Vaya con Dios, A.J.

Honestly, if he hadn’t chosen to go pro, I would have wondered what he was thinking.


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  1. The Tick

    ya coulda knocked over wit a feather

  2. gastr1

    Re: wondering, me too. I am still wondering about the supposed intelligence of Andrew Luck; he is chasing a bullsh*t degree (being in the field, I can say that with some authority) and turning down all that money for…what, exactly? His coach left, who knows what will happen next year?

    If our own kid made a choice like that, knowing he can literally go to school any time in his life but may lose millions if he is not #1 next year, I think the word most of us would use is “stupid.”

    • Silver Creek Dawg

      He won’t lose as much money as you think.

      IMO, there is no doubt there will be a rookie wage scale/salary cap next season as part of the new CBA. He wouldn’t be getting the Stafford/Bradford $$, he would be getting less than half that. His family is well off financially; he may not need the money that badly.

      Also, he’s a third year sophomore; another year facing live bullets can’t hurt him that much.

      • dboy

        AJ Plays football: a violent game by definition. The risk of injury is too high for him to come back for fun or any other reason except enhancing his draft status. His draft stock will drop if he has a serious injury. I applaud him for his spactacular although not unblemished UGA career. He is making the only sound decision. GATA in the NFL AJ!!!

    • Ausdawg85

      Weed is cheap and available in Cali….

  3. JaxDawg

    And for some reason I can’t help but think “what if”?

    What if he hadn’t played with three different QB’s?
    What if the offenses in which he was a member of had been the beneficiary of Grantham’s second year D?

    For as much as he did and as brilliant as he was, I’ll always think he could have done much more given different circumstances.

    And what does it say that we’ve had the best QB, RB, and WR in the past 3 drafts and haven’t as so much sniffed an SECCG appearance? I guess the answer is the D.

    • Ryan

      2007 we were damn close…

      and yes it does pain me to write that…

    • Jeff Sanchez

      If UK converts a goal-to-go inside the five against UT in 2007, we likely win the SECC and MNC

      • The ATH

        See also – Vandy-UT game. Some would argue that a national championship opportunity should turn on a tad more than one failed KY set of downs and a shitty Vandy kicker.

        The way things shook out, I can’t argue that we should’ve jumped LSU, but if UGA and USC were somehow allowed to compete in some kind of playoff that year…

  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    God bless, A.J. Hope I get to see you catch the winning touchdown in a Super Bowl, and thanks for all you gave to us.

  5. Derek

    A bit less jarring than when Herschel did it I have to say. He’d have been a hero if he stayed but I’d have taken the money too.

    Something tells me that he’ll have a Jerry Rice type career. He’s that damn good.

  6. Macallanlover

    I understand the “it would be stupid” statements but I can honestly say this would be my approach if I were in AJ’s position knowing what I know now: I would borrow 50-100K from a bank (allowed by the NCAA) to purchase an air-tight, insurance policy for $20MM or so to protect myself from injury my senior year. (With his projected draft status, he is a lock to repay the aamount borrowed.) One more year as a “hero” on a college campus at his age trumps the experience of any NFL city he will spend the next year of his life in. You cannot replicate being young in college but whether you spend 10 years versus 11, or 7 versus 8, etc. is indistinguishable… my opinion.

    I get the don’t lose the money angle, but I think you canhave your cake and eat it too in this case.

    • nate

      thats idiotic. they don’t write $20 million insurance policies for potential draft picks who decide to come back. he would be able to get $3 – $5 million like everybody else. And what if he sustains an injury in his senior year that prevents him from ever playing again and can’t get drafted? $50,000 – $100,000 takes a while to pay off even if you have a good degree and get a good job. No way one more year of college is worth the possibility of giving up millions in guaranteed money.

      • Macallanlover

        Idiotic huh? Now that is idiotic. You can get coverage for any amount for the right premium. I don’t know, and want argue about, the exact numbers, but I stand by my point. You are entitled to your opinion, regardless how crudely you express it.

        If your family is not in dire straits, I think the extra year of collegiate life is the way I would go. Plenty of time to make a living later in life.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I agree with Mac on this. You can get a policy for any face amount. It just depends on underwriting and the amount of premium. AJ would be well served to have another year to physically mature before playing in the NFL, too. The “what if he sustains an injury in his senior year that prevents him” from getting drafted is a red herring. That is the very reason to get the insurance policy. If he gets hurt and can never play again, the policy pays off and he uses part of the proceeds to satisfy the bank loan.

          • nate

            I’m sorry for putting it crudely. Instead of idiotic, lets use less than intelligent. he could stay in college and break every record possible and win the Heisman Trophy next year and he will still get drafted in the same spot in 2012. what exactly should be keeping him in Athens? i’m sure he will find himself wishing he was in class at 8 AM instead of in bed or wishing he was in mandatory study hall after practice instead of going out to have a $90 steak. he has the talent to go now and he should go now. what if he comes back to UGA and has a relatively shitty season and drops a little on Mel’s Big Board? He would cost himself some guaranteed money. i’m sorry, but taking any chance with that kind of money on the table is less than intelligent.

            • Tronan

              It is true that you can insure pretty much anything you want to – for a price. If AJ really did have to sell his Independence Bowl jersey to get pocket money, and if his parents lack the means to entice a bank to loan them the money for a policy (which I suspect is the case), then I’m not sure how he’d come up with the scratch to pay Lloyds. But, even if he could afford the policy, why would he hang around in the minors for another year when he’s going to be a top five pick and make millions?

            • Macallanlover

              Nah, you are right man. Sorry I didn’t realize you were as bright as you obviously are, Mr. Big Picture Man. Those $90 steaks bring about some long lasting memories. And you didn’t even mention the rims dude. That would have put me in my place.

              You should have been advised Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, etc., and all those hundreds of other morons who came back for their Senior years when they could have gone in the top of their draft class. With your values, I don’t know how UGA missed out on recruiting you.

              • nate

                why don’t you name just a couple of the “hundreds of other morons” that you’re talking about. Peyton Manning was the exception to the rule and that was because his father played pro football and he was not concerned about the money. Who knows what will happen with Andrew Luck. He could end up like Matt Leinart and fall from a possible 1-2 pick after his junior year down to 10 the next year which changes the guaranteed money by a lot. What was your senior year at UGA like anyway? Mine was great, but yours must have been the most amazing one ever if you wouldn’t have missed it for millions of dollars. be happy for aj. don’t question his decision and act like you are better than him because you wouldn’t have taken the money.

                • Macallanlover

                  You obviously have reading comprehension issues, perhaps ot. I will not waste the time researching the hundreds of CFB players who have returned over the years, you could learn a lot by doing that if you doubt it. I never said everyone should, simply presented an alternative thought which obviously flew rght over your little head. Also acknowledged I understood why many do make the decision to leave early. Never criticized AJ at all which you didn’t get either. And lastly, stated clearly that players who had immediate financial concerns would look at this totally differently. If you look at my opening sentence, and the tone of my post, it states I understand people feel differently, and am not attacking anyone.

                  Now, I don’t have time, nor the desire, to be your teacher so I would appreciaate your not engaging me again. Go argue with the boards where you normally hang out. The majority of posters here can follow along without getting in over their head.

                  • nate

                    you must have the time and the desire to want to be my teacher because you’ve posted several times now about how smart you are and how I don’t get it. fortunately, i don’t normally hang out on blogs or boards like you do and post every day. you need to get a life outside your computer and stop trying to educate those of us who only check in for occasional updates. it hurts that I cannot be part of your cool blog commenter club.

                    • Puffdawg

                      Tis an exclusive club.

                    • Macallanlover

                      Generally I only get engaged with folks like you one-time, on one thread, and normally it is when they start sophomoric, name calling like “idiotic” to someone’s opinion. Just don’t respond unless you are attacked while posting a simple opinion. Some posts calll out for strong responses, my original opinion on this was very non-confrontational. Look in the mirror, you may find who cheap-shotted whom.

                      And you are right, no one should be stuck with my pathetic, sad life. Cheers.

    • Jake Locker

      Macallanlover is right. The risk of staying in college when you’re a super high draft prospect isn’t really that great. Oh, wait.

      • Macallanlover

        LOL, then there is “that”. Not sure “that” applies in AJ’s situation, but it is certainly fair to say there are other factors one must analyze. It definitely isn’t a slam dunk in a team sport for sure where you depend on teammates to feed you the ball, block for you, etc. Never said it was for everyone, but excellent point.

  7. 69Dawg

    Get used to this. Even with a rookie salary cap the juniors will be going out faster now because of it. Just like pro basketball they will need to do their time to get to the next big contract and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Lets see I can play my senior year and waste a year in college or go pro now and be one year earlier getting the next contract, it really is going to get worst. Marginal guys that think they have a shot will be going out now.

  8. sUGArdaddy

    AJ will always be a wee bit of a disappointment. He is a devoted Dawg, and played hard almost all of his career. But there are a lot of questions. Never healthy for a full season. Jersey-gate. It’s a shame. I have a feeling he’ll end up like Terrell Davis and all the other teams fans will ask us, “How’d y’all lose with THAT guy on your team?” The answer is, “Well, it’s complicated. It started with a pulled groin and a terrible defense in ’08…”

    That being said…GATA, AJ! But if you go to the Panthers, I hope you drop every pass when you play on Peachtree St. But boy, I’d love to see you play with that ol’ Texas gunslinger up in the Motor City for a few years.

  9. Dooms Day Dawg

    How much worse can the Dawgs be without AJ? 6-7 in 2010, 8-5 in 2009. See ya AJ! You were our Calvin Johnson. All-World WR, but nothing to go with it.

    • Puffdawg

      Wow. What a crappy comment.

      • Dooms Day Dawg

        Crappy as in truthful? Not sure what you are getting at. He is an All-World WR. The Dawgs offense had little (outside of Charles and White) support to help him. He was our version of Calvin Johnson.

        • Puffdawg

          My apologies if I misconstrued your intent. Just seemed like a shot at AJ. I think we can all agreed his lack of hardware is more a result of shoddy defense than anything he did.

  10. Spike

    What might have been if he had not been injured at times, had a good team around him, not been suspended and come back for his senior year. But, thanks for the memories.

    • Macallanlover

      Yes, he had 3 different QBs during his tenure, plus missed about 3/4 of a season’s worth of games. With the OL providing more time for him to work his magic and playing all the games he would have posted some big-time numbers. Except for the jersey issue this season, which was a serious mistake that he handled as well as he could after it was uncovered, you really have to like the way AJ conducted himself. He nevered waivered, or played games, during the recruiting process and avoided off-field troubles while in Athens. Let’s hope he has helped the receivers we have coming back next year; there is some talent there to build on.