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Envy and jealousy, Bleacher Report edition

I’ll never have another nasty thing to say about Bleacher Report.  Not because it’s turned into a better product, but simply because Brian Cook has used all the good stuff up in this tour de force of a takedown.  (And BR‘s not even his primary target.)

My favorite part:

Bleacher Report’s secret is that it’s awesome at being terrible. It hammers that dong demographic.

I can’t touch that.  Make sure you read the whole thing.



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Blind eyes and blank checks in Knoxville

I’m not sure if there’s anything in college athletics that amazes me more these days than the fact that Mike Hamilton remains gainfully employed as the University of Tennessee’s athletic director.

What remains to be seen is how the NCAA feels about that.


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“We’ve got good depth at dog”, revisited.

(AJC photo by Brant Sanderlin)

It seems that Vince Dooley’s aphorism is being tested.

My sincere condolences to the Seiler family.


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Mark Richt pulls a switcheroo.

In what has already been an offseason full of the unexpected, this may be the most intriguing development yet:

The day after Georgia lost its inside linebackers coach to the NFL, the school posted a replacement job listing on the university website for a defensive ends coach.

That would seem to indicate that someone already on staff will handle coaching the inside linebackers. Warren Belin coached that position before taking a job as linebackers coach with the Carolina Panthers. Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham already is coaching the outside linebackers.

Defensive line coach Rodney Garner coached both the nose guards and defensive ends in the first year of the 3-4 defense this year. He also serves as recruiting coordinator and is assistant head coach. Garner has held the title of defensive line coach since 1998, but Jon Fabris served as defensive ends coach from 2001-2009.

I’m curious about one thing.  How many teams running 3-4 schemes employ two defensive line coaches?

It sure would be interesting to pick Mark Richt’s brain these days.  Apparently, going 6-7 has had a liberating effect on the man.  Say what you will, but lately he hasn’t been the complacent coach we’ve known the previous three seasons.

It may be time to dub a new Richt persona.


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