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Sunday morning buffet

A nibble here, a nibble there…

  • Yesterday, Southern Cal had the appeal hearing for the NCAA sanctions it received in the wake of the Bush mess.  What do you figure the over/under was on the number of times the Trojans mentioned the Newtons?
  • Kentucky thinks the Newtons are relevant precedent.  The NCAA disagrees.
  • It’s hard to pack much more stupid in a column than this guy does.  Does he not recall what happened the last time the NCAA faced off against a member institution over television rights?
  • Don’t laugh – according to these folks, Georgia had the ninth-most exciting college football regular season of 2010.
  • First down means everything.
  • In Todd Dodge’s first season at North Texas (2007), his assistant coaches were paid a total of $649,000.00.  Lane Kiffin can only shake his head over that.
  • Everybody comes to Georgia to recruit these days.
  • Not a good first day on the job for Stacey Searels, who saw his top recruit change his verbal commitment to Auburn.
  • The story on the number of kids Georgia can sign this year is clear as mud.


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I’ll take “Things You Probably Shouldn’t Say If You’re NCAA President” for $200, Alex.

What is

“I could make the argument right now there’s not enough money in college athletics,” he said.

Somewhere in America, Cecil Newton nods and quietly mutters, “Right on, brother.”


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