There’s no fooling Auburn fans.

Observation from the Wal-Mart Tour:

“It looks like a regular football, but it’s very breakable, and it’s very clear,” said Brady Streetman.

I bet it only took him about a minute to figure it out, too.



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16 responses to “There’s no fooling Auburn fans.

  1. Beelzebubba

    The article says Auburn can keep it forever. That ticking sound in the background is the clock running out on forever. In this case, forever means until the NCAA vacates their 2010 season. Please God let it be soon!


  2. Barry

    No Senator, it took about an hour. And he was one of the bright ones.


  3. crapsandwich

    Let’s just hope when Georgia wins the MNT , that our fans…….oh well forget it.


  4. East Cobb Devildawg

    I know it was posted already but, NO WAL-MARTS!!! IF our bulldogs ever win this supposed MNC.

    I’m pretty sure a good chunk of our fans know that thing is breakable. Florida’s fanbase should know too because of Orson Charles:-)


  5. Joe

    Same guy headed to the game in Glendale said he called the State Department about getting a passport to go through New Mexico on the way.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    If Georgia wins the MNC, I could not give a fat rat’s ass where Dr. Pepper wants to display the football. Barnett’s seems a good place, or The Varsity or maybe some well-fettered Dawg donor could build a special traveling exhibit for it to go to all the high schools in the state.

    Simply put, who cares where they show the damn thing…winning the game is the only thing that matters, unless you are not an Awbun-type fan. In Tuscaloosa the only thing louder than the Walmart trucks unloading is the sound of grinding teeth.


  7. Skeeter

    Later that day, they used the crystal football to burn ants with the sun out in the parking lot.


  8. Brad

    Well, if we ever win it I will be first in line at Wal Mart wearing nothing but a woman’s thong and fish-net panty hose and they can make fun of me all they want.


  9. Marmot

    We Auburn fans had a good laugh at Bama’s expense last year over this Walmart thing. Turns out they really were contractually obligated… who knew? I guess you have to take your shots where you can when your rival is on top of the world.


  10. shane#1

    Auburn has nothing on Atlanta. This from the US invasion of Panama. After hearing that the fighting in Panama City was street to street, an Atlanta matron called the AJC to ask if it was safe to go to Destin. AU grad?