Nick Saban is a master of efficient conversation.

They walk down a hallway towards each other.

Their eyes meet.

They smile.

Without breaking stride, the visitor nods and says, “Barry, how ‘ya doin’?  Mark Ingram’s goin’ pro.”

They pass, still smiling.



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16 responses to “Nick Saban is a master of efficient conversation.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Pretty smooth, ain’t he.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    Apparently Mr. Saban is unconcerned about the possible fallout from a minor rules infraction. Just a minor advantage in recruiting. No worries.


    • Texas_Dawg

      Can you blame him? He’s running an extremely unethical oversigning regime that has Alabama being exposed via investigative reports in the Wall Street Journal… yet his Alabama superiors couldn’t care less.

      All they want is wins.

      Calling the University of Alabama a community college level joke isn’t fair to community colleges. At least most of them are simply trying to provide legitimate education.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        Sooooo…. you’ve been very vocal here. Yet outside of pointing out the deficiencies what might be ” your” plan as to how we re-calibrate college athletics with regard to these blatant shortcomings?


  3. Coondawg

    Oversigning, secondary violations….When we have a program that is as speaky clean as they can be this is very frustrating.


    • heyberto

      In comes Bama with the Auburn and Ohio State defense.. and the NCAA will probably let it go. It doesn’t involve a player taking money away from the NCAA, so what’s the big deal?


  4. crapsandwich

    Wouldn’t you love to hear the conversation between the compliance office at Alabama and Nick Saban? That is if there ever IS any conversation.

    Obviously, having the death penalty hanging over Alabama’s head, still isn’t enough to rein in the Great Sabana.

    I am sure a lot of shrugging of shoulders going on at Alabama over this one.


    • mwo

      I doubt there is any concern at all over this at Bama. As long as you field a team with a chance to win the SEC, and/or the BCS, you will be given a pass. Officials will give you every questionable call, you can pay potential players fathers, and you can change grades willy nilly. There are two sets of rules in the SEC and the NCAA. Win at any cost and you will be afforded special consideration, be average or worse and you will be fodder for the winners.


  5. Coondawg

    The biggest problem here is the NCAA hanging the Death Penalty over the heads of Bama. Unless they intend to use it, I dont think they will, they have set themselves up as a paper tiger. Which, with all the other lame enforcement actions they have had this year, pretty much sets the NCAA up with no teeth…unless your program isn’t in the BCS hunt.


  6. Texas_Dawg

    With each additional commit Saban gets this year, another unsuspecting young adult gets kicked out of school, pressured to transfer, grayshirted, etc.

    “S-E-C! S-E-C!”

    So glad the University of Georgia is shackled to such people.


  7. 69Dawg

    The SEC motto is after all “IF you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying.” Too bad Mark never learned this at FSU.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The point is that it ain’t cheating, at least not to the NCAA. I actually agree with CMR that the practice is reprehensible but , while Bama started it, everybody else in the conference now is doing it, too. The problem is, like the old joke, if you “bring a knife to a gun fight “…….


  8. CharlieGator

    Not qualifying academically at Alabama is like Head Start saying no to a 4yr old from the projects.


  9. crapsandwich