Tuesday morning buffet

I guess the football gods heard my plea yesterday, because I’ve got a decent number of tidbits for you to sample today.

  • Cecil Newton on this season:  “It will take a book to really, really tell it,” Cecil said then. “Chapter after chapter of a lot of intricate situations.” Let the bidding commence!
  • One week on the job and Charlie Weis is already having a positive impact on Notre Dame’s recruiting.
  • Some interesting results found in the most recent NCAA survey of Division I athletes.
  • Here’s CFN’s first look 2011 rankings.  Georgia, ranked #24, faces four teams ranked in CFN’s top 25 and two more in the top 40.  (Although Florida at number 6 looks like a stretch to me.)
  • Georgia makes Phil Steele’s list of teams hit hardest by early entries to the NFL draft.
  • Mark Emmert wants everyone to know that skirting NCAA rules and regulations is complex stuff.
  • Mark Richt on the hot seat talk:  get used to it.
  • The next excessive celebration train wreck is no doubt coming down the track.  And it’ll probably be spectacular.
  • Lawyer who’s a no-show for a scheduled deposition cites Auburn’s appearance in the BCS title game as a reason for his absence.


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12 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. AthensHomerDawg

    “Milling said he did not care what the reason for Gliessner’s absence was. The real issue, he said, was that Gleissner never contacted the plaintiffs’ lawyers — or his own clients — to tell them he would be unable to attend.”
    WOW. For some reason this really shocked me. Certainly not what I would expect. Sounds like someone will be making a little less this year!


  2. JBJ

    I don’t know if anyone else saw Cam Newton on ESPN talking about Martin Luther King. The segment was called something like “Content of Character”. I almost fell off the treadmill. It turns my stomach to see the way the NCAA and ESPN have portrayed Newton as an outstanding person with character and charisma. I know people change, but between his Father asking for money and his own actions when he was caught with a stolen laptop I just can’t get passed his past.


  3. BenG

    I wish CFN and Steele would stop giving UGA any credit in their off-season/pre-season stuff. It just makes the failures look that much worse.


  4. Cousin Eddie

    On the Newton book, what would Auburn pay to get it NOT published and what would Bama pay to GET it published would be the bidding war.


  5. 69Dawg

    After reading the excessive celebration article I am madder at the SEC officials than ever. If what the UT QB Bray did in the bowl game the throat slash at the other team’s bench was not tauting then there is no such thing. I realize these were not SEC officials but that is so SEC like. The SEC selectively enforces more calls and non-calls than any other conference. Fairly would have been flagged and fines in the NFL for the hits he made on Aaron but the SEC ref just ignores them. There is no holding on the offense line in the SEC there is a a flag for tackling a DL but short of a tackle it is not holding. There is no call for taunting in the SEC but don’t call attention to yourself or it’s 15. We are doomed, our players celebrate a good tackle in a loosing game. I guarantee at least one loss in 2011 because of this rule and it will be on the Defense because I don’t think our O will score that much. The NCAA is trying their best to suck all the emotion out of the game and I think they have found a sure fire way of doing it.


  6. DamnGoodDawg

    We finished ranked #69, ugh. Guess we all got some crow to eat thanks to Andrea Adleson (sp?).


  7. Bulldog Joe

    Even she overestimated Georgia, ranking them up at #64.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    “NCAA enforcement coming under more scrutiny.”

    Uh oh. Expect some out-of-contention, non-BCS bowl-bound school to pay the price.

    Georgia, you better not lose your first two games or you are in the cross-hairs.