Cleaning out the recruiting bookmarks

Too few for a buffet – maybe I should call ’em hors d’œuvre – here are a few things I couldn’t find a place or a post for, but thought you might like to see on this most sacred of days on the college football calendar.

  • Recruiting vs. results, a statistical study.
  • If you wonder what it is the kids actually will sign today, here’s a copy of the NLI (h/t Darren Rovell).  I’ve got to tell you, I read contracts for a living and the idea of parents and high schoolers reviewing this document without the advice of a trained eye doesn’t strike me as a good one.  One other thing – if you want to understand where the unfair leverage comes in, start with Item 10, which provides that the NLI is in effect for a four-year term.  Scholarships, as Nick Saban will tell you, are offered on a one-year renewable basis.
  • And John Infante offers some suggestions for improving the NLI.  Since the gist of what he writes would be to give the players a bit more market power, I’m in favor.  I doubt the schools would be, though.  Maybe Bernie Machen will weigh in.


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3 responses to “Cleaning out the recruiting bookmarks

  1. siskey

    Senator, I agree with the changes that Infante offers to help the prospective Student Athlete. I am particularly interested in bringing the NLI under the NCAA and the idea that the school could offer more assistance to the player in the form of the ACT/SAT etc. What impact if any do you think these changes as well as a more well defined end of recruitment would have on College Football. I realize that an early signing period is not going to happen because of the Coaches contempt for such an idea, but I think that they would by and large accept a rule that kept other teams from poaching their prospective players with 11th hour recruiting visits.


  2. By Georgia We Did It

    If I print one of those NLI’s, sign it and fax it in to UGA today, do you think my name will appear on their commit list? That would be funny. AJC headline reads: 34 yr old “athlete” signs w/ UGA!


  3. gernblanski

    The latest edition of ESPN The Magazine had a review of the NLI. One thing that is interesting is that a girl from Raleigh threatened to sue WCU when the basketball coach left for NC State. The athlete wanted out of the LOI. After reviewing her case and the potential judge, WCU opted to let her out without restrictions. WCU was advised that even if the athlete and her parents signed the contract, the liklihood of WCU being able to enforce the contract with a minor were not favorable.

    At some point, an athlete will want out and their parents will have pockets deep enough and time enough to challenge the whole process. I think it will be a good thing too, since I think the system is far too heavily weighted on behalf of the school.