“This is clearly a public health issue.”

Is there a single item in this article you find surprising?



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16 responses to ““This is clearly a public health issue.”

  1. dean

    I find it surprising that the numbers aren’t higher. Let’em run that test on fall Saturdays in the south.


  2. RomanDawg

    And in unrelated but equally shocking news, the Pope is still Catholic……


  3. Spike

    I’m Shocked SCHOCKED!! there is gambling going on in there. At least there was no government grant used to determine this.


  4. crapsandwich

    Look get a designated driver young people and have a great time and if you tear up the North Area Campus, I know you will pick up your mess.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, GO STATE U!!!!” continued Dr. Erickson, doing a backflip onto a keg behind his desk.


  6. Paul

    Hah this is a great comment onthe article:

    Listen I am a Jets fan, and its my God given right to be drunk, loud and stupid. I will just walk to the games..By the way..we come in a bus with 20 drunken idiots plus one recovered drunk –who happens to be a priest.. So was that covered in the survey.. That we have a sober idiot driving us home.


  7. David

    In a related study: Sky blue, water wet.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    No s*!t Sherlock.


  9. Reptillicide

    I think the most surprising thing in that article is that scientists conducted a study to ascertain what we already know.



  10. Ausdawg85

    Is that a photo of Stafford’s beer keg toss?


  11. X-Dawg

    Only 8% legally drunk? We can do better than that!


  12. diving duck

    I’d like to know the percentage drunk walking out of the Stanford student section after a night game.


  13. Stoopnagle

    Funny. I usually go in with a strong buzz and leave less inebriated than when I went in. (I abstain from carrying contraband).

    I usually take care of that in the after-gate.


  14. Mayor of Dawgtown

    It would depend on who got tested. When I was at UGA if they tested the male students leaving the game, the results would have been 8% sober, 92% drunk and 100% drinking some amount.


  15. shane#1

    This reminds me of the article on the front page of the AJC a few years ago that stated that teenagers’ brains were not fully mature. Well, who would have thunk it? Not I, all I did was raise two of them! Just how much money do taxpayers like myself have to fork out for these pearls of wisdom anyway?