Mid-major power play

Who says the little guy can’t stick to the man now and then?

… Speaking to the Idaho Statesman, commissioner Craig Thompson says that his conference’s athletic directors are in favor of the Boise State-TCU game, scheduled to be played in Fort Worth, being moved to Boise.  2011 will be the Broncos’ first season as part of the MWC.

If the TCU game were moved, one of Boise’s other conference home games – Air Force, New Mexico, Wyoming and San Diego State — would be switched to an away game.

The Statesman reports that the final decision will be made by the presidents of the member schools, and that it will take a majority vote to change venues.  Seeing as TCU does not have a vote in their final year in the league, it’s safe to assume the game, which does not yet have a firm date, will be moved to Boise.

Nice thanks for all that bowl money TCU brought in the past couple of seasons, eh?

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  1. Macallanlover

    Not sure that conference splits bowl monies like the SEC does. When we played the Bows in NOLA, I recall they kept all of the money. They may have changed the policy since that windfall, plus my mind is sliding annually so I can’t be sure. I am pretty sure that Hawaii’s recruiting budget at the time was $56K. Given the travel costs of their locale, and other observations, they seemed to be reduced to doing all their recruiting near the tatoo parlors, and half-way houses on the islands.