“You made your decision. Why keep commenting?”

If, like John Calipari, you keep wondering why Mark Emmert continues to defend specific eligibility decisions by the NCAA to the media, perhaps here’s your answer.

Double standards are a bitch, ain’t they?


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10 responses to ““You made your decision. Why keep commenting?”

  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    This Emmert fellow is not much of a leader, eh?

    Were he and Michael Adams the finalists for that position?


  2. The Realist

    At this point, the NCAA has lost the last of its faithful followers, no? It may be able to keep tabs on small-time athletics, but it is in way over its head when it comes to the big money-making sports. All you really need is the SEC & B1G to secede to really get the ball rolling with the Pac 12 & Big X(II) to follow. The Big East is like a dog that will find you no matter how many times you drop it off in the desert and change addresses, so they will come along with their big-time basketball programs. Basically, football will lead the charge, and major conference basketball will come along for the ride. Without the basketball income, the NCAA will be forced to dissolve. I’m sure it is much more complicated than that, but I would love to see the NCAA implode. We could even allow Mike Adams be the head honcho of the next regulatory body. He would like that.


  3. Castleberry

    I smell a rat.

    Perhaps if Kentucky were getting ready for the Final 4, then Enes would be ineligible for the first five games of next season. But only if he didn’t know the extra money was an issue – or if his dad was holding the money for him. Yeah, that’s how it works.


  4. ausdawg85

    Next to the article was a link to Tim Brando’s radio show yesterday, titled , “Why Vince Dooley ruined every Georgia Bulldogs Day”. At the end of the interview clip, VD proclaims…”War Eagle”.

    Ughhhhh. Next up, Hershel touts USCe for National Championship in 2011?


  5. Bad M

    I love that no one mentions in these follow up articles that Kanter WAS A PRO!


    • Castleberry

      I’m not sure about that is a fact. He played on a club team, but in his opinion (and Calipari’s) he wasn’t a pro. The stories I’ve read said the NCAA and European clubs changed their rules. The NCAA is going on with the wishy-washy stuff about their rules.


      Calipari said the recent relaxing of NCAA rules pertaining to the amateur status of foreign athletes made him comfortable offering a scholarship to Kanter.

      “If you’re under 18 years of age, you’re not considered a professional in Europe anymore,” Calipari said. “You couldn’t sign a FIBA contract, so you have no contract, and any games you played against professional players now do not work against you. That’s the new rules.”

      Calipari said Kanter, who turned 18 on May 20, received only the necessary expenses while playing for the team and that Kanter’s family kept “meticulous” records to protect Kanter’s status should it come into question.


  6. crapsandwich

    From the article, “Vitale’s accusation is, to date, the most serious made against the NCAA in how it doles out justice”.

    hmm…..maybe SI just wants to ignore Thayer Evans at Fox Sports, and the AU situation.