Envy and jealousy, Bleacher Report edition

I’ll never have another nasty thing to say about Bleacher Report.  Not because it’s turned into a better product, but simply because Brian Cook has used all the good stuff up in this tour de force of a takedown.  (And BR‘s not even his primary target.)

My favorite part:

Bleacher Report’s secret is that it’s awesome at being terrible. It hammers that dong demographic.

I can’t touch that.  Make sure you read the whole thing.



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16 responses to “Envy and jealousy, Bleacher Report edition

  1. Greg

    Wake Up, Wake Up, It’s Second Signing Day Festivus.

    Or as we call it, “Big Space Eating, Thank you Mike Adams for allowing a few JCs into school, Our turn for a dominant NG form a Miss. Trade school to come lead us to a MNC” day!!

    Big John from Conn., come on down!!!!


  2. lrgk9

    “Who’s in charge of the clattering train?
    The axles creak and the couplings strain
    And the pace is hot and the points are near
    And Sleep has deadened the driver’s ear
    And the signals flash through the night in vain…”


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    My eyes are spinning from reading the Brian Cook column at the link. I read it twice and don’t understand what he’s trying to say, beyond: AOL is irrational and Bleacher Report makes money without being serious journalism. That’s true but not noteworthy. His sentences are a bit run-on too. Not trying to mock you for linking and liking it Senator. It must be real blog insider stuff.


  4. 2011-dawgtrain

    Whew! Glad I wasn’t the only one. Was afraid the scotch was ……(nevermind you know).


  5. Bob

    I have no problem with B/R, I’ve even published a couple of times. The reason I don’t have a problem with it is I think if it as an chat board with really long posts, not a actual source of journalism.



  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Jenkins signed with UGA! The last piece of the D-line puzzle! Look out SEC!!!!


  7. NRBQ

    Slogged through that.

    I’m betting Cook had the same feeling of regret the next day that I do after posting a comment while too deep in my wine glass.


  8. Texas_Dawg

    By the way, Senator…

    Georgia ended up with 26 signings. Exactly the number of scholarships we had available. No ducking the question and telling people asking to F off as Saban did Wednesday.

    We are playing in a card game where we get 7, and the others at the table get 10.


    • You conveniently forget that they had three other offers on the table that weren’t accepted Wednesday. They were prepared to sign more than 26.


      • Texas_Dawg

        Again, we don’t know how the offers were given. You don’t know that Jenkins or any of the others would have been told there’s no more room had others signed in front of them.

        Georgia didn’t oversign. As always.

        Alabama oversigned by 11. Florida State oversigned by 5.

        Take those out and Georgia is getting a ton of great headlines and 2012 momentum about having the #1 class at Rivals. (Alabama would have been 21st in the Rivals rankings if they hadn’t oversigned. Let’s pretend 21st and 1st are no big difference.)


        • You don’t know that Jenkins or any of the others would have been told there’s no more room had others signed in front of them.

          Right. The coaches told Jenkins they’d have no room for him if Pagan signed.

          Without getting into what I know and what I don’t know, let me just say that’s totally ludicrous.


  9. My math must be off. I am counting 84 scholarship players, if they all make it. not 85. That includes Big Bad John.