Shaking off the mid-majors dust for good

Another school putting together a remarkable class is TCU.

… TCU’s projected class was rated 25th by coming into the week, highest in at least a decade. It includes 10 of the top 100 prospects in Texas.

I suspect Gary Patterson can make a pretty good living doing that on a regular basis.

The secret of his success should come as no surprise – a little Rose Bowl and a lot of moving to a Big Six conference.

“The Rose Bowl probably did as much as anything, really helped us finish up with a couple of recruits who changed their minds and came to us,” coach Gary Patterson says. “Maybe the Big East helped solidify that, but … I think it’ll be a bigger deal in this next recruiting class.

“It’s a lot of things … how (much) we’ll be seen on TV, a prospective student-athlete knowing we’re going to a conference where they can say they’re an automatic qualifier.”

Boise State looks on in envy.


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4 responses to “Shaking off the mid-majors dust for good

  1. Careful Brad

    I don’t know why but TCU has never bothered me as much as Boise so I love that TCU is getting a shot with the big boys, if the Big East can be called that, while Boise moves to the MWC aka WAC 2.o


  2. Macallanlover

    Patterson is a rock-solid coach. Shame they didn’t get into the Big 12 -2 originally, much better choice than Baylor. Ann Richards is such a douche. Now the TV gurus and Texas’ greed will prevent it from ever happening, unless the SuperConference idea ever re-ignites. Big East may present some travel problems for TCU but they could easily dominate that conference with Texas talent and Patterson as HC.


    • Stoopnagle

      1. You singled out Ann, but really if you go through the list of legislators and movers/shakers in Texas politics, Baylor Law comes up a lot. Pinning Baylor’s closed-door maneuvering on AR is hardly accurate.

      2. TCU’s travel budget is probably going to look a lot like it did. Someone analyzed it at some point, but Ft. Worth to Syracuse or Louisville isn’t that much different (time/distance/and maybe price-wise) from DFW to San Diego or Wyoming.


      • Macallanlover

        Yes, I saw that mileage analysis several weeks ago. I think it was against their prior conference, not the Big 12 -2. AR didn’t play a solitary role, but she played THE major role and threatened to stop the Texas schools from participating in the Big 12 if Baylor was not included.