“We have to be balanced.”

Apparently, hiring someone on the payroll of a major college football program as an analyst passes as a journalistic feature and not a bug at the WWL.

Although you’d think after reading all the logic chopping and phony comparisons (to Holtz!), it would have just been simpler for everyone concerned to look us in the eye and proclaim, “hey, we really don’t give a shit what you think”.



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13 responses to ““We have to be balanced.”

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Meyer is boring. He won’t last long.


  2. NCT

    What does ESPN’s ombudsman, Don Ohlmeyer, have to say about this?


  3. Ben

    I understand that Meyer and Saban and other coaches make appearances at bowl games and other times on a case by case basis, but this seems weird that he’d actually be getting paid by both ESPN and UF. Are there not some ethical boundaries being crossed here?


  4. Turd Ferguson

    I don’t understand this decision at all. How could anyone at ESPN have seen Meyer’s on-camera performance during the national championship game and thought, “We’ve got to have more of that Meyer guy!” Seriously, Meyer was so dull, he made Nick Saban sound like Lee Corso. Unless Meyer’s role is limited to just staring intensely and pointing at things, I can’t imagine this relationship lasting long.

    And let me get this straight. Meyer wants to make more time for his family, so he gets a second job? I mean, I realize that his schedule will still be much more flexible than it was, but … once you’ve made a big public stink about how your workaholism is both (a) keeping you from your wife and kids, and (b) wreaking havoc on your mental and physical well-being, a decision like this only makes you look like a hypocritical attention whore … not to mention a sub-par husband and father.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Meyer is a proven, very successful football coach. He has value to ESPN because of that, and only because of that.

    And, unlike Lou Holtz, he does not drool, and has never been caught cheating.

    If Meyer will be mentioned for every open head coaching job that comes around, he has value to ESPN.

    Just because he does not wear funny hats and slobber does not make him dull, I thought he was actually pretty good at the Awbun game.

    How he will fit in with some of the boneheads on the Weasel Roster I could not begin to imagine.

    In any case, is any one of us really disappointed he is gone from Florida?


  6. Sosmart

    Wasn’t Meyer the one who told former players that are “critical” of the Gator program that they are no longer invited to be a part of the program? IT was – I am positive. So how in the world can he be “strongly opionated” like he wants to be, but still be a part of the program. He is violating his own rules, and as always getting away with it.


  7. Dog in Fla

    Irwin, already an expert on vigilantly protecting his players from “internet people” and “scumbags” by closing practices, http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/gatorbytes/2010/08/06/meyer-closed-practices-to-keep-agents-autograph-hounds-away/
    now gets to point and stare in a different arena.

    His first target will be Lou who will not notice. After he masters that task, he will be assigned to Craig James. Craig will also not notice.

    When not occupied with announcing, Irwin will be delivered by a SEAL Team to Key West. His mission will be to find Leach, lock onto him and point and stare. Even though this is usual behavior in Keys, ESPN still hopes it will cast a spell on Leach making him dismiss his suit.

    Media consultants have been working nonstop with Irwin to keep him from crying. Now that he has been away from Nick and Jimbo for awhile, the episodes do not happen nearly as often. While crying jags may work for some, like a chick or the Speaker of the House, it is nevertheless behavior unbecoming to an announcer on ESPN.


  8. Boz

    Meyer gets to have his cake and eat it too: He keeps his name in front of institutions, for future head coaching jobs, as well as the recruits, for future recruiting purposes. Not to mention he gets full access to every college venue as he prepares to call an upcoming game. This is a pretty sporty move on his part – whether or not he proves to be a good announcer is insignificant.


  9. Nothing to see here. I’m sure this won’t affect recruiting or keeping the UF brand in the national spotlight. ESPN takes great strides to ensure their honor and dignity are protected.

    I mean, its not like they let a guy broadcast a bowl game of a team in which he was involved in a lawsuit with happen.,…..eh….right?