Turnover margin rears its ugly head (again).

John Pennington has a good post up today about how important turnover margin is to winning in the SEC.

49 conference games in 2010
12 times both teams had the same amount of turnovers
37 times one team won the turnover battle
In those 37 games, the team that won the turnover margin won 32 times.

That’s a 32-5 record in SEC games in 2010 for the teams that won the turnover battle.

Looking at Georgia’s performance in that category, you’ll find a consistent result.  Georgia’s 2010 record in games in which it won the turnover battle was 6-1, which means the Dawgs didn’t win a single game this season when they didn’t finish in the black in turnover margin.



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7 responses to “Turnover margin rears its ugly head (again).

  1. Normaltown Mike

    It’s Bobo’s fault.


  2. does posting on a blog make me an idiot?

    As we learned this year, it is not only about the amount of turnovers but also about the timing. SC, Miss St., Fla. all had TERRIBLE TURNOVER TIMING. I agree with coach, we are not that far away – we need some Erk infusion: big TEAM little me, a bad case of the wants and some GATA.


  3. Dave

    Do you have a breakdown of INT vs Fumbles? My impression is that Murray’s INTs were not a problem (until bowl game), and that offensively the issue was fumbles. Also, is the problem that the O turns it over too much, or the D not enough? My first reaction is to question the S&C and how weakness or fatigue might be factors.


    • Someone pretending to be Normaltown Mike

      He didn’t throw many interceptions, but I can think of one in particular against Florida that ended up being fairly important.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I can think of a few of UGA fumbles that were pretty important, too. I can also think of a couple of fumbles by the other team that UGA did not recover because of ineptness that were pretty damn important, as well.


  4. Ausdawg85

    Elsewhere, scientists discover that breathing air is good for living.