and his reputation.

    • BMan

      Seal, I can only speak for myself. I haven’t been lost as a fan of the team at all, but I’m not a fan of Ealey. I’m not saying that any cheap shot is to be applauded, I’m merely saying that it appears to me that Ealey did it first, which seems consistent with other actions I’ve seen him take. I don’t know how hard he works, as I’m not there to see it, so I can’t criticize what I haven’t seen. But I do see him yapping an awful lot after plays and seeming to run his mouth rather than simply going back to the huddle and getting ready for the next play. Maybe if he’d shut up between plays he could catch his f-ing breath and not have to raise his hand to come out after three or four plays.

      That being said, I’ll always be on the side of the team. whether they’re 12-0 or 0-12.