Mike Slive knows nothink, nothink.

Gene Wojciechowski has an oh, snap! moment at Mike Slive’s well-deserved expense:

… According to SEC doctrine, Mississippi State should have presented a formal response to the league within 30 days of reporting the Newton allegations. It didn’t. January became February. February eventually became late summer before details finally emerged.

The widely respected Greg Sankey, who oversees the league’s compliance department as associate commissioner, was interested in discovering the truth. But the SEC’s own protocol required Mississippi State to become CSI Starkville. The league junked its investigative department not long after Mike Slive was hired as SEC commissioner in 2002. How’s that working out?

If the SEC got beat up (and it did) because those policies were questioned, it’s partly the league’s fault. The Big Ten concluded its inquiry into the Pryor & Co. situation in less than a week. But the SEC couldn’t nudge its institutions to move things along in less than seven months?

Hey, if you can’t investigate, it must mean there was nothing to investigate in the first place, right?


Artist's representation of what SEC's investigative officer would look like, if he existed.


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21 responses to “Mike Slive knows nothink, nothink.

  1. 81 Dog

    Slive must have studied at the Clinton School of Crisis Management. The basic plan there?
    1. Deny any wrongdoing.
    2. Blame allegations of wrongdoing on “people with an agenda” (ie, the jealous haters).
    3. Drag feet.
    4. Never admit anything more than you are 100% certain can be proved.
    5. Stonewall.
    6. After stonewalling for several months, proclaim the investigation to be “old news,” point out that “it’s just the same thing that’s already been adressed months ago” (regardless of whether it has, or perhaps, especially if it hasn’t), and inform everyone that “we’ve all moved on, nobody cares about this.”

    Auburn seems to be running this offense (because we all know the best defense is a good offense) to a T.


    • Michael

      I’ll let you in on a little secret, Clinton was not the first and most assuredly will not be the last person who has engaged in these tactics when caught with his pants down. Clinton bashing is so banal.


    • Rival

      Pretty sure that can be attributed to any politician who ever lived.

      Please no politics on this site. Pretty sure the Senator has expressed that before.

      Don’t dirty our college football with politics.


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Too late Rival. Been done plenty. Pops up every once in a while then we all swear it off till the next time.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Slime…er…Slive is an embarrassment to intercollegiate athletics. The SEC will never have even the appearance of integrity as long as he is Commissioner. I honestly believe that the SEC office (with Slive involved personally) is using its refs to fix the outcomes of football games, particularly late in the season, to maximize bowl revenue.


  3. hailtogeorgia

    Colonel Klingt sagt, dass diese Vergleichung ihn beleidigt. Es gibt ein neuen Fuehrer, und er heisst Slive.


    • German major says:

      Colonel Klingt says that this comparison is insulting to him. There is a new Fuehrer and his name is Slive.


  4. mike

    IF the glove don’t fit….


  5. Will Trane

    Nothing personal against the SEC commish, but the guy gives me the creeps.


  6. How can Slive be removed? Fire Slive.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The presidents of the member universities of the SEC can take a vote and if a majority want him out he’s gone. The trouble is the SEC has made so much money during his tenure it would be difficult to get that many presidents to agree to can the guy. Plus I am sure they would have to pay a whopping severance unless they could fire him for cause. (Query: Wouldn’t participating in a scheme to fix games qualify as “cause” however?)


  7. 69Dawg

    Hey Auburn and Ole Piss have given us the blueprint for how to get away with it or at best minimize the damage just don’t self report anything or if you do claim that it was a mistake and no one understood what the rule was. Mark dials a wrong number and we shot ourselves in the foot as punishment when no other school in the conference would GAS. We have enough enemies in the SEC without being our own worst one.


  8. Spike

    You know who took it to a new level.


  9. shane#1

    The SEC is it’s own worst enemy at times. The ACC, the Big 10, and other conferences love to attack the SEC for being a bunch of money grubing cheaters that recruit thugs that don’t belong in college. The SEC in it’s wisdom keeps giving it’s enemys more ammo. I am Southern born and bred [sixth generation] and I want a conference I can be proud of, not a tainted Champion.