Reading the tea leaves at today’s Richt presser

If you were expecting a dramatic announcement this morning about big changes, you’re going to be disappointed.

That being said, there were two things of interest disclosed in Gentry Estes’ summary.

  • The turnout.“When Richt walked into a large team meeting room at the Butts-Mehre Building, he was greeted by television cameras, and a surprising number of dignitaries in attendance, such as UGA athletics director Greg McGarity, previous interim AD Frank Crumley, senior associate AD Carla Williams, compliance director Eric Baumgartner and other various athletics officials.” It’s news when the program goes through a stretch of sustained mediocrity.  It’s also a concern to the AD brass.  There’s a message being sent there, albeit subtly.
  • A reassignment of duties. Not the staff’s.  Richt’s.  “But perhaps the biggest change noted by Richt on Wednesday had to do with his own time. Without going into specifics, Richt made vague references to McGarity personally taking over certain aspects that had previously occupied his time.” It sure would be interesting to know whose idea this was and what McGarity was relieving Richt from.

The overall impression I get is that McGarity is more hands on and has some definite ideas about his head coach’s role in running the football program.  We’ll soon see how sound his instincts are.


UPDATE: Marc Weiszer fills in some of the blanks.

… The biggest news was Richt talking about how “things are being put in place that are going to help free me up to spend more time doing the things that I love the most, which is study the game of football and be an expert and be on the cutting edge.”

First-year athletic director Greg McGarity has helped facilitate that.

“I’m just spending less time messing around with things that Greg wants to be able to help take off my plate from an administrative point of view,” Richt said.

–Richt said that director of player development John Eason, who handles practice schedules and works with academics, will take an even greater role with the academic side at the school. He said that former strength coach Dave Van Halanger will also help lighten the load for Richt.

Eason is a former Georgia receivers coach.

“By no means will I not be involved in academics, but a lot of the legwork that needed to be done in that area he’s going to be fully responsible for and that’s going to help,” Richt said.

Van Halanger will play a role in a “mentor program” to help players transition from high school to college and from college to work force. He will also oversee a team “unity council.”


UPDATE #2: Jeff Schultz’ “what took Richt so long?” point is a fair one.  Mark Bradley would probably answer by observing that it’s because he’s no Paul Johnson.


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103 responses to “Reading the tea leaves at today’s Richt presser

  1. David Jones

    I’m guessing the duties being taken off of Richt are the ones Van Halanger will now be in charge of: mentoring, tutoring, class, behavior, etc. Let Richt focus just on football and let VH be the surrogate father to the players.

  2. Normaltown Mike

    Can McGarity dive off the 10 meter platform?

  3. DavetheDawg

    I guess we’re about to find out how much of McGarity’s UF experience has shaped his philosophy as he goes forward. As unsavory as it is to acknowledge it, Florida’s model doesn’t suck.

  4. gastr1

    “Mike Bobo is the quarterback coach, and Coach (Stacy) Searels is the run-game coordinator, and they’ve done a great job — not a good job, a great job.”

    Heckuva job, Brownie. Heckuva job.

    • Russ

      Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Though I’m still a Bobo supporter. Searels, not so much.

      Still, I wouldn’t say anybody on the team did a “great job” this year. No one.

      • Got to agree with Russ on this one. The OL coach, the DL coach,the play in the trenches, their S&C, & recruiting Ol & Dl appear to me to be the major problems facing the Dawgs in 2011.

    • Toom

      HOW CAN you look us in the eye (metaphorically) and tell us that the “running game coordinator” is doing a great job?

  5. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    I’m also guessing a reassignment of duties will mean less speaking engagements for Richt this season. It’s no secret that Saban and Myer do a whole lot less handshaking and baby kissing than Richt at assorted Club events throughout the year.

    • Mike

      That is exactly right. Meyer cut out a LOT of traditional booster speaking engagements.

      Mark needs to be careful here though. As long as a coach is winning, not glad handing the money’ed boosters is tolerated. However, if a coach goes through a few less than satisfactory seasons, that booster goodwill comes in handy.

  6. GreenDawg

    What does that say about Richt’s relationship with Evans that he didn’t trust Evans with doing these “duties” but he trusts a first year AD? I’m really interested in what these “duties” are.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It probably was the other way around. McGarity told Richt that McGarity would be assuming those “duties.” I also am curious about what those “duties” are.

    • Regular Guy

      My impression is that it’s not an issue of who Richt trusts, it’s an issue of the AD being willing to switch things around and make it happen. I’m guessing that McGarity has spent a lot of time going around asking the coaches (most likely in all sports, football is just the most visible) things like “What obstacles do you feel keep you from performing at a higher level in your position?” Then he’s taking that feedback, acting on it, and trying to make changes to help the situation. I have no inside info whatsoever, but I’m guessing that maybe Evans didn’t ask those types of questions the past few years — or if he did, he didn’t act on the feedback he was getting. The jury will still be out on McGarity for some time, but I definitely like some of the things he’s done.

      • Ausdawg85

        And McGarity witnessed Corch’s mental/physical meltdown. Something I’m sure he’s wanting to help CMR avoid.

      • Dante

        “What obstacles do you feel keep you from performing at a higher level in your position?”

        I know that question. It’s the sort of thing we ask employees right before they get fired. If you ask that question, make those changes, and the employee still fails, it’s a lot easier to get rid of them without protest (and it makes it easier to challenge whether or not they were fired with cause, which affects unemployment payments). If they succeed after those changes… well, I’ll let you know what we do about that the first time I run across an employee who actually improves after the changes.

    • 81 Dog

      Damon was probably too busy smooching rich guys butts and chasing red panties to offer much help. It sounds like this is GMcG trying to help, rather than micromanaging, and it also sounds like the offer of help is welcomed by CMR.

  7. gastr1

    It’s sounding more and more to me like Evans did us all a huge favor by f-ing up like that. (as well by getting Mark Fox prior to f-ing up.)

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    Out damn standing, ….I don’t care whose idea this is it is a good one.

    Internal politics, Senator?

  9. hailtogeorgia

    I liked the bit where he said it would give him more time to study the latest trends, see what’s going on in college football, bla bla bla. Maybe all those times we wondered if the coaches weren’t seeing what we were seeing…we were right.

    • Dog in Fla

      Change We Can Believe In – he gets to do what he loves most, study to be an expert and be on the cutting edge. Does that mean he can’t help Van Halen oversee the team “unity council’?

      • W Cobb Dawg

        I could swear CMR said the same thing on signing day in February. He said he would make more time to ‘do what he enjoys most and be more active in the offense’.

      • Scott

        Someone needs to oversee a “unity council” for Van Halen, but I have heard that they are in the studio recording a new album.

  10. Spike

    Blah, blah, blah. More ACTION, less TALK!!

  11. heyberto

    I have to fundamentally agree that wholesale changes midstream are setbacks. That’s the case with the dawg’s defense right now. There is a certain amount of stability that’s needed right now regarding the overall scheme /style of play that coaches employ. So, I don’t exactly disagree with Richt. The only thing I can say is that I hope these changes do the trick, and that the defense can satisfy it’s personnel needs enough to show marked improvement next year.

  12. sasssybritches

    Wow!!! It’s apparent the UGA political machine is full throttle. No doubt CMR recognizes the golden noose now placed in his possession. It will be entirely up to him as to what do with it. I believe our new AD is giving coach every opportunity and the tools needed to turn this around. No matter what the 2011 football season outcome will be, our new AD is the real deal.

  13. Chadwick

    McGarity was shuffling duties away from Richt one day one and giving all coaches and directors access to him without having to go to subordinates first. That’s a big change.

    The question I have, and it’s the only question that matters to the program is does this make Richt a better head coach?

    McGarity will have his answer after the South Carolina game.

  14. Dog in Fla

    “We’re not looking to blow anything up,” Richt said.

    That’s not what nsfw Will would do

  15. Joey

    1. Admin was there to SUPPORT Richt. They’re busy people, they were there to show a united front. If they were there to INTIMIDATE Richt, they would have already fired him.
    2. No need to make major changes when your team is in every single game, 90% deep into the 4th quarter. Yes, UGA lost 4 games by 7 or less. Yes, SC, MSU & Auburn pulled away in the 4th quarter, but could have easily have been 9-4 or 10-3 season. So no major changes needed except STHRENGTH & CONDTIONING, which Richt did. Defense and offense both finished in top 35 in scoring. Special teams were stellar again. How do justify firing Bobo after he puts up 30 points in 7 straight games?

    • hailtogeorgia

      Helpful hint: when using all caps, be sure to spell words correctly.

    • The Realist

      Yeah, yeah. Bobo squeezed 30 points from the offense for seven straight games. There is a certain fallacy in relying solely on statistics, even one as objective a measure as points, to truly evaluate one’s performance. Joey, this is what happened this year:

      ULaLa is a terrible team and any statistics compiled against them mean nothing.

      In the South Carolina game, Georgia scored a total of six points. They had first down inside the red zone three times and came away with six points. They had five 3 & Outs out of nine drives. Everyone is entitled to a bad day, but these types of stretches where the offense was just anemic happened far too frequently this year. The UCF game, like the South Carolina game, was an anemic stretch that lasted the whole game.

      In the Arkansas game, Georgia had managed ten points through the first three quarters. They scrapped together two late scores, and even had the ball with a chance to win, but crapped out when everyone’s favorite pass blocker egregiously missed his assignment.

      In the Mississippi State game, Georgia scored six points off three trips to the redzone in the first 55 minutes of the game. The much maligned defense held MSU to 7 points for the first 50 minutes of that game. Just imagine what would have happened if Georgia had scored a touchdown or two prior to the garbage they put up late.

      The Colorado game makes me want to puke. Georgia took over in Colorado territory to start a drive three times and got ten points. After a big play by Colorado in the third quarter to get back in the game at 24-21, Georgia proceeds to go 3 & Out back-to-back drives netting -16 yards whilst Colorado takes the lead for good. Georgia had first and goal at the CU 4 yard line, down by five in the fourth quarter… and kicked a field goal.

      Tennessee was a total game by both sides of the ball. The defense gave up nine yards rushing, and Tennessee couldn’t get out of their own way.

      Vandy is, well, Vandy. All you need to know about this game can be summed up with this headline on the game recap:
      “Georgia dominates Vanderbilt behind Carlton Thomas, Aaron Murray.”

      Kentucky was a solid game, but they did take over inside of Kentucky territory five times. They got 31 points off those possessions plus a kickoff return for touchdown. Georgia only had to get 290 yards to net them 44 points, which proves lady luck still shows her face every now and then (that is an unheard of 6.6 yards per point!).

      Against Florida, Bobo willed his team to 10 points in the first 45 minutes. Some of that can be put on Murray, but Georgia punted three times in the first quarter.

      Idaho State is less meaningful than ULaLa and stats should only count .33 towards season totals… if that.

      Against Auburn, Georgia came out on fire. They had two solid TD drives and cashed in on a turnover to score 21 points in the first quarter. They scored 10 the rest of the game… including momentum-killing back-to-back punts in the 2nd quarter gaining 1 first down and 15 yards total.

      Georgia Tech was another solid game. Georgia did score on a defensive touchdown… and Ealey was given a touchdown late.

      UCF was a total debacle. Georgia had two sustained drives to start each half that both ended in field goals. After the first? Punt. Interception. Interception. After the second? Punt. Punt. Punt. Punt. They managed 280 total yards of offense and were 3-14 on third downs.

      But, you’re right. Bobo did a fantastic job this year. I mean, Georgia scored 30 points seven consecutive times this year. They also scored 6 points twice, and 12 points once.

      I remember a few years ago, PWD would track the long stretches where Georgia basketball would go without making a field goal (very different meaning than #fieldgoalU). It’s this sort of thing that irks me about Bobo. Georgia shows flashes of brilliance: 4th quarter of Arkansas & Florida, 1st quarter of Auburn… but it seems to disappear for long stretches during games… sometimes even for the entire game (USCe, MSU, UCF). I don’t know if that justifies firing Bobo, but it does no one any good to use meaningless figures to defend poor play on the field that is apparent to everyone. That’s why UGA was saddled with WillieMart for so long.

      • Hackerdog

        Dismissing statistics is probably more dangerous than relying on statistics. Cherry picking only the games, and even worse, only the parts of the games, you want to is a fool’s game. You obviously can’t do that for every team in order to get a fair, apples to apples comparison.

        If you step back, UGA was 5th in the SEC in scoring. They were 3rd in scoring in conference games. In SEC games, only Auburn and Arkansas scored more than UGA.

        • BMan

          Except in conference games against Georgia, where South Carolina, Mississippi State and Florida also scored more points.

          Looking at average per game stats is fine and well, unless you’ve got good ol’ settled-on-the-field stats.

        • The Realist

          You’re right. Nothing to see here. Except, is being 5th in the SEC in scoring meaningful at all? Being in the 58th percentile is not plaque-worthy.

          Georgia ranked 3rd in total defense in 2006 & 2007. But, if you will recall, there were a few discerning voices in the wilderness that said the defense was not playing up to its potential. It was erratic and inconsistent and could no longer be counted on to make a key stop… which is a fundamental part of Mark Richt’s philosophy while he’s been here. Richt’s response? “We are 3rd in the conference in total defense. We are doing the same things we’ve always done. No changes need to be made.” In 2008, the team dropped to 6th, in 2009 7th before a complete overhaul took place.

          Now, Georgia ranks 3rd in offense. It is apparent to practically anyone that it has been erratic and inconsistent — that was the point I was trying to make in my post. People are calling for a change. Richt and Hackerdog’s response? “We are 5th in the conference in scoring. We are doing the same things we’ve always done. No changes need to be made.” Anyone want to bet against a precipitous decline in the team’s offensive scoring rank next season?

  16. Joey

    McGarity already made some fatal errors:
    1- didn’t extend Richt’s 4th year for recruiting
    2- hasn’t come out supporting richt since Bowl game
    3- scheduled florida game in florida again
    4- scheduled Boise State instead of Louisville

    • Chadwick

      Not so sure it wasn’t better to can Louisvillle for Boise. Strong had Richt’s number and Louisville is going to be a really tough W in 2011.

      • Joey

        What’s Boise’s record/ranking? What’s LVille’s? It was dumb.

        • RandallPinkFloyd

          Get back to the playground, Joey. You’re gonna be the only one in the school of thought that McGarity has f’ed up. He’s demanding better production from his football program and he’s gonna get it through Richt or through someone else in 2012.

        • hailtogeorgia

          Yeah, Joey, because you know all of that recruiting hype and national media attention the Louisville game would have generated…

    • Dog in Fla

      Not necessarily. In response:

      1. Maybe a one (1) year contract extension will being given soon to protect “Dream Team” recruiting efforts. Other than that concocted reason, there seems to be no reason whatsoever for giving an extension based on the past two seasons.

      2. McGarity said well before the UCF disaster that Mark would be back next season and he hasn’t said otherwise since. McGarity has also said that as far as he is concerned as an AD, contract extensions don’t always have to be given.

      3. Three decades ago we beat Florida in J’ville almost but not quite as often as they have beaten us the past two decades.

      4. Maybe McGarity has enough up close and personal knowledge of how well Charlie Strong defends against us from UF days. After all, a loss to Boise, while not good for Mark, is far less damaging than a loss to Louisville.

      • hailtogeorgia

        Meh. Your argument clearly has talent, but the lack of words in ALL CAPS just proves to me that it lacks that killer instinct.

        • Dog in Fla

          Excellent point. Maybe it should have read:

          “THE UCF DISASTER, how a meaningless game became meaningful, brought a SURPRISING NUMBER OF DIGNITARIES IN ATTENDANCE AT THE FUNERAL SERVICE, made our coach suddenly snap out of it momentarily and say, WE’RE CLOSE to the CUTTING EDGE.”

  17. Ausdawg85

    I think we look too deeply for hidden messages /themes and ignore the obvious. These guys are all insanely busy (hey, even in CMR’s off-time he has to worry about investing those Millions!). Richt is good enough of a coach to see the trends that are now winning, and needs to start preparing UGA for more up-tempo, spread-option playmaking on both sides of the ball. Getting rid of headaches like traffic control management, skipped classes, etc. will simply allow him to do those things he thinks can make the most difference, and shovel the rest onto McGarity and other staff. No longer the “sole” CEO, which is where he made his mistake in assuming a few years ago, and Damon probably did very little to assist.

    Suggestion: We wave red panties (a la “terrible towels”) in the SECCG!

  18. jferg

    It all “sounds” good. Other than adding an actual Marine Drill Seargent to our staff, everything else seems to be moving in the right direction. I would, however, love to replace “sounds” and “seems” with “IS”.

  19. 1992 Dawg

    @JOEY, “no need for changes… we’re in every single game”.
    Smoke another one buddy, it must be good stuff you got there! You know the saying about “ifs and buts”? This team has no leadership, no character, and deserves no respect. They are running rampant around Athens, crashing cars, scooters, DUI, etc., etc. Richt has NO CONTROL over this team.

    • Puffdawg

      You should non renew the tickets you never had in the first place. That’ll show them punk kids!!

      • Carolinadawg

        So you agree with Joey’s assessment?

        • Puffdawg

          I agree with him in that we were competitive in every game we played this year, which was an imporvement over last year. I also agree we weren’t THAT far from being 10-3 or so. I also agree I think this group of coaches can still win an SEC championship without wholesale changes.

          That said, I think he’s dead wrong about the Louisville/Boise issue.

    • Hackerdog

      Don’t forget kids not using their middle names! Plus, King might have borrowed money from an ex-girlfriend! It’s pandelerium on the streets of Athens, I tell ya!

  20. Jim

    Not surprisingly Richt didn’t take advantage of the opportunity he had.

    What we got was vague, unclear and typical platitudes we’ve been hearing.

    If he had come out with specifics and identified root causes of our issues and his plan to address them that would have at least given me some hope that he had a clue. Unfortunately after this my conviction is even stronger that he has no clue whatsoever.

    • Puffdawg

      What part of replacing the S&C coordinator was vague? I think Richt might be implying that is part of the problem without, errrr, coming out with specifics.

      • Jim

        what about discipline, off field issues, unfocused play, inability to play 4 straight quarters of decent football, knack for coming out flat and falling behind in big games, maddening playcalling and personnel schemes etc etc. If you’re happy with what you’ve seen out of him and the actions he has taken then you’re an easy sell.

        Just my opinion but this program is much more broken than last year’s changes plus some shuffling of staff this year can fix.

        I AM a season ticket holder and I will be renewing

        • Puffdawg

          “If he had come out with specifics and identified root causes of our issues and his plan to address them that would have at least given me some hope that he had a clue.”

          In making S&C changes, he specifically identified what he thinks is at least part of the problem with the program and employed his plan to address said issue. How much more definiton did you want. And S&C indirectly involves discpline (off field issue is same thing), inability to play 4 qtrs, and falling behind in big games. So, while he may not have correctly identified the problem, and while he may not have employed the correct solution, this seems like a pretty clear move to me.

          I am not happy with what I’ve seen from Richt (recently), but I’m glad he is at least trying to make some tough decisions to improve the program. Remember, his buddy VH had no intentions of stepping down from S&C position. I have no idea if these moves will pan out, but he isn’t just sitting pat hoping for the best. A lot of you guys are just piling on with arbitrary comments because that’s the cool thing to do right now. I’ve seen plenty valid criticisms of Richt in the past week, but this isn’t one of them.

          • Jim

            I don’t know how many different ways to say it. I’m glad Richt is doing SOMETHING but in my opinion it is too little too late and tantamount to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as someone else suggested.

            I’m not willing to accept an unexplained shuffling of coaches on the staff (that is all it is – nothing new – just re-assigning people and creating some new roles to keep from firing them) as satisfactory in response to my wish that he “come out with specifics and identified root causes of our issues and his plan to address them”.

            If that is satisfactory to you then by all means I hope you are satisified with the results it produces next year, cause there ain’t gonna be no year after that with this staff…

            • Puffdawg

              Let me spell it out for you –
              Issue – losing games
              Root cause – deficient S&C program
              Plan to address: Replace current S&C coach with new S&C coach who isn’t saddled with same deficiencies of old S&C coach.

              Again, I have no idea if he identified the right “root cause” or the right “solution,” but undoubtedly he identified the right issue and is attempting to fix the problem with a decisive (and transparent) action.

              As for the other roles referenced in the article, what difference does it make if he is explicit to you and me on those. McGarity surely knows what’s going on, which is why we have an AD. If Richt’s solutions are not satisfactory, he will be shown the door.

              I just felt like your comments come off as bashing Richt for the sake of bashing him. As Hacker said, Richt is going to be the coach this year, whether you like it or not.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      Agree. I’m surprised at how Disney the comments are given that Richt simply repeated the same sort of vague promises he’s been making for the last two years (“play with more passion”) AND said that Bobo and Searles are doing a great job.

      • HackerDog

        I guess I count as Disney, although I would say I’m probably in the majority’s boat of being cautiously, realistically, and apathetically optimistic. What I don’t understand is the Drama Dawgs’ insistence on spending the entire off-season harping on how much Richt sucks, our players suck, our assistants suck, and the other half of the fan base who thinks it is possible that the changes Richt has made over the last two years will begin to result in more wins are all idiots.

        The fact is that, whatever your opinion, the dye is cast. Richt & co have at least one more year. Spending the next 8 months bitching about how he should be fired will not change the fact that he will be the coach this fall. So either try to focus on the positives in the program, and there are some, or stock up on Prozac. Either option should make the Drama Dawg posts more palatable.

    • Tenn_Dawg

      I agree Jim.

      Richt is either lazy, stupid or just doesn’t care anymore. Maybe all three. Since we are all impressed with McGarity why don’t we just make him AD and HC like Dooley was. That makes as much since or more than making the video guy the head man for S&C.

      Searles and Bobo are doing a great job? Really? Ok…because I thought we just scored 6 pts against a CUSA team with four weeks to prepare. Least I forget that offensive gem against USC.

  21. slive sux

    What happened to UGA running game ? Is Garner still a plus ? Does Richt hurt his team(s) by not going into gray areas(oversigning etc) ? what should encourage the Dawg nation for next year and beyond? anyone else wonder about this?

  22. LB

    Audio for those that have not listened:

    [audio src="" /]

  23. W Cobb Dawg

    I hope McGarity gets some productivity out of CMR’s buddies, Eason and DVH. They haven’t been able to handle the roles they were hired for, but for some reason they’ve hung around and stayed on the payroll. Is this a jobs program or a football team?

  24. LB

    Ok, found the correct audio link for today’s press conference:

    [audio src="" /]

  25. The Watergirl

    I’m going to need CMR to tell Bulldawg Nation how Bobo and Searels did a GREAT job this year because that one actually made me laugh out loud. Bobo can’t coach and Richt will go down in a blaze of glory with him!!!

  26. Bulldog Joe

    Sounds like a positive step, especially if Greg can set new discipline, scholarship management, and physical practice policies and John and Dave can effectively manage them.

    As far as player development goes, John or Dave will need to be the “bad guy” for those who will not make the necessary commitments.

    Not sure if either one of them are comfortable in this role. One of them will need to do the necessary dirty work to make this successful and competitive with other programs.

  27. 69Dawg

    Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, that is what all this is. Richt still does not say anything of substance. He doesn’t need to praise coaches that have obviously not done their jobs but he does. At best he is totally clueless about what is wrong and what to do it or at worst he knows and chooses to do nothing meaningful.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I don’t really care what he says. I care what he does. If he starts really disciplining players, including pulling scholarships from malcontents, that will show he’s really serious. Along those lines, the first thing that should be done is to tell Caleb that he has to earn his scholarship back and give him a distinct program to follow, then if he doesn’t, he’s out.

  28. Bulldog Joe

    In the past five years, Richt has spoken to the press in relative terms (“sort of”, “kind of”, “probably”) rather than absolute terms (“we will knock the lid off this program”). It is frustrating to most of us because it wasn’t always this way. I can understand Coach Richt doing it to keep time-consuming press controversies at a minumum.

    Unfortunately if he speaks to his staff in the same way, he would have already forfeited his ability to lead. If this were true, I believe McGarity would have already made the move.

    The “good job” comments are just press-speak, so I would not worry about it. If they were actually true, Richt would not have to devote more of his time to re-evaluate and re-innovate the offense. Richt has the ability to do it. Read what he does, not what he says.

    Greg knows we do not have the most experienced and innovative offensive coordinator, and has chosen this path rather than going out and hiring a Charlie Weis. Recruiting may have played a role in this decision.

    I believe all the distractions in the discipline and the strength and conditioning area have worn on Richt and Greg McGarity will take the lead on these policies going forward. Greg knows how other schools have gained an advantage on us in their aggressive scholarship management policies and I anticipate he will set new policies for UGA here as well, reversing Richt’s reluctance to do so.

    Someone (in addition to Joe T) will need to be the bad guy and enforce these policies. Someone will need to step out of their comfort zone to do it. It will be interesting to see who it will be.

    • Tenn_Dawg

      “Greg knows we do not have the most experienced and innovative offensive coordinator, and has chosen this path rather than going out and hiring a Charlie Weis. Recruiting may have played a role in this decision.”

      By this path do you mean Richt having more time to look over Bobo’s shoulder. What f’n mess. Richt has to hold Bobo’s hand, McGarity has to hold Richt’s hand (after feeding him his own balls), whoever will have to keep VH and Eason awake so they can moniter class attendance and the former video guy/new S&C guru will make sure everybody does 3 sets of 10 bench presses, power clings & squats. Perfect!

      • Bulldog Joe

        It does seem contrived.

        Glass-half-full guys will look at it as teamwork and a better definition of roles.

        Glass-half-empty guys look at it as babysitting to keep the good ol’ boys protected.

        I see one year tops to make it work.

        If it doesn’t work, Greg will be forced to bring in a new regime and will have a longer runway to find the best head coach for the job. We are already in January and our options this year are limited. For basketball, we had time to do our research (via a search firm) to find Mark Fox, who appears to be a successful hire.

        Given how our schedule shapes up next year we will know early whether this works, giving us the necessary time to make a better decision on a head coach replacement.

    • Stoopnagle

      “scholarship management” isn’t completely up to the athletic department leadership.

      If you’re hoping we’re going to follow Bama and LSU into oversign/grayshirt land, don’t hold your breath.

  29. Tenn_Dawg

    Since Richt is getting relieved of some duties maybe he will have time to watch Stanford’s and Bama’s bowl games . Then he can compare those OL and OC performances to our bowl game performance or any other game during Georgia’s season. Me thinks he might have a different assessment of Bobo and Searles. Then again maybe not.

    • Chadwick

      Amen to that notion. I’d like to hear Mark define “great” in regards to what Searles and Bobo cooked up in the running game.

      Lord, I like Richt, but why is he always playing the apologist/victim?

  30. Dave

    Think of what Richt would do if there wasn’t massive amounts of pressure to make changes. Given the circumstances, and this is the best he can do (and say)? Left to his own devices, Richt would not have done a damn thing.

  31. Uglydawg

    Some good comments here.
    This time next year where will we be? Who will be the coach?
    Will UGA be Kentuckyish (how’s that for inventing a description?) or will we all be happy again? I say odds are 70/30 or worse Georgia swoons.
    I’m worried CMR can’t make the connection between rhetoric and function.
    One word describes the offense of his era…”sputtering”.
    I really hope I’m wrong.
    Great site, Senator!