Adventures in marketing

About Mitch Mustain’s arrest yesterday – apart from the incredible timing (he was preparing for the NFL draft) of it, what really separates it on the stupidity scale is that he was advertising his services on craigslist.  Epically dumb.


UPDATE: The story gets even better.  Mustain won’t be charged with a felony because it turns out what he was selling was fake.


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10 responses to “Adventures in marketing

  1. TennesseeDawg

    In Mustain’s defense, he just wanted to provide a complete description of the product so as to avoid any confusion.


  2. Dboy

    I’ll nominate him the sports equivalent of a Darwin award. We should try to come up with a good name for such an award.


  3. Mustain was “preparing for the NFL draft”? What, he was making nachos for someone’s draft party?


  4. the Coondawg

    I bet when he was given his first call in jail he called his mama.


  5. What fresh hell is this?

    Has this arrest been added to the Fulmer Cup?
    Is it worthy of extra points due to the stupidity and unusual nature(marketing) of the crime?


  6. Go Dawgs!

    Did you hear that, rubes and rednecks of Arkansas? Houston Nutt made the right call! Enjoy your prick of a head coach until he bolts for something better, which is what every one of you freedom-0f-information-acting, self-deluding fans deserves.