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It’s official.

Let the speculation begin.


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Thursday brunch buffet

A late morning nosh for you –

  • The Quad offers a few more details on the Ron Franklin lawsuit.
  • Per Chris Low, Stacy Searels is reportedly getting more than $400,000 to coach Texas’ offensive line.  Any question why he’s leaving?
  • Georgia Tech broadcaster Wes Durham manages an entire column on why regular season interest in college basketball is on the decline without mentioning March Madness. (h/t Toom)
  • Manny Diaz and the fire zone blitz.
  • Lots of coaching moves back and forth between the college ranks and the NFL.
  • The NCAA’s vice president of enforcement doesn’t know if her folks are any busier these days, but they’re sure under more scrutiny.
  • In related news, Mark Emmert thinks he needs a security detail.


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“Signing day is not as clear as it used to be.”

Interesting story posted over at Oversigning.com:

“I feel like I was lied to. I feel like they weren’t 100 percent honest with me the whole time,” Green said Wednesday. “They knew how many guys they were bringing in. They knew they were going to be cutting it close. It’s not like the numbers changed.

“Coach Huxtable told me that I would be the first high school guy they would bring in. The first guy after all of the juco players and then they brought in Joey Grant (Altamonte Springs Lake Brantley). They brought in Joey and Coach Huxtable told me I would be first in line. He lied to me.”

Upon further review, though, the kid’s story has changed.

Deion Green has thought about his situation.

And he’s figured out that he isn’t so much frustrated as he is disappointed that he was unable to enroll early at UCF last week.

He’s still sure about his commitment. He’s firm with UCF.

“Still 100 percent firm,” said the 6-foot-3, 215-pound defensive end from Orlando Edgewater said late Wednesday night in a second interview with the Sentinel. “I love that school.”

A change of heart after sleeping on it?  A realization that his options are limited, since he doesn’t have any other offers in hand?  Your guess is as good as mine.


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You can take it to the bank. Really.

If you wonder why I don’t spend much time indulging in recruiting speculation here, take a look at something ESPN’s recruiting expert posted yesterday in his chat:

Tom (Scranton)

How much does the loss of Tuitt hurt ND’s class?

Craig Haubert

(3:46 PM)

The Fighting Irish have been doing well on the recruiting trail and are closing strong. The pick-up of Ishaq Williams was big & getting A. Lynch back was even bigger. So there are positives for ND as far as recruiting defensive help. I do though think that the loss of Tuitt stings some. He is a great fit for the DE spot in their 34 defense and I felt like he was a key part of that classes front 7 haul. Not the end of the world – win some, loss some, but I don’t think his departure should be just brushed off.

clint (tennessee)

with the recent switching of stephon tuitt from notre dame to georgia tech, is there a possibility that tuitt allows brian kelly to use his in-home visit to sway him one more time, or is this a done deal? thanks.

Craig Haubert

(3:47 PM)

Also on that subject. It looks like it is a done deal & he signs w/ GT. Also think it is a great get for the Yellow Jackets who also run a 34.

The punchline, as you can probably guess, is that within a few hours of that pronouncement, Tuitt switched his commitment back to the Irish.

The five-star defensive end from Monroe Area High School, who flipped from the Fighting Irish in order to commit to Georgia Tech on Tuesday, confirmed to the AJC late Wednesday night that he flipped back to Notre Dame. Elapsed time on the de-commit/re-commit: About 30 hours.

“What a day!” Tuitt said.

Tuitt said he had a change of heart after Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly and several defensive coaches made an in-home visit Wednesday night.

Pretty much the exact opposite of what Haubert called.  Why people get wrapped up in other people’s sense of what seventeen-year old kids may do – not to mention spend money for the privilege of doing so – is one of life’s little mysteries for me.


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