SEC Power Poll, final edition

Ho hum, another year, another SEC win in the BCS title game.  I don’t think the postseason did much to change the overall perspective that the West was far stronger than the East this season.

In the last regular season ballot, I looked at the net yardage numbers in conference play.  With this set of rankings, I’ll include the net scoring numbers in conference play.

  1. Auburn (+82). Duh.  Having the Heisman Trophy winner and the SEC Defensive Player of the year can do wonders for a team’s chances.  Now it’s time for a bunch of people to cash in.
  2. Alabama (+75). When healthy, this was the best defensive team in the country.  The Tide put on the most dominating performance of the offseason in their crushing win over Michigan State.
  3. Arkansas  (+66). Helluva year from Petrino’s team.  I still think they were a little questionable defensively, but, wow, that offense.
  4. LSU (+47). It’s hard to believe after an 11-2 season with a win over Alabama that Miles and the fan base may have had enough of each other, but…
  5. Mississippi State (-22). As the net scoring number indicates, Dan Mullen did the best coaching job of the year in the SEC.
  6. South Carolina (+43). Strange to say in a year when the ‘Cocks finally broke through and made their first trip to Atlanta, but the net points indicate that they underachieved a little.  I doubt anyone in Columbia is complaining, though.
  7. Florida (+38). The Gators underachieved more.
  8. Georgia (+32). The Dawgs underachieved the most.
  9. Tennessee (-26). The Vols were a game bunch that lacked depth.  Not sure it’s going to be much of a different story for them in 2011.
  10. Kentucky (-53). Took a step backwards in Joker Phillips’ first season.
  11. Mississippi (-107). A very bad defensive team which lost six of its last seven games.
  12. Vanderbilt (-175). Welcome to the SEC, James Franklin.  May God have mercy on your soul.


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9 responses to “SEC Power Poll, final edition

  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Is Mississippi State holding the Crystal Football today if they had won the bidding for Cam Newton?

    Arkansas and Scu the faves to meet in Atlanta next year? Scu is the runaway favorite in the East, but the West is going to be a tossup between Bama, Arkansas and LSU.

    Does LSU go after Malzahn if/when Miles goes home?

    If Malzahn leaves Auburn, is there any way that they are over .500 next year? They may not be, even with him there.

    Will Bama get any additional probation for recruiting practices while on probation?

    Does Charlie Weis begin undermining Muschamp this summer, or after UF’s first loss?

    It’s going to be crazy…maybe Georgia will be a factor again…hopefully…


    • AthensHomerDawg

      I’ll see your “Is Mississippi State holding the Crystal Football today if they had won the bidding for Cam Newton? ” and raise you….if Cam stays at Florida is Urban holding his 3rd crystal ball and is coaching there in 2011?


      • The Original Cynical in Athens

        I would say that there is no doubt that had UF kept Newton in school or gotten Denard Robinson to go there, UF would have won the SEC and Meyer would still be coaching there.


    • sUGArdaddy

      You’re on to a lot there Cynical. While we are a tire fire, we have the opportunity to put out the fire and make a run at some things. South Carolina is the favorite in the East, but they play at Arkansas, host Auburn and at Miss. St. out of the West. We have a much easier Western schedule. They also play East Carolina and Navy out of conference. Not the easiest of teams to play.

      Malzahn to LSU would be an all-timer, and it would be really funny to laugh at the Auburn “Family.” I do know that he better strike while the iron’s hot if he’s offered. Big fat Al looked pretty smart on the Plains w/ Cadillac and Ronnie running his offense and got fired a couple years later.

      The CFB season is over. It’s 2011 and we’re 0-0. Let’s go win all 14 of them. And those of you that already have us losing a few/several games…I don’t really understand that. That’s just not fun fandom to me.

      Seriously, though, in a year with all our questions going into the offseason, everyone else does, too.


      • David

        If Les bolts from LSU, my guess is Kirby Smart ends up there before Malzahn. A defense first Saban protege will be what they’re looking for.


  2. Watchman

    What do you mean “now” it’s time for $cam and his buddies to cash in?


  3. Whiskeydawg

    CW starts his undermining 5 minutes after his fat @ss hits the Florida campus.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “The Dawgs underachieved the most.”

    Wait until McGarity hears about this. He’ll consider replacing himself as Mark’s BFF with Fran “I like Mark Richt” Tarkenton.