From the outside looking in

Here’s Thomas Brown, talking about how he perceived recent problems with Georgia’s program:

“I think you can solve most problems with more competition,” he said. “I think that’s one of the biggest things that’s different from when I was here as a player (to) what’s here now. I came in as a highly-recruited, No. 1 running back in the state of Georgia, No. 2 or three in the nation, and came in I was No. 7 on the depth chart of eight running backs. And I had to compete.

“I think that kind of makes guys raise their level of expectations. I think it’s harder for guys to be motivated when they kind of know they’re guaranteed to play.”

It’s not like he played in the Stone Age.  He’s talking about a motivational issue that’s developed in the last three or four years.


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21 responses to “From the outside looking in

  1. Section Z alum

    thrilled that t brown is back.

    worried that he thinks competition has dropped.

    happy with recruiting mo.


  2. dean

    I agree with TB. To me it seems a sense of entitlement has developed over the last 3-4 years. The players aren’t “hungry”. They don’t play with the proverbial chip on their shoulder. During the early Mark Richt era players had something to prove. However now it’s like the players think just because they show up they’re going to win.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Thomas Brown gets it.

    When we made a habit of going #1’s vs#2’s or #1’s vs. scout team in practice, the competition level dropped significantly.


  4. These Facts are also not in dispute

    I am also glad to see him say these things. I think that has been Richts biggest issue is his loyalty. I think we need more competition, and with these young players coming in, I WANT to see them compete. Especially Jay Rome at Tight End and Mitchell at WR. We have some WRs but how much better will it be if they all have to work their best to play?


  5. gatriguy

    I think a big part of the problem came between the 07 and 08 season. That team got lazy b/c they knew Stafford and Moreno could bail them out, ie) Kentucky and Auburn of that year. But when they left, the team just stayed lazy. No one got more out of what he was given than Thomas Brown and no one was more respected by the team during his time. The philosophy and science can be learned, but the passion and work ethic have to come from within, which he clearly has. Glad he’s back around the program. Now if Richt could only get Boss back around the team more…


  6. NCT

    Here’s a quick solution: start oversigning recruits to send the message that if you don’t work your tail off and prove your worth to the team, you’re gonna lose your scholarship. I’m not serious.


    • Castleberry

      I think you should be serious. I think a modest amount of oversigning would put us in better shape to handle behavior problems and slackers. Forget playing time, you’ll really make guys hungry if they’re thinking about their scholarship.

      How many b-ball players transferred away the last couple of years? Look at the overall talent level in that program. Far better in two short seasons.


      • Bulldog Joe

        I believe you are seeing a change this year.

        I have seen reports were are offering some grey shirts and are signing a larger class this year, anticipating our normal turnover rate.

        We are not oversigning to SEC West levels, but we are not going to continue to penalize ourselves down to 80-81 active scholarships and have no one in waiting when the normal rate of turnover occurs.

        It is a step in the right direction and Greg McGarity is having a positive impact on making us competitive again.


    • 69Dawg

      Alabama keeps recruiting no matter how many verbals they have. At the end of recruiting period they either don’t sign the marginal verbals, grayshirt them or they kick some upperclassmen to the curb. We are bring a knife to a gun fight with our we quit recruiting as soon as we have our limit of verbals. Look at what Da’Rick Rogers cost us by backing out at the last minute.


      • Bulldog Joe

        Alabama and most of the SEC teams wait until fall enrollment day (after spring practice and summer workout evaluations) to determine who to sign and who to move.


  7. Will Trane

    What is some of the word on the offensive line coach replacement. Do not think CMR can a lot of time on this like last year with the DC position. That hurt. Needs to move hard on this ASAP with a nice comp package in hand along with an open line to McGarity.
    This hire could be huge for UGA. I want to see an offensive line that mauls teams on the field, time of possession, snaps, scoreboard, and is deep. Never understood how CSS managed to have such a short line. That alone started me to question him after being so high on him in 2008. McClendon did not move the RBs but you can damn rest assure Brown will.


  8. Bad M

    I just saw Malcolm Mitchell set up a facebook page today. Dawgs need to go on and welcome him to the Nation.


  9. WooooHoooo I am liking all this-one thing I have learned my Brothers it is all about Momentum-everything in life


  10. WFdawg

    Loved Brown’s remarks that he would push players either to get better or quit. Now that’s red meat.


  11. Spike

    If TB is correct, then we do have some problems.


  12. Red Blackman

    Red Blackman remains apathetic.

    Gene Cheezdick drives Ford trucks.

    Red Blackman will never drive a Ford truck……ever.


  13. DawgBiscuit

    That’s an impostor! The Thomas Brown I remember would have taken at least 1000 words to say that, with paragraph breaks between every sentence.