Let’s start the bidding at $1,000.

This really chaps my ass.

The University of Washington will be auctioning off star quarterback Jake Locker’s #10 jersey – from the Huskies’ victory at the Holiday Bowl – at a fundraiser and auction on Feb. 2.

The $85 entry fee to UW’s “Signing Day Celebration and Auction” includes food, drink, and a chance to bid on a number of prizes, including a “framed and autographed #10 jersey stained from the red paint on the field at the L.A. Coliseum.”

(In layman’s terms, that’s Jake Locker’s jersey from the Dawgs’ stunning upset in the Holiday Bowl on Dec. 30.)

Yep, that’s Mark Emmert’s former employer hosting the auction.

The only touch that could make it all the more perfect would be if the winning bidder were an agent.


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31 responses to “Let’s start the bidding at $1,000.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Not to mention the fact that the columnist calls the Huskies ‘Dawgs’. Copycat!

    I know student athletes voluntarily pledge to remain amateur, but enough is enough already of everyone else profiting off their names. Put it in a trust fund for disabled former college football players.

    • anon

      Only people in Washington call UW the Dawgs.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Mississippi State people call their Bulldogs the “Dawgs”, too. I pointed out to them that if you say “Dawgs” most places outside of Starkville, and basically anywhere outside of Mississippi, people think Georgia. I think he was too drunk or stupid to understand what I was saying.

        Kinda like the people at Washington are too stupid to spot the hypocrisy of doing the exact thing that would get their student athletes suspended. How much money are you really going to get for a Jake Locker jersey from the Holiday Bowl? A grand? Maybe two or three? Even at a school like Washington that probably isn’t flush with money like the Georgias or Alabamas or Southern Cals of the world, that’s not even a drop in the bucket. So what’s the point of doing it, especially the first offseason after it was such a huge issue not just here at Georgia, but UNC, Ohio State, etc.?

  2. Silver Creek Dawg

    Are they sure this jersey is from the Holiday Bowl?

    That game is played in San Diego, not the LA Coliseum.

    The jersey might be from beating the Trojans in LA, which I believe UDub did this season.

  3. Brandon

    I blame talk radio personally.

  4. heyberto

    It’s not like Georgia is immune, guys.

    Shorter version – Knowshon’s Blackout Jersey from the 2007 Blackout game fetched $10,500 at and auction that took place at the Senior Gala that was held in December of the same year.

    Make’s A.J.’s $1000.00 sale look kind of lame, huh?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You make an excellent point Heyberto. Part of the NCAA rationale for AJ’s suspension was that the buyer must be an “agent” and was trying to actually buy a relationship with AJ by overpaying for his jersey. The truth is the guy got a bargain–a first team AA and future All-Pro’s jersey worth many thousands of dollars for a lousy grand. The NCAA is not only corrupt but their minions are stupid as well.

  5. I’ve never been one for Confederate nostalgia, but is there any way we can secede from the NCAA?

    • Normaltown Mike

      absolutely, its a voluntary association.

      since they snubbed Adams, he might be just the man to lead the secessionist movement.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        So Adams is as popular with the ncaa as he is with UGA.

      • Brandon

        The United States was a voluntary association also.

        • gernblanski

          But if there is anythind holding these two institutions together it is college sports. You cannot be a member of the NCAA if your institution is outside of the US.

          Secede from the US and you secede from the NCAA. Do you really want to play a bunch of NAIA schools?

          • The key is to get the power conferences to follow. If they do, what is the NCAA left with?

            • Of course, the SEC will have an opening as Kentucky is nearly certain to stick with the NCAA if history holds.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                If you could get the major conferences to revive the old CFA that could easily be molded to take the place of the NCAA for football. Change the name to “College Athletics Association” and it would serve for all sports. The NCAA only exists because the member institutions allow it to exist. If the SEC, the premier conference in all of college sports, said it would no longer be under the NCAA umbrella, the Big-12, Big-10, ACC and the PAC-10 would all follow suit in a heartbeat. Every one of those conferences has schools that are at the top of the conference that has had issues with the NCAA relatively recently. That may be why the NCAA acted as it did in the Newton case–fear of pushing the SEC over the edge and thereby committing sports hari-kari. Personally, I think the NCAA is nothing but a bunch of chicken-sh!t empty suits.

  6. Macallanlover

    From a pure PR perspective, could there be any worse timing of rubbing the issue in everyone’s face? I don’t recall a year where there has been as much discussion of someone profiting from memorabilia of the college game and exploitation of athletes. Now some nitwit picks this particular time to use a player’s bowl jersey to raise money. The ink isn’t even dry on the Ohio State fiasco, much less AJ’s situation.

    • DawgPhan

      They didnt pick this year to make money, I am sure they do this every single year, just like every other college in the country with a booster willing to pay for a jersey. UGA, UF, USC, Ohio State, and Washington.

      This is just like the plaque issue a couple of weeks ago at UGA. Every year they print plaques with the bowl win, and every blue moon they have to change them. but this year it was defcon 1 when it happened.

      • Macallanlover

        You are probably right, if it were my call I might have cancelled those plans this year due to the sensitivity surrounding the controversy, or been less public about it.

        • DawgPhan

          No one wouldn’t. No one in that position would cancel the silent auction portion of their senior gala because some kid in the country got in trouble for breaking the rules.

          You must be super pissed at this..


          • Macallanlover

            Yes, I would have cancelled those. A thousand dollars (or a few) is miniscule in it’s impact to a budget that size. People that make bad decisions over pennies are poor managers.

            The NCAA, and it’s member institutions, have a “big picture” problem and little nits (like the GM plane issue in 2009) get blown out of proportion by many. Better to die in bigger battlefields. I am not super POed over any of this, just commenting. It is frustrating to watch executives/managers trip over their own feet.

            • DawgPhan

              Nothing like knee jerk reactions to keep your job…Suffice it to say that no one in the country who gets to make those decisions shares your opinion, which is fortunate that we dont have to deal with tons of knee jerk reactions around the country when someone else gets in trouble.

              I mean the rule is based on UGA players and UGA has for as long as I can remember held these auctions and they have for at least couple of years held on-going auctions for game worn uniforms and other player memorabilia.

  7. Stoopnagle

    Jake gets to keep his bowl jersey, so he must have donated it back to UW for that purpose.

    Does this cheapen the memory of his keepsake?

  8. Rusdawg

    You hope Cecil Newton buys the jersey?

    That’s what you meant by agent….right?

  9. shane#1

    This is an outrage! Everybody is on double secret probation. This is goimg on your permanent record!

  10. Anonymous

    The rules allow Jake Locker to sell his, jersey, too, or anything else he owns. Jake Locker has used his eligibility. Likewise, Clint Boling Kris Durham and Akeem Dent can sell jerseys, autographs, Liberty Bowl souvenirs and whatever and neither the players or UGA get penalized.