What’s the opposite of a hot seat meme?

Montana has taken notice of Georgia’s 2011 commitment list.


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  1. What fresh hell is this?

    Sure hope people give CMR a chance to develop this years recruiting class, but I’m not holding my breath. The high expectations that come from this class will probably give the Richt haters an even shorter fuse, and before the new recruits have even had a chance to contribute.

    I’m thinking 2012-13 could really be something special for UGA football.

    • JBJ

      I don’t see how this class hastens his demise with higher expectations. If anything, it helps his situation since people may feel at least he can recruit stellar athletes. If UGA has a good 2011 season, then he will get his chance to develop this class. What is a _good_ season? Well that’s what everyone will argue about. Hopefully we will go undefeated and not have to worry about it.

      • Dawgfan Will

        I agree totally.

        • simpl_matter

          Indeed. Can there be a bigger vote of confidence coming from elite recruits? They are betting with their futures, deciding on UGA & Richt says all I need to know. They believe in him as a coach and in his system at UGA.

          I love that they already consider themselves a “Team” and are calling the still unsigned recruits out when they declare. Looking forward to this class holding eachother accountable and maybe (just maybe) seeing some of them actually play their senior year instead of going pro early!

          Jenkins is still the biggest piece of the success pie for 2011.

  2. gernblanski

    Senator – this is a fair question. How is Mandel paid a handsome salary by a respected sports journalism organization? Everything this guy does contradicts his earlier work.

    He’ll post a blog post that Richt is on the hot seat, submit a story defending Richt but that UGA is overrated or underachieving, then have tweet like this where all is well. It’s not just UGA stuff either, all of his work seems wildly contradictory.

    Do you have any contacts at SI or the national media – where a reasoned thoughtful voice like yours can be an asset – that you can leverage into an additional gig?

    • Go Dawgs!

      Then again, perhaps there’s something to be said for adjusting your theories based on the introduction of new evidence, like the sudden flock of blue-chippers casting their lots with Georgia.

      • gernblanski

        Yeah but Mandel’s fluctuations wild and he will contradict himself from media touchpoint to touchpoint in the same week.

        Watch .. he will follow up this tweet with a blog post about 2011 being Richt’s last year at UGA. Of course, his SI print article that wraps up recruiting will rank UGA high talk about all their momentum for the new season and peg them as a darkhorse to win the East.

        For Mandel its not new evidence just flittering thoughts racing through his mind when he is banging out new content on the closest device at hand.

      • biggusrickus

        I’ve seen Mandel contradict himself within a single column.

  3. Bad M

    Sometimes you can ride the momentum. Mostly down, but this is nice upward momentum. I think this says a lot about Aaron Murray. It’s not easy to find a good QB to play with and to time it where you will be able to play with him for a while. The QB has proven to be more important than the head coach lately. Now AM has proven he is more than just hype. And he is likely to stay for a while. Who in the SEC would you want to join up with at this time? Garcia; Brantley? – Only 1 more year and they still have their ups and downs. Bray? – The team is still recovering from that trainwreck from Cali.

  4. simpl_matter

    What a huge pick-up. I wish I would have put together a list of the blogs that were mocking the Dream Team or Richt’s ability to land it over the last year (AJC’s Schultzie stands out), I’d love to hear them try to spin this negative. Richt & crew are getting it done, great day to be a Dawg! I’m not counting Crowell or Jenkins onboard just yet but, the bus is nearly full of top-tier talent.

    Last season aside, if you’re not happy with Richt & Co. today, you’re not a Dawg!!!

  5. HVL Dawg

    Coach Richt must be the King of the In Home Visit.

    • Comin' Down The Track

      I’m thinking he picked up a trick or two from old Hot Bobby! along the way. Bowden used to have the finishing move to end all finishing moves back in the day.

  6. AlphaDawg

    Drew is a great get for CMR. If Jenkins signs then so i he. But on Offense he needs to focus on coaching the players he has already. Most of this class will redshirt. Crowell will too if he chooses UGA, he has never been asked to block or pick up blitzs and we know Richt will not play them if they can’t.

    • simpl_matter

      Dunno about that, Ealey was not nearly as talented & he played….

    • Jeff Sanchez

      No way IC or many of these guys take a shirt.

      2011 CMR does NOT have that luxury

    • RandallPinkFloyd

      You’re crazy if you think Isiah, Drew, or any of these WRs reshirt. Richt ain’t going down without a fight and the evidence is mounting that these uber talents cannot be redshirted. What good what a redshirt do for Crowell, he gone in 3 years, anyways. Also, in case Richt seals his fate with a bad year, playing these freshmen means they stay in Athens if Richt leaves.

    • AlphaDawg

      I hope i’m wrong and they do play. But, i’ve seen nothing in CMR/CMB past to say IC plays early. Last year we needed help in the running game and he didn’t pull Malcome’s RS.

      I can see Drew playing early and hopefully a few of the LB/DB that signed this year too.

      • sUGArdaddy

        No offense, AlphaDawg, but there’s no way these guys redshirt. You can count on Swann, Marshall, Drew, Crowell, playing Mitchell. Maaaaaaybe Rome redshirts, but I think we’ll try to play him just because.

        Richt knows it starts on Sept. 3 on Peachtree St. and all hands will be on deck.

      • King Jericho

        Didn’t Washaun Ealey play as a true freshman? That was two years ago. If everything I hear about this gentleman is true, he’ll be playing early and often.

  7. Brandon

    Hopefully, the people up top realize that Richt has been missing a defense the last few years. He is not a defensive coach, he has not forgotten how to coach. If we can start playing good D again, we’ll start winning again, just like 2001-05.

    • Russ


      I agree. I still think if we had a shut-down defense (or just a good defense), we’d be contending every year for the SEC, and likely winning.

    • + 1. He certainly has not forgotten how to coach & the Dawgs will show that starting immediately.

      • Spence

        If these dl folks come on board we start looking good. Abry, Tyson, and Jenkins on the line makes me smile.

        • Will (the other one)

          Quality depth on the DLine would make me smile. We really didn’t have it in 2010 (our undersized NT played every snap in more than one game).
          Fix that and the secondary’ll look better too.

  8. Jim

    I’ll say one thing for the guy – he is trying and he’s going “all-in”. Consenting to opening with boise state on a national stage and hammering the recruiting trail shows me he’s trying hard.

    I’ll maintain my “healthy skepticism” about what we’ll see on the field but good news on the recruiting front is more than welcome.

  9. The Original Cynical in Athens

    This is awesome. It’s nice to finally start having some positive momentum, and that has definitely been created on the recruiting trail this year.

    Bobo and Richt are busting ass in South Georgia, and that is where the championships come from. We now have kids from Columbus, Thomasville, Valdosta, Camilla and Moultrie. We have not been getting the best kids out of there for a while, so it is good to see them rededicating to the rural kids.

    Jenkins is still the key to this class, as we don’t have the centerpiece for the 3-4, but if we manage to snag him and Crowell, it will have been an unreal close by Coach Richt and Company.

    I don’t think that the staff will have the luxury of redshirting these kids either, so next year will be wild to see 12-15 true freshmen playing from week 1.

    • The Original Cynical in Athens

      And Rochelle, how can anyone forget Rochelle? By the way, seems to be forgotten, but the kid we have coming from Rochelle is the best athlete to come out of Georgia in a long time. If you have a few minutes, you should check out the youtube of what he did to Hawkinsville in basketball a few weeks back.

  10. Vincent

    trying not to get too excited, especially since with the exception of 2010 most of our recruiting classes have been pretty good on paper. But this is welcome news. I’m still VERY skeptical after the last two years but I would love nothing more than to see Richt silence the doubtors, me included.

    • Jim

      +1. Either Richt will make me look bad or the cupboard will be stacked for the next coaching staff.

      • Dawgfan Will

        +1. It’s as close as a win-win situation as can be had now that we’ve bid farewell to the steaming turd of 2010.

    • merk

      The last few classes had a bunch of 4 star talent, but few 5 stars.

      In fact…the last 2 5 stars we have gotten AJ and B. Smith are both very good. Smith just suffers from being a bit too skinny to play corner, but do not doubt his athleticism.

      I’m sure Grantham sold Drew hard on 3 yrs with me and you’ll be a high Frist rounder. Houston went from good to possible 1st rounder in 1 season.

  11. Derek

    A couple thoughts:
    1) This has been an amazing job by Richt and staff to put together this sort of class given the current state of the program. While its apparent there are a lot of opportunities for young guys to contribute early, that incentive is generally offset by worries of staff changes.
    2) One has to wonder whether the recruits impressions of CMR’s job stability are entirely different from the fan base’s and if so why. I think that everybody has concluded that another mediocre season and CMR is gone. Do the recruits think that is not the case or do they think it just won’t happen?
    3) What are the recruits being told about what the problem has been and why it won’t continue?
    4) While we’ve always recruited well, being Top Ten nationally often puts you fifth or sixth in the SEC. That’s where we’ve been lately. This class appears to be a dramatic improvement over the last several and very likely will be the best in the CMR era. Is this class a reflection on a better than usual talent pool in the state on a given year? Does this class suggest that we have been mistaken in trying to recruit nationally and lost focus on in state guys? Does this class suggest that recruiting, like other aspects of the program, had become fat and lazy?

    At the end of the day, a class like this should buy some patience from the fan base, but unless we get some good news out of Carver next week it is going to be a real challenge to improve on the field results in 2011. If our OL can start pushing people aroud and Ealey and King get the heads right we can run the ball w/o Crowell but I just won’t believe that until I see it. If we can’t run we won’t be successful. We just had a kid challenge all sorts of passing records this year and we ended up 6-7. We HAVE to run the ball and we don’t even have a true fullback on the roster.

    • Jim

      Do people think King will play? I figured after his latest academic suspension he would either be off the team or quietly moved to the bottom of the depth chart (permanently)

      • Vincent

        it’s cool we have Carlton Thomas

      • Dawgfan Will

        Man, I apparently haven’t been paying enough attention to Caleb King’s situation. I had no idea that things had gone this far south for him.

        • Jim

          i was referring to his bowl game suspension for academics. two different suspensions in one season ain’t a recipe for playing time. just wonder how much the staff is willing to put up with him

  12. AlphaDawg

    Am I the only one who is pissed that it took 3 years of diminishing returns to get CMR attention?

    Now lets see if he can alter his personnel and coaching philosophy and put these Freshman to use.

    • AlphaDawg

      Sorry I sound so pissy. We were out of coffee at the office this am and i’ve been on a tear since about 10:30

    • merk

      I think a lot of it had to do with McGarity. McGarity has been making changes and so far they all seem to be headed in the right direction. Evans may not have been bad, but he was not good.

      • Jim

        yeah – i thought evans was great until his fall. looks like he might not have been all he was cracked up to be.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Actually, DE was a terrible AD but the money masked what a bad job he had been doing about everything else. Read yesterday’s blogs about him letting the S&C problems fester–in fact he caused those problems.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        Agreed. McGarity doesn’t seem like the type to stand by and let problems fester.

  13. H-Town Dawg

    The Dawgs have picked up not just a tremendous athlete and football player but a true leader for his incoming class and the team as a whole. The true value of Rev. Ray Drew will continue to show itself over the course of his career. This is just the beginning. Now we need to gather in Crowell, Jenkins and Pagan for sure. And maybe Richardson and Turene too.

  14. Remember What Spurrier Said

    Steve Spurrier said about Ray Goff……”He gets all those good players but what’s he doing with’em?”
    Richt had Knowshon Moreno and Mathew Stafford and couldn’t win a championship……due to the lame ass offensive line and the offensive line remains lame until proven otherwise.

    • Dawg3fan4

      Yep all they got him was 2nd in the nation, in a year a team with the same record won it all. Never did anything with them at all.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The O-line was a problem but the real problem during that stretch was the D.

    • RedCrake

      There’s certainly been considerable underachievement on the part of some of Richt’s classes… but one thing he’s done with all those good players is go 4-3 against Steve Spurrier.

    • biggusrickus

      They went 21-5 with those two guys despite an average (’07) and bad (’08) defense. The defense has been bad for three years. That’s the issue. The O-Line has been mostly okay during that span. They haven’t been outstanding, but they haven’t been bad.