Lying in wait?

Is it just me, or is there more to be said of Kirby Smart’s sincerity about holding out for a head coaching position in light of the countless, wrong Internet rumors about his bags being packed for Gainesville to become his friend Muschamp’s new defensive coordinator?  I know he burned some bridges with the way he reportedly handled the offer to come back to Athens last January, but I have this feeling he’ll be lobbying hard for the job if the head coaching slot comes open in the near future.


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  1. Jim

    Burned bridges? I guess maybe michael adams will care but damon evans and richt will be gone and the average fan will have long forgotten he turned us down to stay at ‘bama. And staying at ‘bama was absolutely the right thing for him to do, BTW.


    • Stoopnagle

      I won’t forget HOW he turned us down, though. He played Saban’s puppet and by publicly humiliating Georgia with a drawn-out public flirtation then a body-slam press conference rejection… Nope. I’ll remember and I’ll vomit if he’s hired as HC.

      FWIW, I don’t think we’ll need to worry because I don’t see a Sabanite putting up with some of the way we’ll expect our coach to conduct himself with regard to recruiting and players.


      • AthensHowboutaHummerDawg

        Yeah, that sounds like an apologetic for CMR. What about the pride and integrity of the Dawg Nation? You forget about them.
        Muschamp and Smart were the two top coaches for head coaching jobs in the south one year ago. Muschamp went to Florida and Smart will move on to a head coaching job as well in the future.
        The point being Richt must go!


  2. sUGArdaddy

    I’ve kind of forgiven Kirby after looking at it a bit more. And I was ANGRY. Honestly, I don’t think he ever thought about being a DC anywhere else, but the lure of his alma mater and coaching w/ his college roommate made him take a look at it. I think he couldn’t turn it down w/o at least thinking about it.

    The most interesting thing I’ve thought about lately is what happens to Bobo if we hired Kirby next year? Does he fire his college roommate and one of his best friends? Does he re-assign him as QB coach? Does he leave him as OC? Interesting thoughts.


  3. hassan

    Still not sold on Smart (and/or Muschamp for that matter). Rookie head coaches rarely work out at this level. A very select few do, but most don’t. There is more to being the HC than x’s and o’s. It takes time to learn all the little things it takes to manage a program successfully.

    If you are looking at immediate turn around, you need to go with someone who’s been there. If you want a Meyer or Saban type time frame for success, you’re probably not going to get it. Both of those guys knew how to run programs coming into it.

    Sure thing somebody will shout “Stoops” when I make this argument. But for each coach you can name who hit the big time running, I can name 10 that didn’t.


    • I’m not saying he’ll get the job, just that he’ll push for it.

      For the record, I agree that the best hire a college program can make is of an already successful D-1 head coach.


      • JaxDawg

        Like Patterson? Although the TCU job is much better than UGA.


        • Gosh, now that I think about it… YOU’RE RIGHT!

          If McGarity can’t entice Patterson to Georgia, he ought to shut the football program down. Because there’s no other competent football coach in the entire country.

          And then he ought to quit. Or commit hari kari. It’s what any self respecting AD would do in similar circumstances. Because we all know the only reason Gary Patterson wouldn’t take the Georgia job would be because McGarity screwed it up.

          /sarcasm off


    • Otto

      Agreed with Hassan. UGA is not a learning job. Goff and CMR learned on the job and look at the program. Donnan had HC experience but not at the BCS level.

      Mullen looks to have the highest chances of being the next Urban type time frame. He can recruit GA, and FL and could have won the East with MSU. The question is, Is he clean in the Cam scandal?


      • Reptillicide

        “CMR learned on the job and look at the program…”

        Ummmm, hey retard, 2001-2007 didn’t suck, mm-kay? You idiots that want to be revisionists now and say Richt wasn’t a good hire to begin with need to go back to your padded rooms and let the adults talk.


        • The Tick

          Right you are, sir!


          • Otto

            No they didn’t suck but most of the SEC was down.


            • Otto

              Also learning on the job switch QBs between Green and Shockley cost UGA a WLOCP win.

              Play calling at S. Car cost UGA ’07.

              Both were learing mistakes by the coaches which I as many forgive but do not forget.

              The Good ole day weren’t that great. Fulmer was in his twilight, Zook was at UF.

              As for a kid, I was a season ticket holder when Goff was promoted to HC.

              Some people need to pull off the red sun glasses. UGA is falling behind in a hurry.


              • Bob

                What BS. People always have excuses for why Georgia won when they did. Get over it people. Saban was at LSU. Tuberville was going unbeaten at Auburn.

                Georgia lost to South Carolina because of this call. Or Georgia lost to Florida because the coach did this. Well, Meyer lost to Ole Miss because he didn’t kick a field goal. Miles lost to Ole Miss because he couldn’t manage a clock. Saban lost to Iowa because he let them score on a long TD pass on the last play of the damn game. It happens to ALL of them.

                Those who cite Richt’s hire as some failure are indeed revisionists. What garbage.


        • hassan

          Just for the record, I think that Richt was a good hire.

          But anyone that came from FSU at that time was a special case in my opinion. Bowden had abdicated a lot of control by that point and any coordinator at FSU had more responsibility than your average staffer.

          However, there were some missteps early on that cost us. For example, a more experienced coach would have managed the clock a bit better in those early days which cost us a game or two. Stuff like that just takes experience.


        • AthensHomerDawg

          Just stop the potty mouth can we. Damn. This is not a Tennessee blog. Just KMAMF and STHFU. Wasted words. Get a grip!


  4. sUGArdaddy

    Uggggghhh…I would vomit at the thought of Mullen. He seems like a good guy, I guess, but I loathe that offense. I mean, loathe it. Watching Stanford was so pretty last night. For all the spread junk, there’s nothing prettier than a real, pro-style offense. Ours is beautiful when it works.

    Petersen might be the one most likely to jump ship. He’s on the outside looking in at the BCS. Bottom line is that we won’t hire a sure thing. There is no such thing.

    Let’s hope we don’t have to worry about it. And this time next year we’ll be in New Orleans partying, getting ready to play Oklahoma for all the marbles, fresh off Mark Richt’s 3rd SEC title and we’ll think, “What were we so worried about?”

    I know, I’m delusional. Not saying it will happen, just that I hope it does. Here’s what I know. Alabama when 6-6 (including a loss to Monroe) and followed that up w/ 12-0. They signed some kids named Mark Ingram, Julio Jones, and Terrence Cody in between. Auburn went 7-5 and followed that up w/ 12-0. They paid…sorry, signed….some kids named Cam Newton, Nick Fairly, and Michael Dyer in between. If you think Crowell, Drew, Jenkins, Marshall, Xavier and company can’t make that big of a difference, then you haven’t watched that much SEC football the last few years.

    I know I’d work really hard if my job was on the line. Let’s hope our staff does between now and signing day…and then fixes all the ills of this team over the summer.


    • hassan

      With regards to Alabama, they hired a guy that won at Michigan State, won the MNC at LSU, and then coached at the pro level. That wasn’t his first rodeo.

      I agree we need to recruit better, but a great recruiter isn’t going to get you to the promised land. A great X’s and O’s guy isn’t either. Neither will a great chief executive. The top coaches are good at all three and great at at least one.


      • sUGArdaddy

        Well, sure, Bama made a great hire, and he was their 1st…and about 7th choice. They went to Saban and he turned them down. Then they went to everyone else and still couldn’t get a coach. So, the buckled up, went to Saban again and said, “How about $4 mil?” And Saban responded, “Roll Tide.”

        Are we willing to spend $5 mil? And who is out there that is worth that much, because they better be a slam dunk? And are you going to be okay if we spend $5 mil on a Saban-type guy and he goes 7-6 his first year and loses to Arkansas State?

        There’s just no sure bets. That’s the point. Now, the bottom line is that sometimes the great unknown is simply better than what you do know. But it is an unknown.

        I think, honestly, we’re seeing what happens in longevity. It’s very hard to be excellent for 10 years straight. Urban didn’t stick around that long, but they already went 7-5 in year 6. Richt didn’t go 7-5 until year 9. Would Urban continued to have slid? Maybe so. It’s hard to stay motivated that long, but in the old days, coaches did it all the time. Let’d hope Richt can re-invent himself in 8 months, recruit like crazy, and grow a pair.

        The bottom line is that Mark Richt has about the best resume to be our coach. Let’s hope he pads it this year.


        • Otto

          Bam does run a pro style offense but they atleast vary playcalling more.

          When has UGA run the pistol?

          Does Bama run 20 out of 24 (/ Ark stats that were posted here) passes from under center as playaction?

          Can UGA’s OL stand their ground with Bama from a S&C point of view?

          Pro style is fine if thats what you want. I like power running but Ws count more than style. Harbough’s offense would be great if coaches could run it will the precision that they do.


  5. RandallPinkFloyd

    I was livid with Kirby when he did what he did and Pollack said he’d never be welcomed in Athens, again. That being said, I think most people have forgiven him given the way everything has gone this year. Objectively speaking, he did the right thing by staying at Bama, he just should’ve told Mark that before he got on that plane to go get him. However, I’m not positive that he will be the guy for this job next year, I think we’d all prefer someone established especially if the East keeps going at a snails pace.


  6. RC

    I’ve kind of gotten the same impression, Senator. Time heals all wounds, as they say. As a fallback, I’d be happy with that call as long as he made an inspired choice for his OC. That said, I hope we shoot higher first.


  7. The Realist

    If Kirby Smart is the head football coach at UGA for the 2012 season, then UGA is in a lot worse shape than we can even imagine right now. I think he would be the third or fourth realistic option, not to include the list of not-in-a-million-years candidates that we would all hope for. He already makes $750K as a defensive coordinator. How much is Georgia going to pay a first year coach who hasn’t even coached his defense on his own before?


    • MinnesotaDawg

      Agreed, except he SHOULD be Georgia’s 5th or 6th choice. At least, Muschamp has proved his coaching mettle away from Papa Nick and for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, Smart will probably be the first call and only call we make.


  8. Benjamin

    He will be the next head coach for Southern Cal and UGA will again miss on an upcoming home grown coach only to stick with Richt and be the best at being mediocre.


    • The Tick

      negative on the mediocre … he has had one good run at UGA and will have another better and more prolonged one if he can out-wait and survive the impatient crybabies


      • hassan


        Sometimes it’s the luck of the draw. LSU can lose two and go to the big dance. UGA loses 1 and doesn’t get to sniff it. The two times we have won the conference there are a couple of other teams out there ahead of us. What else can he do?


  9. hailtogeorgia

    If Richt is gone after the 2011 season (which is still a big if and not a foregone conclusion as many like to think), Smart can’t help but be in the discussion. The two factors that I think will influence how much he’s discussed are these (and in this order of importance): 1) How Will Muschamp performs at Florida, and 2) How the Tide fare in the West. If Muschamp hits the ground running with success, then I think many people are pushing for Smart.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      CMR will probably win just enough to retain the job, and we can look forward to a few more years of mediocrity.

      But if there’s a change I hope we go with a proven HC. I’ve really had it with on-the-job-training. Let the Tulsa’s, MSU’s & Stanfords of the cfb world do the training. We need a finished product – a top organizer and proven winner.


  10. Dooms Day Dawg

    Uh, Tick…If the past 3 seasons have not been at least mediocre (3 L’s, 5 L’s and 7 L’s), I would hate to see your defination of the word. As of today, CMR and staff are not getting it done. We all remember what he did the 1st 5 years. However, it is the past 5 years that is the problem. Yes, there was 2007, butthere we also have to look at 2006, 2009 and 2010. The program under CMR and staff is regressing. How long are you willing to live off of the past? If he gets it done next season, great. However, I do not believe it will happen.


    • Normaltown Mike

      It should also be noted that in the infamous 2007 season, we experienced several of the CMR Brain Fart specials (remember the last second game winning kick and midfield celebration at Vandy?).

      Most significant of these patented CMR coached games was the 35-14 L to UT. You remember that one with UT? They lost 4 games that year. We trailed 35-7 in the 4th before that last TD made it a lil’ respectable.

      Oh sure, allowing 35 points is no big deal now. But back then it was the biggest margin since the 03 LSU SECCG beat down. Of course if we had won we would’ve gone to the SECCG and play LSU and then maybe OSU in the MNC. But why control your own destiny? Much more exciting to drop a few games for inexplicable reasons and then hope you can work your way into the BCS game as an at large bid, right?

      I liked when they played “Souljah Boy”.


  11. Cojones

    You all should read everyone’s blog for info. Put it all together and you can see the underminers at work with their specific little tic(s).
    Some of you make me ill with your specifics about Richt’s decisions . You don’t know enough about the coaching history of other coaches including UGA’s. I recall two years in a row where Vince had time management problems with SC games. There were MANY others from Vince and other coaches.

    You “old school” whiners are the worst. You don’t like any coaches or players except those in your pitiful selective memories. None of you have respected Richt since he got here and you pretty much didn’t like his predecessors. You are just grumbling and pissing in the wind with your rants without facts and with selective poor memories. I sincerely hope that someday you reflect on how you tear down anything instead of supporting through hard times. Yeah, we have problems , but most of them are manufactured by some of you little runty-assed heel nippers. Richt is head and shoulders above most coaches and sure, he ain’t perfect, but he will fix these problems. If he doesn’t then the circumstances lie with the admin groups responsible and paid for at UGA, not you jerks.

    Some of you are baiters for the sharks to undercut our football program and should take a good look at your grief index to determine how what you are doing will hurt our program. You should take the ecdawg route and wait until next year for your gripes. Everyone of UGA fans , alums ,coaches, players and,yes, recruits are trying to build a recruit base for committment next fall between now and Feb5. How about joining together wholeheartedly before trying to crash our program before the new ground floor is laid for our new wing. With Murray to build on and with Lemay coming in it behooves us to pull together instead of blasting apart nonsensically. Some of you wannabe “movers and shakers” should take a good look at what you propose. If you can’t fathom the idiocy of some of your remarks then crawl in a hole and wait for the end of days.

    Some of the things you gripe about are team destructive to those of us pulling for UGA. Why not look at what we have to build on before you try to terminate our team? Many of you are doing Auburn, Bama, FU and other rivals a favor by writing thoughtless junk. If you tried to support and build with the energy you are using to undermine we would be home free with a great class to add to what we already have.

    And when you mention other coaches you display your ignorance for all to see.


  12. JaxDawg

    You’re right cojones. We should never criticize any UGA football coach and just be happy we have a program and games to attend. Why should we care about losing 8 of 10 to Florida? We should just accept that we can never beat them with regularity and be glad we can party in SSI and Jax. And you’re right, a losing season combined with countless off-field problems are nothing to get excited about, especially when the program is in a clear and indisputable downtrend. No big deal – in fact, we should consider ourselves very fortunate and just let the other programs, like Florida, Alabama, LSU, and Auburn, win the championships.



  13. Cojones

    JaxoffDawg–Didn’t see any pointers on how to correct the mistakes and get a better coach. You don’t supply any answers, just angst. I don’t believe that you are an alum or that you bring anything positive to the table. Take your 7th grade remarks and put them back into your bottle with the nipple on it.

    Any changes to be made at UGA will take place in another milieu that you obviously have never been near or have any power over. Changes will be done by the thinking group that has far more intellectual acumen and power than you will ever be able to put forth. That’s the group of administrators who we pay to oversee the program. You can rant and rave all you wish, but you will never have any power in this situation. And obviously, no input.

    We have never settled for mediocrity at UGA in any program. Take a look at Richt’s record. It ain’t mediocre. The comment was.

    Know how to keep an a-hole in suspense?
    Tell you next week.