A preliminary shopper’s guide, if you’re so inclined

For those of you who are certain Greg McGarity will be hunting for a new head coach after next season, you might want to bookmark Brian Cook’s post on potential candidates for the Michigan job.

It’s probably safe to ignore Brady Hoke, though.


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18 responses to “A preliminary shopper’s guide, if you’re so inclined

  1. heyberto

    In looking at that list, why not stick with Mark Richt? I’m always of the mind that you can make a smart hire outside of the media’s usual suspects that make the rounds (didn’t we do that back in 2000 with Richt?) But now, our coach’s potential demise next season could leave us looking like Maryland did this year.. a school that ran off a really good coach and hires someone ‘uninspired’. But that’s just media talk. I guess my question is.. do we really have to make a ‘splash’ hire if we ditch Richt next year?

    • Ben

      I was just a sophomore in college on winter break when Richt was hired, so I was away from any substantial rumors and internet chatter. Who else was being mentioned or rumored back then? I’ve always been curious who else was out there. I remember there being A LOT of speculation about Frank Beamer, but that’s about it.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Mike Leach is still available.

  3. Toom

    I think it is a pretty good list. Hell, you could’ve given our guys a football in August and told them to have fun and they could’ve managed 6-7 with that schedule. By that logic, our coaches aren’t doing the job and anything would be an improvement. Gary Patterson is my choice, not saying he would come. Outside of anything really outlandish like a Saban leaving the NFL.

    I will say that McGarity is playing it straight. He’s told us they are asking the questions, what do we need to do to help the football coaches, and it appears he is doing that. It will either be a huge turnaround for which administration can take some credit or he can say after ’11, “We’ve given these guys everything they’ve asked for and they weren’t able to get it done.”

    • Tenn_Dawg

      My concern is that the 2011 season will fall somewhere inbetween. If Georgia goes 8-4 or 9-3 with losses to say any of these teams…Boise St, USC, UF, UT or AU. What do you do? Can you kick Richt to the curb after a 9-3 record with a loss to UF, UT & USC which totally elminates them from the SEC race but puts them in a good bowl like the Capital One.

      Just keeping Richt around because you are scared you can’t get anybody better is just dumb, which seems to be the Georgia way…playing not to lose.

      • heyberto

        That last statement is my thinking. If he’s not the guy, then move on. I guess what I disagree with is that we have to make a big hire.. although I think its important that the School convey that they have upgraded us at head coach… and that’s a lot tougher to do.

        I honestly hope Richt gets it together. I’ll say it again, changing scheme midstream is difficult, and that’s what we’ve done with our defense. There has to be some pretty significant progress on that side of the ball or Richt’s in trouble.

        How many times have we seen a school not just get a new coordinator, but a new coordinator running a new system? Tuberville did it at Auburn going to the spread offense and it cost him his job, ultimately. Could UGA be headed in the same direction by switching to the 3-4 defense? God I hope not.

        • Tenn_Dawg

          I agree. Getting the big name guy is not important. Sure…the Patterson, Petersons and Harbaughs would be great but getting the guy who has done very well, not necessarily great, with very limited resources is good too. A guy that is a go getter, a guy that is hungry, a guy that is really on the “cutting edge”, a guy that welcomes the challenge because he knows what he is capable of doing. They are out there and if this whole rearranging of the deck chairs fails then it will be McGarity’s job to find that guy.

          On a side note…is anyone disappointed that Georgia did not get Diaz? IMHO he would have been the better hire last year and we could have paid him about $300K less than Grantham. He is the poster child of the guy I just described above.

          • heyberto

            I don’t know… I still like the selection of Grantham.. I just hope he can get the players he needs at key positions, or the “experiment” is over.

          • HackerDog

            We knew that Grantham would take time before we could see the full results of the hire. That’s why we gave him a 3 year contract. It’s the scheme switch that is difficult. But the defense did improve this year. If it improves again next year, things should start looking up.

            Since Diaz runs a 4-3, he probably would have been a better hire for 2010. And I guess that is the most important thing in many people’s minds.

            Personally, I would have liked to have seen Dick Bumpass on our sidelines.

      • Normaltown Mike

        I think the 2K season is a good example.

        Brain fart loss to inferior team (USC) and the blowout at the hands of Goose were the nails in the coffin and could not be overcome by an exciting win over a struggling rival (UT) and a bunch of wins over weak sisters.

        I think a big factor is quality of performance. Starting with the UT 04 game, CMR teams have turned in inexplicable lame performances on a more frequent basis. By my count, the annual wet fart game has been increasing with his tenure: UT 04, WVU 05, Vandy & UK 06, USC & UT 07, Bama & GT 08, OSU, UT, UK 09, USC, Ark, MSU, Colo, UCF 10.

        IMHO 8-4 aint gonna cut when the fan base believes you’ve had enough time to get things set up just like you want it. CMR’s nice demeanor has already bought him several years of indulgences that was not afforded to the prickly JD.

      • PatinDC

        What is he wins SEC coach of the year too?

  4. W Cobb Dawg

    McGarity had a few announcements after yesterday’s presser, which most of us missed. Due to state patrol cutbacks, UGA VIII, Russ and Hairy Dog will now be CMR’s security contingent. Grandpa Eason and Pawpaw Van Halanger are in charge of the double-secret-probation program, replacing Greg Marmalard and Douglas Niedermeyer. Kathryn Richt has been promoted from water girl, and will replace Mandy Pepperidge in the booth handling time management – including pre-approval of all TO’s. Mike Bobo’s 5 kids will serve as referees on G-Day. Rodney Garner’s 5 daughters will assist Uncle Joe T with S&C.