Friday morning buffet

Eh, what the hell… dig in.

  • When did Auburn fans start sounding as bitter as Georgia Tech fans?  And more importantly, why?
  • matches up the SEC’s class sizes against the Big Ten’s.  A little context would help there;  traditional undersigners Tennessee and Georgia pulled this year’s conference average up, while LSU and ‘Bama pulled in classes smaller than the conference’s average.
  • On the other hand:  Saban, please.
  • He gets results, though.
  • In terms of competing for a national title, Mark Richt is in the prime of his life.
  • Matt Hinton posts that Richt’s bought himself a happy offseason with the Dream Team.
  • Scott Michaux writes that it’s more like a day.
  • Mike Slive’s office can’t figure out how to crack down on Cecil Newton, but this they’ve got a handle on.  Nice set of priorities, SEC.


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49 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Can someone post a summary of what the Auburn people are whining about? I don’t have a Scout account, but there’s really nothing in this world that I love more than making fun of Auburn fans.

    • TennesseeDawg

      Not sure about Scout, but on most blogs they are pissy about being called cheaters by every other fan base in the country.

      • Go Dawgs!

        hehehe, yeah, my Auburn fan friends are doing the same. Well, when you lay down in the bed with dogs, you’re going to get some fleas. And whatever the Auburn administrators or boosters may or may not have done, there’s simply no doubt in my mind that Cecil and Cam are two of the biggest NCAA cheats in the recent history of the game.

      • Dante

        The obvious solution to that problem is to not start a person who was in clear violation of NCAA rules yet received no punishment for it at QB. It’s hard to argue that you didn’t cheat when the same set of rules that apply to everyone else didn’t apply to you. But they’ll just have to cry themselves to sleep with their ginormous crystal football and fat BCS paycheck.

    • Scott W.

      That Crowell had a puppy at his signing day. Improper benefit. Remove the speck from thy neighbors eye while ignoring plank in thine own eye.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Someone turned in the “Tide Cam” girl? Let me guess………who could it have been………….hmmmmm?

  3. The question is not “Why did Alabama have a short-skirted fax girl on Signing Day,” it’s “Why didn’t Georgia have one.” All those upgrades to Butts-Mehre and we still didn’t think of that . . .

  4. Irishdawg

    I’m with Doug on that one. Gorgeous women are certainly not in short supply on UGA’s campus.

  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    It looks like from the piece that the worst violators now are South Carolina and Arkansas. No integrity brake at either place to slow down the practice, that much is certain. Satan and Cheatzit have shown the world that oversigning works. If nothing is done to stop this practice and UGA won’t do it too……………

    • GreenDawg

      Ok, I’m not one that often defends the barn, but if you’re going to rail against oversigning, I have to correct you here. Auburn hasn’t oversigned. They pulled in a pretty big class this year and are still a couple scholarships under the 85 limit.

      Now, I fulled expect Chizit will oversign in the future. He seems just the weasel to do it. But until then Auburn shouldn’t be thrown in with the rest of the SECw.

      • Hackerdog

        Auburn didn’t oversign this year. But that bucks their trend. Last year, they signed 32. From 2005-2009, Auburn signed 134 players. That’s 26.8 per year.

  6. JoeE

    Between oversigning, Camgate and Kiffin still signing one of the best classes in the country despite 1) sanctions and 2) being Lane Kiffin I’m getting really sick of this goddamn sport. At least when Florida was on top I didn’t feel ashamed of myself for continuing to be a fan of college football.

    • Bad M

      I agree. Plus 4 game susp. for Green while the Auburn runs wild and Alabama signs everyone and their mom. We get bashed for driving violations, but the SECwest can pick up everyone with a felony and ride that train without word one. But at least Ohio st got to have all its players for the Bowl…bastages.
      But a down Florida team is fun.

  7. Macallanlover

    Auburn not understanding why every other fanbase is pointing fingers at their faux accomplishments reminds me of OJ Simpson being surprised the product endorsements dried up in the mid-90s.

  8. ScoutDawg

    We are not Awbarn, that puppy is probably a secondary violation.

    • ZDawg

      Just wait until Richt submits it.

      • heyberto

        and we voluntarily sit Crowell while they take 4 weeks to make up their mind starting the week the season starts.

        • GreenDawg

          It’s not even a secondary violation. It was his friend’s dog, and even if it was an alum’s, I’m pretty sure you can hold whoever’s dog you want and it not be a violation. Big deal. It’s not like they gave him the dog to keep. He just held it up on TV. I don’t see the problem here.

  9. GreenDawg

    Ok, since we’re still talking oversigning, what do you think my proposed system.

    A school cannot accept any more than 93 LOI’s in any 4-year period. Each year starts over at the beginning of the signing period(aka NSD) and team’s can still only have 85 scholarship players at any one time. If a kid forgoes a season of eligibility for the NFL they no longer count against the 93 LOI limit, so as to not penalize teams that develop better players. Any player that leaves for any other reason(medical hardship, graduate early, transfer, etc.) still counts against the 93 LOI limit. That allows for a regular attrition of 8 players over a 4-year period, and a kid would know long before signing day if a school actually had room for him just by checking how many LOI’s they had received in previous years and could adjust accordingly. This would help a lot with the last second grayshirting. All LOI’s are public, so it would increase transparency a ton over the current system where nobody really knows how many players Bama had/has on scholarship. Thoughts?

  10. Sefdawg

    So let me see if I’ve got this straight, SEC offices. It’s ok for Cecil Newton to solicit money for his son to play, but it is against the rules to play songs in regards to the solicitation? Nice.

  11. Cojones

    Nah. They would just manipulate the class to graduate HS early and enter school in Jan. Hell, Kiffin had 8 to enter early this year. There is no ceiling you can place on numbers that can’t be outfigured. Score one for the shitheads and don’t even hint that we should follow suit. It’s between the candidate and the school. Don’t worry- the greedy always get caught in their own morass. I don’t feel it keeps good candidates from coming to us. If you look closely you can see that they aren’t oversigning good players. They are looking for the pig-in-the-poke player that performs above a 2-3 star rating. Personally, I prefer to wait for the walk-ons because they already are loyal Dawgs by enrolling in their U of choice and prove later that they got short-shrifted during evaluation. They are smarter from the gitgo because they didn’t beg to be treated like crud in order to be given a chance.

    True fans: Name the walkons at UGA that have schollys. Should be three of them.

  12. shane#1

    Jimmynecricket! In my day we were too poor and too ignorant for any friends. And this dog, whoop-de-doo, we liked dogs, breaded and fried! None of this namby-pamby bull dookie! We was poor, ignorant, inbred, hillbilly dog eaters. And we liked it, we loved it!

  13. Russ

    OT, but just heard UGA VIII died. DGD.

    • shane#1

      You are correct, Seth’s blog had a statement released by the University. announcing UGA’s death. Too bad, we hardly got to know him. So long UGA, may you rest in peace.

  14. shane#1

    Make that Uga.

  15. Paul's Johnson

    I see that even the good Senator is buying into the “dream team” nonsense now. You boys had a great recruiting year, and still didn’t get a sniff at the mythical national recruiting top ranking. And ya’ll call it a “dream team”. This smells like typical hype from the Richt-ster. Another PR gimmick. Between that and the excuses about s & c and it’s been an entertaining winter thus far on Uga blogs. But has UGA really gained any ground on its SEC rivals? Nah.

    • shane#1

      As Uga would say, bite me.

    • Seriously, how do you know that? Time will tell, though you may turn out to be right.

      The good news is that Tech certainly doesn’t seem to have gained any ground on Georgia this offseason.😉

      • Paul's Johnson

        Senator, as you say time will tell on all counts.
        But beware all this recruiting hype. As I said, it was a most impressive haul, but let’s face it, tOSU, Texas & ‘Bama bring in one of these nearly every year. But it does appear that your coach may have a heightened state of urgency. Can the newly minted “non complacent” Richt translate that to this team of dreams? That’s what will bear watching.

  16. Cojones

    Damn Good Dog. Damn Good Shane#1.

  17. dudetheplayer

    Fuck Sonny Seiler.