Georgia’s next defensive coach, international man of mystery

According to Todd Grantham, we shouldn’t read too much into that job listing for a defensive ends coach.

On filling Warren Belin’s position on the coaching staff:
Obviously we can go a couple of different ways, but we’re in the process of looking at it right now and we’re gonna hire the best person for Georgia, and that’s the best fit for Georgia.

On how job listing posted on UGA site is for defensive end coach:
I wouldn’t put any stock in that. I mean, we’re gonna hire the best person for Georgia.

Greg McGarity pooh-poohs it, too.

I asked athletics director Greg McGarity about it a few minutes ago, and he didn’t seem to think it was a big deal. The ad was placed by human resources through the athletics department, which said just to advertise for a defensive assistant coach.

Either these guys are still a little slack in their approach, or somebody’s getting really good at misdirection.  Eventually it’ll all come out in the wash, I suppose.


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31 responses to “Georgia’s next defensive coach, international man of mystery

  1. TennesseeDawg

    OL coaching search went kind of dead after it looked like a done deal with Friend, this makes me think a possible shift of Garner to the OL coach and they hire two defensive coaches.


    • Dawgwalker07

      Why does this idea keep coming up? Why does everyone seem to think this is what’s happening? There’s 0 indication of it and plus isn’t there only 1 defensive job listing?


      • TennesseeDawg

        Because Garner was the OL coach at Tennessee, not to mention we kept hearing last week that the position would be filled in a few days and it was not.


        • No One Knows You're a Dawg

          An OL coaching hire cannot officially be made until the posting for the position has been up for two weeks. This is per state of Georgia regulations regarding the hiring of public employees. That’s why the hiring hasn’t been made yet (see posts below re. same).

          I could see Grantham moving to LB coach, given that LB is the most demanding position in the 3-4 and he’s knows the 3-4 scheme best. That would then free up a spot for a DE coach.


          • anon

            See, this is what confuses people . . . i guess myself included when State of Georgia “regulations” are used, followed, etc regarding Athletic Association hires and salary information.

            It would seem to me that the regulations should only be in place is he is being paid from State of Georgia funds. We routinely hear about how coaches salaries are paid from AA funds, which are separate.

            Which is it?


            • No One Knows You're a Dawg

              Even thought the salaries come from the AA, coaches are still considered state of Georgia employees. I guess the thinking is that the coaches are hired by the AA, the AA is part of UGA and UGA is a Georgia government entity.

              Perhaps the coaches shouldn’t be considered public employees because of the funding of their pay, but they are. It’s one reason we are able to know the salaries of all the coaches at state schools.


    • Numerous sources are reporting that Friend will be hired.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Since most assistant candidates are in 4-3 programs today, it makes sense that they would post for a defensive ends coach if they are looking for an OLBs coach for the 3-4. I see Grantham doing a lot of work himself with the inside linebackers.

    I think the bigger question is who takes on Belin’s special teams duties?


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Is it not just possible someone in the office where the job is posted made a mistake?


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Forget the wording of job posting. If we are gonna get an addition to the staff recruiting needs to be considered. I would vote (if I had a vote) for somebody like Eddie Gran or Sal Sansari from another team in the South who is a proven recruiter, even if we have to reshuffle the position coach responsibilities a little.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Some job description code-breakers, for example anyone who reads it, feel there’s a hidden meaning in it like the Abbey Road album cover. Todd and Greg disagree. They feel it is more like the White album cover, which is exactly what would happen if HR and the Athletic Department designed it.


  6. Skeeter

    When I worked at the university, you tried for as general of a job posting as you could get away with so you wouldn’t rule out a good candidate. Also, personnel would try to get you to go with an existing job description so you could post it faster and less work for them. So, I think they’re right, don’t read too much into it.

    Dog in Fla, I’m thinking of a cover more like “Smell the Glove”.


  7. Dawggie

    Sal Sunersi is probably not available. His son just accepted a spot on Alabama’s team.

    Wonder what Randy Shannon is doing. Clearly not many pursuing him for HC. Would love to have that guy down in Florida recruiting for us. Younger black succesful coach would bring many items that many of the good ol boys type just can’t get.


  8. IveyLeaguer

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s ridiculous for the University to write and advertise in a help-wanted fashion? As if it might somehow benefit the process? Is there anybody who has any doubt that every aspiring coach in America didn’t know about both openings within 24 hours?

    So how could an ad that stupid be taken seriously?



  9. Bark Madley

    It is a good state policy that alerts those outside of the good ole boy (not that there is anything wrong with one) network of job openings. In Alabama they were filled by Lowderite cronys before anyone knew there was an opening. Less incestual hiring this way.


  10. Bryant Denny

    I haven’t heard much about Friend as a coach. As a recruiter, I would probably say, “meh,” and he’s probably not as solid as Searels, but it’s probably a decent hire.

    Hiring for the 3-4 is tricky. You just about need a different coach for the NT and the DE and the same guy can’t really coach the DE and the Jacks. Same for the ILB and the OLB. It’s almost like the positions would move to different coaches in different parts of practice. Also, you need some pretty decent GAs involved.

    Have a good evening,



  11. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I just got done watching the Super Bowl. The 6th seed in the NFC won the title of “World Champion.” The GB Packers are not even one of the top teams in the NFL. This points out what a joke a playoff system is when the regular season only is played to eliminate a little more than half the teams. Also, with this format it is virtually assured that the best team will not win the championship because there are too many rounds of games and an upset is likely. In this case the Packers barely snuck in but (1) got hot at the right time; (2) got lucky on the draw; and (3) the better teams they played (including the Steelers and most notably the Falcons) were flat when the Packers played them. No disrespect to the Packers’ franchise or other great Packers teams of the past but this one is the luckiest bunch ever. If the Steelers don’t have 3 turnovers (1 a pick-6) the Steelers beat them easily. Anybody who wants a playoff in D-IA CFB needs to re-evaluate his position. Senator, you are right about a playoff in D-IA football devaluing the regular season. It sure devalued this year’s NFL season.


    • So the Pack won because 2 teams played flat (something that can also happen in the regular season), and they got 3 turnovers (something that can happen in many regular season games).

      Fail argument is fail.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You missed my point MB. The Packers were the 6th best team in the NFC yet they got to hoist the trophy. Some may say, “Isn’t that great! Underdog prevails!” I say the 6th best team in the NFC got to hoist the trophy. The Steelers shouldn’t have been in the Super Bowl either. The best team in the AFC, by record, was the Patriots. The best team in the NFC, by record, was the Falcons. Those 2 should have been playing in the big game but, nooooo. Finishing with the best record in the NFL only gets you a ticket to the “playoffs” where you get to play other teams that are just about as good as you are, and you must win those games before you even get to go to the Super Bowl. No wonder the best team in the NFL hardly ever wins that game anymore. It’s the Stupid Bowl if you ask me.


    • Bryant Denny

      It makes for good TV, though.


    • Shane#1

      Flat my butt, the Falcons had their butts handed to them by a team that wanted it, which the Falcons were not man enough to want. When it’s crunch time either you step up or you do not, the Falcons did not .There is no way in hell they should have even smelled a championship game. They sucked! Green Bay is twice the team the Birds were, and I am a Falcons fan.


  12. austintwo

    Biggest loss w/Belin leaving is our KO coverage went from worst to first under his coaching – we damn well better keep his playbook around . . . .