No monkey suit on the title game sideline

If you look at this picture, it’s obvious that Chip Kelly got into coaching for the clothes.

AP Photo

That is one seriously pained expression, brother.

To honor his discomfort, here’s an appropriate musical number from the Pernice Brothers:

Consider this your BCS title game thread.


UPDATE: Chris Brown breaks down the offensive strategies for both teams and ponders whether the game will prove to be a watershed.


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30 responses to “No monkey suit on the title game sideline

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Da Chiz just cain’t help it….he always looks like he knows something we don’t.


  2. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Am I wrong for hoping that thousands of Auburn fans are stuck in Hartsfield Airport tonight?


    • Castleberry

      No. They should have stayed in Alabama. Clark Howard would have probably told them to drive to Birminham anyway for a cheaper fare on Southwest.


  3. Macallanlover

    I have really liked Chip Kelly’s balanced approach with the media throughout this season. Amidst all the media frenzy and the hyperbole surrounding the Ducks’ strong showing he has remained grounded and kept his emotions in check. The loss of a starting QB in the spring has been taken in stride and they have mowed down everyone with a confident, not cocky attitude.

    Not sure if they can move the ball that easily against The aU’s defense tonight but I will shake a tail feather with them if they can pull off the upset. Quack, quack!


  4. Dawgfan Will

    Wonder what the power situation is like in Alabama today. I’m waiting to hear the collective screams of those who don’t have electricity to watch the game tonight.


  5. Back in (red and) Black

    I never rooted for Florida in the title game and I’m not rooting for AU.

    Goooooooooo DUCKS!


  6. Scott W.

    I’ve seen that expression before, it’s the same pained “why do I have to stand by this guy” expression of Pat Sullivan at the Heisman Ceremony. I think the sleaze radiates off of Chinzik and Co. and it makes folks ill.


  7. 69Dawg

    Cheatsatit has the look of the luckiest man alive. A mostly incompetent coach that was selected by AU for his willingness to go along with Bobby’s pay for play plan. Between him and Trooper Taylor I feel like taking a shower every time I see them.


  8. slive sux

    Chip looks like he farted and hopes no one notices. lol at hartsfield thought


  9. JaxDaw

    I still can’t believe AU is playing in the national title game. Such a gross school and a cheesy, sleazy program. At least they’ll go back to sucking next year when they run out of stupid Juco transfers.


  10. AlcoholicGenius

    This picture for real or you done doctor it up? Kelley expresion be universal, just like smiley face on a paper plate. Even Chinese babies know that man done drop a load in his pant. Cheesyslick look like he either just done some crank or done had two Cobra 40s — that his girlfriend brought him to drank – – while she was, er a, busy workin – – hummin a tune. You show these aint like the Special Olympic National Champ Coaches?


  11. Comin' Down The Track

    Chin Gizik can go to H-E-double hockey sticks and give a hand… shake to the Devil for all I care.


  12. Biggus Rickus

    Regarding the Chris Brown article, meh. The spread is fine as long as you have the personnel to execute. It’s not inherently better than any number of other offenses with the correct personnel executing them. USC lost by a point to that Texas team in ’06. If that represents some kind of obvious superiority of one scheme over the other, I’m way too dumb to realize it. Both teams this year are run-first spreads. Last year’s game featured a spread passing game and a pro style offense that won by 16 points. Two roughly pro-style offenses met in ’07. Oregon runs the spread better than anyone. Auburn paid for Cam Newton’s services. I don’t see an overriding trend here.


  13. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Never has a team had such a magical horseshoe up their ass as this Auburn squad. An obvious interception is reversed, and of course, they score the next play.

    Maybe it’s penance from them sucking hind teet in their home state, and being the place you go if your SAT score is not good enough to get into UGA, but man, it is sickening to watch them now. Of course, it will all be washed away in a sea of NCAA sanctions, but it is sickening to watch in real life.


    • Garageflowers

      That’s maybe an interception in Canadian Football.

      Auburn… You guys make it HARD to pull for you. Trooper Taylor is douche.


      • Russ

        I thought TT was going to hug that guy for kneeing the Oregon player. I can’t believe he wasn’t thrown out of the game for a cheap shot like that. Of course, Chin Gizik gave a good show of being upset….not upset to bench the guy, but upset still.

        BTW, what is Bo Jackson CEO of?


  14. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Best team money can buy.


  15. 69Dawg

    Once again the defenses rule the Championship. Screw the offense give me the big DDDDDD.


  16. Normaltown Mike

    Oregon’s QB looked like Terrence Edwards playing QB for us back in 2K.

    I can’t believe Nick Felony didn’t break him in two.


  17. Macallanlover

    Sad day for CFB, also the SEC. Why was it so important for the NCAA (and SEC) to sell out to get Auburn to this game? They sold their principles for 20 pieces of silver, knowing they will have to reverse themselves or allow an “:anything goes” policy on recruiting. It would have been just as good a game with Co-Champ TCU and Oregon, and we wouldn’t have needed another bath after seeing Trooper, Cheetzit, and Felony do their thug-thing on national TV.


  18. Good Luck With That

    BCS Championships – Tennessee, LSU (2), Florida (2), Alabama, Auburn.

    Where’s Georgia?