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Only three months until G-Day!

The offseason has officially commenced, and with no coaching staff changes in Athens to chew over, it’s gonna be a long one.

I think I’m starting to miss Lane Kiffin.


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This just in: things used to cost less a long time ago.

What starts out as your typical “hey! a half-century ago, nobody paid coaches the kind of money they make today” denial of reality opinion pieces ends up with this totally awesome bit of reasoning:

… About 10 years after Corum quit coaching, Bobby Bowden guided his 1975 WVU team to a 9-3 record. He felt really good about that season, his sixth, and well he should have.

So Bowden, now a College Football Hall of Famer, went to Stewart Hall and sought a bonus for each of his assistants.

Dr. James Harlow, then the WVU president, asked, “Why?” Bowden explained, “Their excellent preparation and execution in winning our bowl game.”

Harlow, who like other presidents then had to approve coaches’ salaries, refused. “My friend,” he said, “I have a lot of professors and others out there who also do excellent jobs in preparation and execution, and I can’t give them bonuses.”

Bowden left soon after that and became a legend at Florida State.

He’s now enjoying a rich retirement, financially, and living nicely in a distinctly different era.

But, is it really for the better?

I doubt anyone at FSU is complaining.



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There’s no fooling Auburn fans.

Observation from the Wal-Mart Tour:

“It looks like a regular football, but it’s very breakable, and it’s very clear,” said Brady Streetman.

I bet it only took him about a minute to figure it out, too.


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