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Falling upwards.

Somehow, Gary Crowton has managed to parlay this…

The 53-year-old coach had come under heavy fire for what could be charitably described as inept offenses during his past two years with the Tigers.  LSU was 45th (29.7) and 76th (24.8) in scoring offense, and 86th (341.3) and 112th (304.5) in total offense.  Most embarrassing was an utterly limp passing attack: 107th (155.6) last year, 97th (181.8) in 2009.

… into a new three-year contract at Maryland, where he’ll be paid $100,000 a year more than he was getting at LSU.

Whoever Crowton’s agent is, that’s somebody who’s earning his keep.



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Post title game BCS roundup

I thought everybody was done slagging/commenting on the BCS until March Madness rolled around, but here are a few stragglers worth mentioning:

  • I guess if you can ignore the regular season, there’s nothing for a playoff to devalue.
  • A commentator from Utah goes there“Polls show a large majority of college football fans want a playoff system, but can fans expect ESPN to be anything other than a cheerleader for the biggest roadblock to a playoff when it’s in bed … er, uh, in business with BCS?” If things ever broke that way, ESPN would be in there bidding on a D-1 football playoff so fast it would make your head spin, bubba.  The only thing the WWL would be fighting to preserve would be the profitability of the minor bowls it broadcasts.
  • Joe Posnanski thinks the fans are the only ones jonesing for a playoff.  If that’s the case, what is it about a playoff that’s so attractive to us?  More specifically, what kind of playoff format do we really like?


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