Here’s something they can sell on eBay.

Instant collector’s item:

… Even the Bulldogs overlooked the Knights. Oh, they won’t admit that. But at their recent team banquet, the Bulldogs presented its seniors with a plaque. Etched on it was the season record — 7-6.

Keep in mind that Georgia entered the Liberty Bowl with a 6-6 record.

“That’s part of what they do,” UCF defensive back Darin Baldwin said. “They thought they were going to push us over, but we’ve got more heart than they do.”

UCF offensive lineman Bruce Miller grinned and shook his head when he heard about the plaque.

“I guess they’re going to have to get them redone,” he said…


UPDATE: The always on-the-ball Marc Weiszer follows up on the plaque story and finds out that it’s SOP at Georgia.

… Each year Georgia presents senior plaques at its gala, according to associate athletic director Claude Felton. One of the lines on the plate is the season record and Georgia always lists it with a win in the upcoming bowl.

“If we lose the game, we replace the plate,” Felton said in an e-mail.

Georgia hasn’t had to replace the plate the last four years when it won its bowl game.

There will need to be 23 replacement plates for this year’s seniors to include the correct 6-7 record.


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  1. Doug


    I’ve never been a “Fire Richt” guy, much less a “Fire Everyone” guy, but if that story is emblematic of the mentality that has taken hold on our coaching staff, McGarity could blow the place up tomorrow, fire every last mother’s son, and I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

    What an absolute embarrassment.

    • Hackerdog

      I agree that it’s embarrassing. But I’m pretty confident that Richt wasn’t the guy in charge of ordering the plaques. Let’s put the criticism for that gaffe on whatever assistant placed the order.

      • I’ll grant you Richt didn’t personally order the plaque, but surely he knew what was on it when it was about to be presented. That would’ve been the time to say “No, we’re not presenting this,” or if he didn’t want to make a scene, it would’ve at least been the time to talk about how it was time to work harder and earn that seventh win. A message that — if Blair Walsh’s comments from the other day are to be taken as credible, and increasingly I think they are — the team never really took to heart.

        The incident isn’t as embarrassing in and of itself as it is for what it symbolizes — a program that thinks it can win not through working harder, not through building stronger character, not through giving 110 percent every game, but simply because “Hey, we’re Georgia.” Neither the players nor the coaches seem to think about what they do and the consequences those actions might have anymore; from the top down, we’ve got the look of a program that’s no longer trying to win championships, we’re just showing up for another day at the office. We’ve turned into the Soviet-era automobile worker who knows he’s going to get his paycheck and his weekly ration of black bread and vodka no matter what, so he can just go through the motions and let quality control go completely to hell. Can’t believe I’m writing these words about Mark Richt, a guy I like and respect, but there’s just no direction to this team anymore.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    If our effort just matched our arrogance we’d be in the national championship game right now. More evidence that Richt has lost this team. McGarity is just delaying the inevitable right now by allowing this train wreck to continue. I’ve never been so ashamed to be a Georgia fan (and alumni) after this year’s disaster. What the hell happened? This is much worse than Goff or Donnan.

    • TennesseeDawg

      And furthermore, I was listening to Nashville sports talk Monday and they even commented how embarrassing the Dawgs were in the Liberty Bowl for the rest of the SEC. Even people outside our own program recognize this. We’re like the guy who walks around with a booger hanging out of his nose and doesn’t know about it.

      • Russ

        Heck, even Lou Holthz was talking about how bad the coaching was at Georgia.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Lou has always poor mouthed Georgia. Who cars what that man says. Has he ever left a program where he was the head coach without some NCAA sanctions? 33-37 in six years at South Cacalacky. He should never comment about poor coaching.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        CDD is the only coach I know about that can lose a game when he has 13 players on the field and lose another game when his opponent has 17. I doubt they have many nice thinkgs to say about Georgia in Nashville.

    • dokes

      never be ashamed to be a bulldog you fool, esp. if you are an alumnus!

  3. baltimore dawg

    what? dewey beat truman, didn’t he? didn’t he?

    other than the patronage hires that have undermined organizational accountability and merit, i just would like to know what happened to richt. i can’t imagine the man i observed from 2000-05 letting things go so far. he was so clear-eyed and firm about what he wanted his team to be.

    did he burn out and give up but forgot to resign?

    • Tenn_Dawg

      I do think Richt has given in. Look at the guy…he is lifeless. If he knew what to do and how to fix it he would have done so by now. BTW…given the position the two men are in right now who looks like the one most responsible for the early successs of Richt’s tenure….BVG or Richt. Heck if Richt’s offenses could have done more in those first four years Georgia would probably have played for two NCs in those four years.

      I am not saying BVG would make a great HC and he certainly owes Richt a great deal for the opportunity he was given. However Richt should be thanking BVG a million times over for making him look like a top notch coach for 5 years and a very wealth man.

      One can only dream of the things that could have been if Richt would have kicked the Bag Man to the curb and begged VanGorder to stay.

      • gatriguy

        “One can only dream of the things that could have been if Richt would have kicked the Bag Man to the curb and begged VanGorder to stay.”

        I think about that on pretty much a daily basis. Just imagine how sick we’re going to feel on top of it all when we finally DO get rid of Garner and he completely rats us out and tells where all the bodies are buried.

  4. Jim

    Everybody relax. Everything is going to be OK.

    We’ve won 96 games in 10 seasons and two SEC championships. Heck, we were ranked #2 to finish the ’07 season and started ’08 #1.

    Richt is going to have our program headed exactly in the right direction, and soon.

    Who cares if Marcus Dowtin represents yet another off field problem, if Washaun Ealey talks so much smack during his losing effort that he gets punched after the game, or if Caleb King can’t meet whatever pathetic academic standards we require of our players. Our kicker called everyone out so i expect them to snap back in line – and those trophies – my oh my.

    Everything in the program is great…

  5. Spike

    What Tenneessee Dawg said.

  6. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Our athletic department is eat up with stupid.

  7. Jas


    How freakin embarrassing.

  8. JBJ

    I can’t get in line behind McGarity if he refuses to see the writing on the wall with Richt. Everyone has apparently fallen in love with McGarity for his scheduling prowess. I’m not a big fan of his scheduling philosophy and I am kind of put off by the fact he wants to move G Day to accomodate his Masters passes. If he really thinks the Masters has that huge an impact on the normal G Day fan he is sorely mistaken. That’s why God created DVRs.

    In my mind, the failure to act on this train wreck is inexcusable. No, he didn’t create the problems in the program, but it is his job to fix them as quickly as possible. Even Disney Dawgs have given up on Richt at this point. Never in my life have I cared so little about a Dawg loss than I did last Friday. I just expect it now.

    • As depressed as I am about the state of the program, I think McGarity’s decision to give Richt one more year to right the ship is defensible. There was a lot of behind the scenes BS Richt had to deal with that justifies giving him some benefit of the doubt. That all being said, if the proper support is there this year and Georgia doesn’t take a large step back to being a legit top-10 program, that’ll be it.

      By the way, if you want more people in the stands for G-Day, how does “That’s why God created DVRs” help? People that want to go to the premier event in golf over an college exhibition game (and there are a lot more of those than you believe) aren’t changing their behavior so they can watch a glorified scrimmage. And the Master’s ain’t movin’.😉

      • sUGArdaddy

        Senator, there you go w/ your logic again.

        I look at it this way. This time next year we’re all going to be really excited because we’re either going to…

        A) Have a really good season and be so proud that Mark Richt righted the ship
        B) Have a really lousy season, but we’ll be pumped about our new coach.

        It’s interesting. Without red-panty-gate, Richt probably gets fired this year. I think Damon would have done it. But, I don’t think McGarity wants to do it 4 months into the job. But I trust McGarity tremendously more than Damon.

        And the Master’s stuff is just common sense. The bottom line is that they are the same people groups. The same people group that goes to UGA games goes to the Master’s. Why compete w/ that when you simply don’t have to. I’ve been to 59 straight UGA games and have missed about 8 in 16 years, but if I got Master’s tickets for Saturday, I’ll be in Augusta, not Athens.

        • … if I got Master’s tickets for Saturday, I’ll be in Augusta, not Athens.

          I had the opportunity once. And I took it.

        • JBJ


          C) Have a mediocre season and contemplating giving Richt one more year.

          Think you are right about Evans. I do think he would have let Richt go at this point. Not sure why you would put so much trust in McGarity so early. Especially when he is not pulling the trigger on an obvious situation.

          • Dawgfan Will

            You keep saying that it is obvious, but there are still some of us who disagree with you. Do I think Mark Richt will right the ship next year? I have more doubts now than I’ve ever had before. Do I think he deserves the chance? Yes. Should he be retained next year if we don’t at least win the SEC East? Without any other context to judge by, I would say no.

        • Bulldog Joe

          Damon would only have let him go if Adams told him to do it.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            The decision about CMR staying next year was made by Adams. Remember when Donnan got fired? Dooley wanted to keep him–Adams nixed it. McGarity is the mouthpiece but Adams is the decision maker on this.

      • JBJ

        DVRs? Well I am just taking a guess here, that most people will be watching on TV rather than hoping to scalp a Saturday ticket for $1000.

        Guess I am a commoner that will never get into the Masters for a Saturday round. You could also look at the Masters in another light. Many people have tickets for the practice rounds, or Thursday, Friday, or Sunday. A little detour to Athens for G-Day rounds out the vacation.

        • Re: your “commoner” point. How many big contributors do you think have been pushing for the G-Day date to be moved?

          • Griff

            Masters live (on TV or in person) > Useless college spring game

            No brainer!

          • JBJ

            I guess we should see a sharp rise in G Day attendance? Let’s let the numbers speak for this decision in a few months. Err rather we will see the _real_ impact of this decision versus the perceived genius of McGarity.

            • sUGArdaddy

              JBJ, it was just a smart business move. One time a few years ago we had G-Day on Masters AND Easter weekend. That’s just dumb. You’re already having an even that you have to try to get people to…why put it up against that competition.

              Bottome line is things are different in Georgia. No other SEC state has Atlanta (and all it’s attractions) or the Masters. Georgia is just a little more…cosmopolitan…than the rest of our brethren.

              I follow UGA football near religiously. And I watch golf sparingly on TV. But, I cherish that Saturday and Sunday in front of the tube watching the Masters. And it’s a pretty close race for me to go to the spring game vs. watching 1 of 4 golf tourneys I care about…knowing that the spring game means nothing. It just makes good sense.

              I trust McGarity because it’s clear he gets it. His scheduling philosophy is much more sound than Damons, and sets us up to win championships AND have marquee, national games occassionally. His understanding of the nuances of G-Day and the state sports scene is refreshing. And his comments about expectations have been spot on. Not to mention he canned the Volleyball coach, who has been below mediocre for years.

              It’s easy to say he’s ‘hanging on too long’ here, but give the guy a chance to see things for a few more months. He spent 17 years at the only institution in the SEC that has built a better all around athletic department than us. He watched them win 3 MNC w/ 2 coaches. He saw them win 2 BBall NC. I’m just going to guess he learned something.

      • Tenn_Dawg

        What behind the scenes BS are you referring to? How much of that do you really think had a part in how his teams have been playing and conducting themselves over the last four years?

        I think it is BS that his teams are making the exact same errors each year after he vows to correct them. I think it is BS to hear him talk about how excited he is each off season about the team and its potential only to watch the same lifeless coach and lifeless play as the year before. I think it is BS to hear about the how fast and strong our guys are before the season only to watch them get man-handled by not only the Big Boys but the Little Sisters of the Poor as well. I think it is BS to hear that Richt is hiring the video guy to run the S&C program while our competitors hire professionals. I think it is BS to be so damn condescending to the fans because we have not been in the arena or because we care about Georgia football along with people who are hurting or who are less fortunate than us.

        Sorry for the rant just tired of watching everybody play hard inspired football (TCU, Stanford, Miss St, etc.) while Georgia sleep walks through season after season.

        • Let’s just say that there are things Richt wanted to do in the past three seasons that he wasn’t allowed to pursue, mostly because of money.

          And, no, I’m not talking about an indoor practice facility.

          • Tenn_Dawg

            I’m sure there are hundreds of coaches all around the country that can say the same
            things at schools like UConn, TCU, Boise St, Utah, Miss State (last 2 yrs) etc. yet they are building programs that are getting better with limited resources. Again my question is….Are those things such a hinderance to Richt that he can’t field a team that plays disciplined, inspired, smart competitive football?

            • Let’s say you know there’s dead wood but can’t do much about it because it will cost money that the higher ups are reluctant to spend. Does that help answer your question?

              Grantham’s contract was a shocker, not because of who was hired, but because of its terms. Let’s leave it at that.

              • gatriguy

                I’m assuming the dead wood you speak of is either Garner or Martinez. If it was Martinez, I don’t feel much pity for Richt as a) he promoted him when there were serious questions as if he was ready, and b) Richt went out of his way to publicly defend Martinez for 2 years once it was obvious he was in over his head.

                If it’s Garner, then Richt needs to bite the bullet this year. The sooner we pull that bandaid off, the better. Give Garner his walking papers and hire Giff Smith to recruit and coach D-line. Again, I don’t feel much pity for Richt on this once since it should have be done about 5 years ago.

                • Hackerdog

                  Maybe Richt didn’t want to get into a public pissing contest with his superiors? Because that’s always good for a program.

              • Tenn_Dawg

                Dead wood? I can’t think of anybody that makes a lot of money besides Garner
                and Bobo. All the others staffers are on one year contracts…right? Besides Richt
                hired everybody on the staff or at lease retained from the previous regime…right?
                I see guys on the staff that IMHO are not up to snuff but I don’t see anybody that
                Richt could not get rid of because it would cost too much. Garner..maybe but Richt
                kept giving him raises and promotions. Kind of counter productive if he is the dead
                weight. Bobo?? Do tell…who is this dead weight…please!!

      • gatriguy

        Please tell, what is the behind the scenes BS Richt has had to deal with and how much of it isn’t the result of sleeping in the bed he has made for himself. I admire Richt as a human being as much as anyone, but the fact is he is a terrible executive. He let BVG walk to keep Garner. He alledgely lost Kirby because of the exact same thing. He let our S&C get completely lapped by the rest of the nation, not just the SEC. He apologizes when he should be defensive, gets defensive when he should apologize. His in-game coaching and game management are Goffian. He redshirts players that he shouldn’t(Knowshon) and doesn’t redshirt players that obviously need it (a 17 year old R. Samuel).

        He’s just in over his head and it’s time for him to move on. An ACC school would hire him before the press conference was over. It’s just time for fresh blood.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I’ve taken over a few failed projects in my career. I’ve watched sub-contractors start loading their tools in their trucks when I stepped out on the site. Still, I had a wise mentor who cautioned me about getting to fond of that scorched earth philosophy. We just lost an AD- McGarity needs to be thorough and cautious.

  9. sUGArdaddy

    It is bad, but some perspective is needed here. It’s not worse than Goff and Donnan. Donnan lost 3 straight times to Tech, the last one getting drilled at home w/ a defense full of future NFL starts. Donnan was also prickly with fans and the media.

    Goff didn’t go to a bowl in 3 of his 7 seasons, never beat UT and lost 6 straight to the Gators. Goff also came across as not the sharpest knife in the draw.

    Richt, for all his mediocrity of late, has kept his job for 3 reasons.
    1. He is as gentlemen and is usually well-spoken and thoughtful in his responses to the media.
    2. In the 19 year history of the SEC championship game, we’ve been 3 times. You don’t need to be reminded that he took us all three, and won 2 of those, the only 2 titles we’ve had in 30 years w/o #34 playing on our team.
    3. He has beat our rivals. In his 10 years (even last year and this year), he’s never finished worse than 2-2 against our biggest four rivals: UT, Fla, Auburn, & Tech. Donnan’s 4th year we were 0-4 and his 5th year we were 1-3. Goff was 1-3 his last season, too. Having a losing record vs. your rivals will simply get you fired.

    Should this keep Richt around? Heck, I don’t know. I’m really glad I don’t have to make that decision. I know that it’s bad right now. I also know that it’s really hard to get a good coach. I know that Patterson and Peterson and Whittingham just might not be ready to step right in. I think we’ve got to come to the realization that if we fire Richt, there’s a very real possibility that we’re going to hire a coordinator. Kirby Smart might be the guy. And we might even make a run at BVG. It’s not that UGA isn’t a better place than Boise and TCU, it’s just that the landscape is different these days. You can get rich in those places, too, and they’ll never get fired there. Few have the inner drive to come to the SEC simply for the challenge.

    UT ended up w/ LaTech’s coach off a mediocre season in Ruston. Florida ended up w/ a DC from a team that finished 5-7. Auburn ended up w/ a coach from Iowa St. that finished something like 2-9 the year before. We have to realized that we might be in that same boat?

    Do I want to be in that boat? I’d give Richt another year, I think. And simply because I like the man and want him to succeed. I imagine McG feels similarly. But, I’m also okay w/ a change, whenever it comes because you realize that there are great coaches out there that are ready and hungry for a bigger challenge. Stanford took a guy from San Diego St. and in 4 years went from 1-11 to 12-1 Orange Bowl Champs. And if they’d have been in the Rose Bowl like they should have been, they’d have beat Wisconsin’s brakes off.

    I’ve solved nothing here, but that’s why the situation is so complex. We might end up w/ the next Jim Harbaugh. We might end up w/ the next Lane Kiffin.

    • JaxDawg

      He has failed against our most important rival, Florida. Epic fail at 2-8. If UGA wants to win SEC’s and NC’s then we must beat Florida, plain and simple.

      • JBJ

        Tell it brother.

        • sUGArdaddy

          Oh, I totally agree. In fact, I think if he goes 10-2 next year but loses to Florida, he’s gone.

          However, I’m just trying to give perspective to the Goff/Donnan days. They lost to Florida AND everybody else. Richt just loses to Florida consistently. Hey, there’s something, right?

          In the end, these are the days that galvanize you or crush you as a fan. They tend to galvanize me. I feel prouder to wear red and black these days because you can’t be a front-runner and wear it these days. Things will turn around, w/ this coach or another.

          And there’s little I can do to control it either way. When it does turn around, I’ll just say I was there through thick and thin. That’s about all we can do.

          I’m all in. Family. Wait, wrong team. Man, I hate Auburn. Go Ducks!

    • JBJ

      Here is an interesting thing to consider. Richt knows he is on the hot seat. What if he resigns this month or next and accepts another job? I am not saying this is even likely, but what if? The shoe would be placed on the other foot in this scenario where Richt is bailing out on UGA program rather than UGA releasing him. This would leave UGA in a precarious situation similar to UT last year. It is a small risk, but a risk nonetheless. In the grander scheme, McGarity must way these possibilities.

      • Tenn_Dawg

        I would think Richt could not feel comfortable what so ever seeing that McGarity comes from a very successful program. One that routinely makes a mockery of Richt and Georgia. McGarity has seen up close and personal how a championship team prepares itself and Richt gets to show off his dog and pony show.

        I would like nothing more than to see Richt turn it around and give the Georgia people a team we could be proud of. I just don’t think he even knows what to fix or how he should go about doing it. Plus I think his heart truely isn’t in it. He wants it to be but at least from this outside observer it isn’t.

      • JBJ

        .. weigh these possibilities.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        I’m not even sure getting rid of CMR would be McGarity’s call. Dumping Donnan wasn’t Vince’s call, it was adams.

        I think it’s clear CMR has lost his zest for the job. For those who don’t agree with me, just replay the Liberty Bowl. If CMR truly cares about UGA, he should be honest with himself, team, school and fans, and step aside.

      • Puffdawg

        What if aliens came from Mars and fried us all with lasers? Not saying this is even likely, but what if? That would put us all in a precarious position similar to the dinosaurs of past eras.

  10. Anonymous

    TennesseDawg, you are not an alumni. You are an alumnus. Alumni is plural. Alumnus is singular. The only way you arguably could be an alumni is if you have split personalities and each personality is an alumnus.

  11. JasonC

    Let’s see if Pryor could get any money for those things.

  12. dawg#

    LMAO. Poor dawgs. Always overrated at the beginning of the season. Always let down at the end. Enjoy lower tier. Embrace it. LIVE IT.

    UCF? Pathetic.

    • Griff

      Wow, nice comment. Writing on a bulldog blog when you are not a fan or rival that adds anything to the conversation…talk about pathetic.

    • Anonymous Butt Hurt Tool

      ROTFL your team sux cuz it lost to a marginal program!!!

      I won’t identify my team cuz I’m so awesome and my team has never lost to a marginal program.

      When I’m not trolling blogs for other teams I’m bangin’ lingerie models and surfing North Shore.


  13. Russ

    This story is embarrassing and smacks of Georgia Tech. I was wondering earlier the weeks before the game when everyone was talking about scoring 30+ points and it being a given, since it was UCF.

  14. 1992 Dawg

    Ok…. we’ve all heard it, said it, thought it… whatever! If you want something to be done about our “football problem” you have to quit bitching on blogs, make it hurt! I challenge all of you to follow the lead and NOT RENEW your 2011 season tickets. Make a statement, stand up, hit them where it hurts (in the pocketbook). If we keep paying to watch this crap, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Would you continue to shop at a store with terrible customer service, high prices and bad products? Then why to we continue to support this organization? TAKE A STAND!

    • 81 Dog

      yes, by all means, take a stand and dont renew your tickets! that’ll show everyone, your whining self wont be filling the air at Sanford with f-bombs every time UGA runs a play that doesnt result in a touchdown, and I can move way up to better seats.

      Win-win deal!

    • Puffdawg

      …said the guy who doesn’t already have season tickets. You are an idiot.

    • sUGArdaddy

      92 Dawg, with all due respect…that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. I went to games long before Mark Richt got there and I’ll be there long after. Canceling your tickets only shows you’re a frontrunner. I don’t go because I like Richt or approve of Richt, I go because I can’t imagine being anywhere else on fall Saturdays. When it turns around, it will be much sweeter for those of us who stuck around in the dark days.

      If winning affects your fandom, then you’re simply not a fan. I don’t like Georgia because they win. I don’t like Georgia because we beat our rivals.

      I like Georgia because I believe it’s simply a better way to be…and I happen to look stunning in red pants.

  15. Bright Idea

    Comparing this to the Goff days tells me ya’ll were either not paying attention or not alive. The Goff days were much worse but without the internet and blogs. Goff blamed it on “parity in college football.” I will say that the Memphis fiasco shows we are fast approaching the Goff days. Donnan got canned for his attitude with losing to Tech a close second.

  16. Dawgfan Will

    They should make replicas of the plaque and make all of the players wear them on chains around their necks next season.

  17. slive sux

    “They thought they were going to push us over, but we’ve got more heart than they do.”
    kinda says it all