Sunday morning buffet

A nibble here, a nibble there…

  • Yesterday, Southern Cal had the appeal hearing for the NCAA sanctions it received in the wake of the Bush mess.  What do you figure the over/under was on the number of times the Trojans mentioned the Newtons?
  • Kentucky thinks the Newtons are relevant precedent.  The NCAA disagrees.
  • It’s hard to pack much more stupid in a column than this guy does.  Does he not recall what happened the last time the NCAA faced off against a member institution over television rights?
  • Don’t laugh – according to these folks, Georgia had the ninth-most exciting college football regular season of 2010.
  • First down means everything.
  • In Todd Dodge’s first season at North Texas (2007), his assistant coaches were paid a total of $649,000.00.  Lane Kiffin can only shake his head over that.
  • Everybody comes to Georgia to recruit these days.
  • Not a good first day on the job for Stacey Searels, who saw his top recruit change his verbal commitment to Auburn.
  • The story on the number of kids Georgia can sign this year is clear as mud.


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23 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Scott W.

    The entire time UGA spent trying to enter other recruiting markets allowed many programs to establish a better hold on the home state than the flagship. Hard to see that happen.

    • Macallanlover

      That is some major league thinking right there.

      • Scott W.

        Used to be that Alabama and Auburn took players from the Mississippi schools now it’s Georgia. Go ahead and marinate on that, Dorn.

        • Normaltown Mike

          Wait, you’re saying a state with 10 million people and the largest metro area in the South has other schools that recruit here?


          To think that schools from a state with 5 million people (Alabumma) or 2 million people (Missippi) go to the nearby state of 10 million people for players. Damn that Saban. How did he figure this out?

          It’s Richts fault.

          Vince Dooley would never let a player like George Rogers leave the Peach State. No school could even try to sign a talent like Charlie Ward away from Georgia. Deon Grant, Cosey Coleman and Jamal Lewis? Georgia born and bred. No way another school could sign them.

          • Scott W.

            Yes I am saying that the Atlanta recruiting area is vastly under represented in Athens and has been for quite some time. I didn’t assign blame though, you did. I also think that with such a large base to pull from, staying in Georgia to recruit would be a much better use of resources than chasing the next QB from Plant or Highland Park. I also think that using all of the talent the state has to offer would bring talent from other areas as Texas and Florida have illustrated. I think that it makes me sick to see an Auburn billboard in downtown Atlanta and on 316.

            • Normaltown Mike

              I agree that Georgia should recruit Georgia and Atlanta first. But you can’t “put a fence up” in a city that is made of transplants and has more players than Georgia could sign exclusively anyway. The reason we suck is because we suck. Not because somebody else has reinvented the wheel.

              And to split hairs, QB, RB and WR are unique positions that ought to be recruited anywhere. What QB from the state of Georgia would be better at running CMR’s offense than Murray-Jaybo Shaw? What QB from Georgia would have run the offense better than Stafford during his era-Blake Mitchell? CMR is never going to run a spread option so Cam is irrelevant to this question.

              CMR and/or Garner have absolutely failed in their approach at recruiting in recent years. More specifically, offering too many players too early and taking players from non football states for positions that are more than plentiful in Georgia (my bugaboo is LB. I’d rather sign 10 Jarvis Jackson’s for every one “5 Star” LB from Maryland).

              • Scott W.

                I’m not arguing to put a fence up but don’t assist them in recruiting to their team either. Recruits cause other recruits to come from their HS and continue to come when they go back to talk them as alumni. The overall attitude has to change in order for that to work.

    • anon

      Well sure, that, and the fact that GA produces more than 23 D1 athletes per year . . .

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      UGA is limited to 25 or so (perhaps a few more if one were to oversign) and there are WAY more good players than that in this state. Some are gonna go elsewhere. It’s inevitable.

  2. The Rodfather

    I think “Thuzz” needs to go back to the drawing board to rethink the parameters used to determine “excitement”. UAB #1? Close games with absolutely nothing on the line does not = excitement. GT #3? I love watching an offense that may throw it 5 times in a game. “the company is branching out into Premier League soccer and cricket” Now that sounds right up their alley. Also they have ratings for most exciting pastimes:
    #1. Watching clothes tumble in the dryer
    #2. Watching paint dry
    #3. Counting number of tiles in office ceiling

  3. HVL Dawg

    Thanks for the wikipedia link on NCAA v Board of Regents. Mr respect for Vince Dooley has been restored a notch. He and President Fred Davison were playing with big cojones.

  4. 69Dawg

    Strange but USC seemed to use the “we had no knowledge” defense in the first go round. If the NCAA backs off of this one then they might as well throw in the towel. Big difference between Bush and Cam, maybe not if the NCAA ever finds the evidence on Auburn but on what the findings were in the cases there is a huge difference.

    By the way did you read where the contractor that fixed Cecil’s church is now Cam’s agent. God works in mysterious ways.

    • Scott W.

      By the way did you read where the contractor that fixed Cecil’s church is now Cam’s agent. God works in mysterious ways.
      Just a coincidence nothing to see here.

    • WaRd Eagle


      re: “God works in mysterious ways.”

      Yes, yes he does.

      He allows grown “men” who bark in public places to get suckered by obsessed Alabama fans then post proof of their stupidity on the internets.

      Believe it or not, there is actually more than one person named Anthony Paige between two metros with a combined population of ~11MM.


      Well, probably non-butthurt people of normal intelligence.

      Way to go moron.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Ward, I’m sure most Georgia fans welcome you to come talk football with us, but if you want to call Dawg fans names, I’d suggest going to an Auburn blog and laughing it up with them.

        That said, it certainly seems that 69 Dawg’s comment hit close to home to draw that kind of reaction. Look, it’s OK to stop defending Cam Newton now. You got away with it. Congratulations. He and his dad broke NCAA rules, we all know they did, and we all know that it’s never going to be proven. The fact that we all know it happened, well, them’s the breaks. Sorry. I’m not even saying Auburn did anything wrong here, though the comments from some of those Mississippi State recruits on what Cam told them would certainly seem to suggest otherwise. All I’m saying is that Cecil admitted to trying to sell Cam to MSU, and if you actually believe Cam didn’t know what was going on, well, that’s willful ignorance. The rest of us aren’t Auburn fans, so we don’t feel the need to delude ourselves on that front.

        • WaRd Eagle

          You got me.

          You figured it out.

          69 Dawg’s comment sure “hit close to home”

          Much like this one…”if you actually believe Cam didn’t know what was going on, well, that’s willful ignorance”

          How, exactly, can someone be willfully ignorant of something that isn’t known to have happened?

  5. W Cobb Dawg

    With Lemay & Conley already in school and counting against last year’s 24, I’d have to figure they won’t be included in the 24 signees for Feb 2nd. So we have 5 spots to fill if all the verbals come through – to reach the full 24. Reading over the verbals to other sec programs, I’m struck by the number of players our opponents are signing from the State of Georgia. It’s always been high, but this year seems like a landslide. We can’t afford to hand schollys to walk-ons while opponents are syphoning off so much talent from this state.

  6. Regular Guy

    That was kinda interesting, the article about the teams with the most exciting seasons. It follows logic though that for the most part, your mediocre teams would be at the top of those rankings…….good enough to keep games close with good teams, not good enough to blow teams out very often in their wins. Likewise, the best teams would logically come in low since they usually will have a bunch of blowout wins in there.

    I’d love nothing more than to have the most boring 14-0 season ever, though!

  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Why can’t we make a run at Mac McWhorter to be the new OL coach? I know he said he’s retired but he’s only about 63 and I cannot believe that he wouldn’t come back to Athens if approached right and the money was good.

  8. Go Dawgs!

    The season WAS exciting. All those close finishes… it was also soul-crushing.

  9. By Georgia We Did It

    Anything with UAB at #1 is not worth squat. If I was coming up with that ranking and I found out UAB was at the top, I’d throw it all away and do something else. What a waste of time for the writer/surveyor and for me. Can I get the 3 minutes it took me to read it back?