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PAWLLLLL, I’ll never shop there again.

At this point, I think this qualifies as a tradition.


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Wednesday lunch buffet

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor even snow, shall stop the buffet.

  • It shouldn’t surprise anyone that when you move the BCS to cable, the ratings will decline.  I’m not hearing ESPN complaining about it, though.
  • Vince Dooley, Auburn fan.
  • Youth was not served when it came to the starters in the BCS title game.
  • Conspiracy Theory:  What does Bishop Eddie Long have to do with Auburn football?  I have no idea, but this dude thinks he’s on to something.
  • Auburn’s win Monday night was the SEC’s closest call during its current five-game streak.
  • Nike designed Oregon’s uniforms for the BCS title game to “look fast” (h/t AthensHomerDawg).  Maybe next time they should design them to make the Ducks look like winners.
  • The Wall Street Journal takes a look at whether having an NFL coaching background is a key to successful coaching on the college level.


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“You made your decision. Why keep commenting?”

If, like John Calipari, you keep wondering why Mark Emmert continues to defend specific eligibility decisions by the NCAA to the media, perhaps here’s your answer.

Double standards are a bitch, ain’t they?


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Final Mumme Poll results

Rank Team Votes (Top pick)
1 Auburn 24 (21)
2 TCU 24 (3)
3 Oregon 23 (0)
3 Ohio State 23 (0)
5 Stanford 22 (0)
5 LSU 22 (0)
7 Alabama 20 (0)
8 Oklahoma 19 (0)
9 Boise State 15 (0)
10 Wisconsin 14 (0)
11 Arkansas 12 (0)
12 Nevada 9 (0)
13 Oklahoma State 8 (0)
14 Virginia Tech 2 (0)
14 Mississippi State 2 (0)
16 Florida State 1 (0)


  • Looks like we lost a lot of interest in the Poll this year.  Some of that is due no doubt to voters dropping out as the teams they follow did, too.  But some is probably due to how we promoted it this season.  It’s something for me to ponder in the offseason, as I’d like to bring it back, but we’re getting to the point where the sample size is too small for it to have much meaning.
  • That said, I can’t say the final rankings are unreasonably crazy.  Biggest disparity I see between this poll and the Coaches Poll is Alabama, which the coaches didn’t place in their top ten.


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