Old times there are not forgotten.

I’m not sure if this (h/t MrSEC.com) is a tale of an elected official trolling for the redneck vote or of a Mississippi State fan finding yet another way to twist the knife into a rival fan base, but either way, it’s definitely stirring the pot.


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  1. Will Trane

    I’m amazed at that! Really. It would be like PETA telling UF that they can not use “gators” because the the alligators in the Everglades are offended and they are endangered or many hate the gators and could take it out on those in the Everglades.
    Now how many grads have there been at Ole Miss since its charter. And now they have to call themselves the little smokey bears.
    Thank goodness some loon or politically correct yahoo has not pushed to drop the Dawgs and Gators to be the “Peach Boys” or the “Sunshine Boys”.
    Hell, its fooball not the world of the bizarre politically correct. Do they need to blot-out all the recordation of Ole Miss sports due to the word “Reb” or “Dixie”. I once requested a DJ to play Elvis’ “American Trilogy”. Said he could not because it was “not politically correct”.
    It maybe considered a poor, uneducated state that Mississippi, but I’d take a degree from them any day from many north of the Mason-Dixie.
    Stanford Cardinals, Stanford Indians, Utah Utes, FSU Seminoles, we are playing sports here people not trying to sanitize something.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    He might be dropping bait for suckers and cornering some opponents too. A few poor schlubs in the legislature out there will be getting angry letters asking how come they didn’t support the bill.


  3. shane#1

    Oh, he’s twisting the knife alright. Of course, a few redneck votes won’t hurt, but what is better than putting your enemy in an awkward posistion and leaving him to twist slowly in the wind?


  4. tdawgjenkins

    can i listen to old man river or read mark twain, a white guy has to know these things,wish they would make a pamplet,sorry i said ‘they’hope that did not offend anybody


  5. Wolfman

    I would be pissed if there were state legislation determining what the Redcoat Band could or could not play. The media networks do enough of that on their own.


  6. meatybob

    Its got to be a ruse. And to be frank, if it is a ruse and this is nothing more than college rivalry fun, it is pretty funny.

    Although I was surprised to read that Ole Miss can’t even play Dixie. Kinda wow.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      UGA banned Dixie more than 30 years ago.


      • Go Dawgs!

        Meanwhile, our friends at Georgia Tech, more sophisticated and urban though they may be, continue to use a refrain from “Dixie” in “Ramblin’ Wreck”. So, yeah, keep calling us rednecks, nerds.