PAWLLLLL, I’ll never shop there again.

At this point, I think this qualifies as a tradition.


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33 responses to “PAWLLLLL, I’ll never shop there again.

  1. Joe

    Alright Orson, do your thing!!


  2. Sanford222View

    If Georgia ever wins it I hope they at least step it up a notch and display it at Target.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    This is beautiful. You have no idea how much crap my Auburn friends were giving the Alabama people about displaying the trophy at Wal-Mart. MAN, I wish I could be eat that kind of crow next year.


  4. PA Dawg

    Do you think they selected Columbus, GA because of Crowell?


  5. Whiskeydawg

    What class! I guess the men’s rooms at the public parks were already booked.


  6. A Different Jim

    I went to Columbus High. Columbus is so close to Auburn it sucks.


  7. Silver Creek Dawg

    Shane’s having a shit fit as we speak…


  8. Pumpdawg

    Any Dawg fan living in Columbus with some balls will pull an Orson Charles and break the damned thing.


  9. M

    Isn’t Columbus still in the great state of Georgia??? I think Chiz man should keep their paws, or is it wings??, and saban, his trunks out of OUR state


  10. Uglydawg

    I got a good enough look at it on TV.
    I understand it’s lighted from the base. Clap-on, clap-off switch.


  11. Macallanlover

    Since the structure of that church in Newnan has been recently upgraded, and is now safe, perhaps Cheatz-it should place it on the alter and give thanks.


  12. David

    if you can’t laugh at this, you don’t possess a sense of humor.


  13. Matt Mize

    I was born and raised in Columbus, as was the entire Mize family. We played lots of golf growing up but didn’t concentrate much on grades and shit like that. In fact, my brother Carter played collegiate golf and is looked up to by many guys at CCC and Green Island. When it came time for me to attend college, I was refused acceptance by Georgia (not a surprise) and Auburn (surprise) so I had to attend our version of UCLA (Univ. of Columbus ‘longside the airport). Otherwise known as COlumbus State. After two years I transfered to Auburn where I excelled at drinking beer, chasing tail, and being stupid. I graduated a litte late but my folks were still proud. I got married and opened a used sporting goods business – Trade it in Sports (I think that’s what it was called. It was a franchise type business) – which eventually failed b/c I was playing too much golf and drinking too much beer. I’ve been selling insurance since then and been getting by. Suntrust is an ok place to work.

    The reason for me saying all this is that Columbus is not that bad of a town if you’re from here and play alot golf. AU was close by and since GA refused my application twise, I decided that AU was the plase for me. I could stay close to home and within my comfort zone (I never really had the confidence to get too far from home and away from people just like me) and continue the lifestyle I had grown accustomed to growing up in Columbus, Ga. So don’t make fun of Auburn it was a good fit for me. I don’t like it when people rag on Auburn b/c it’s a better school than what people say it is and the people there are not all that much different than those in Athens or Chapel Hill.

    By teh way, since there are alot of Columbus people on here and since I’m using my real name (you all know me), let me know if you want to go to Country’s for lunch today. Please also know that I’m interested in changing companies but would like to stay in the personal insurance business. I don’t really want to work for Synovus.



    • Neil Hatcher

      Give it a rest Matt. I had to enlist in the marines b/c I was such a loser. At least I went to GA.

      I’m a better golfer than you.


  14. Chad Cottrell

    They call me little Napolean b/c I’m 5’3″, loud, obnoxious, and annoying as hell. Plus, I’m an arrogant little jerk that thinks he’s hot shit b/c he’s from Columbus. I was an SAE at Georgia, so yes, I am a big deal.


  15. shane#1

    If and when the Dawgs win the BCS I don’t care if they take the glass egg to Big Lots. Oh hell, Dollar Tree is fine with me. Wallmart? If the Dogs win I will put on the vest and greet people at the door. Would you like a cart, Maam?


  16. Beelzebubba

    I heard the trophy doesn’t even have Auburn’s name inscribed on it. It just says ” us too”.