Something’s happening, and you don’t know what it is…

Schlabach is reporting that Washaun Ealey has been indefinitely suspended.

It may be time to start buying into all that “boys, there’s a new sheriff in town” talk.


UPDATE: Ealey confirms my header.

I hope he gets a handle on things.


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  1. GreenDawg

    Buying into the S&C program and the discipline in one day? Is the Senator leading the bandwagon?

  2. JaxDawg

    remove the scholly and allow him to transfer. goodbye and good luck Ealey.

    • Sanford222View

      Dawgs are better off if he stays and gets back on the team. It is looking like King may not make it academically and we need at least one if not the two of them to provide depth and create meaningful competition for the starting spot at TB.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Yeah. Also, what if Crowell gets hurt? That said, Ealey needs to get with the program or be gone.

      • JaxDawg

        Ealey needs the University of Georgia more than it needs him. He isn’t Herschel, by any measure. At what point do you continue to not remind him of that? Refusing to drop the hammer only exacerbates the problem and reinforces the lie that the program needs him more than he needs the program.

        But to your point, he has potential so give him a final opportunity and dare him to F it up.

        • Sanford222View

          I am not saying he is not deserving what has happened. I just hope he responds correctly and gets his act together to earn his way back on the team. If he does that then he could push others to be their best and whoever starts at TB will have earned it. That would be to the benefit of the team.

          I agree if he doesn’t want to do what is asked of him then the team is better off without him.

      • JWalker84

        We dont need him. There’s Crowell and Ken Malcolm then carlton thomas. Ealy and king both “can’t get right.” I hope they’re both gone. Its time to cut the dead weight. Frankly we could use their scholarships to give to someone who will use it instead of taking it for granted. They are both essentially useless to us. They’re never eligible to play in the same game because off field issues. Then when they play they fumble in the red zone. Game changing fumbles. They rarely break tackles(especially King) and it’s clear that the coaches are done with these two. Good ridance

    • Spence

      He is a good running back with potential. I genuienly hope that this time of adversity for him will have a positive impact on his life. Here’s to hoping he can pull through.

  3. hailtogeorgia

    Going back to the talk yesterday about him thinking about transferring…this is just another thing that’s frustrating me about our current backs (King and Ealey). Neither of them can get their act together. I don’t want someone on the team who is afraid to work for a starting job. If they’re thinking about transferring simply because a 5 star back is coming in and is going to be given a shot to start, then why are they here? Work hard, bust your ass every day, and you’ll probably play. Get into trouble constantly and be an all-around ill-pill, and you probably won’t.

  4. Puffdawg

    Coming off a disappointing season personally and teamwise, already in direct competition with King, with Malcome coming off a redshirt season, and having signed Crowell, and then this. Never mind what the original punishment was for. I hate to overreact, and we don’t know ALL the details, but I can’t imagine him recovering from this, given all the circumstances I mention above. His mind is obviously not right.

  5. Derek

    Considering the twitter burst b/w AJ, Wood and TK last night it makes you wonder if this sort of thing had been tolerated previously.

    • Puffdawg

      I heard this mentioned somewhere else but I don’t do twitter. Care to elaborate? I’m curious…

      Thx, Puff

    • Schlagdawg

      Ditto Puff’s request

      • heyberto

        I’m looking at their Twitter accounts, and I can’t see a connection to this story.

        • hailtogeorgia

          I can’t see A.J. or TK’s, but Wood said “UGA is tripping” and Durham said something to the extent of “No way this is true”…so I’m guessing that it’s some sort of reaction to the punishment Ealey’s given…but who knows. I don’t really put much stock in what former players say about that stuff, regardless of how good of a Dawg they were. Players are almost always going to side with players. End of story.

          • tga

            Mike Moore was also in on the Twitter stuff last night. None of them said exactly what happened, but AJ said something along the lines of “UGA trippin” but he has since removed the tweet.

            • Dawgman

              They were shocked that there are now mandatory team meals most of the time.

            • WFdawg

              What AJ, et al, may not get is that whatever consequences are being handed down to Ealey aren’t for a first infraction. He’s been afoul of the rules several times already. And if they’re griping about the team having to eat every meal together, then I’m fresh out of sympathy for them. There are a lot worse requirements than having to eat every meal that you neither cooked nor paid for with the team that’s given you a full scholarship to go to college.

              • hailtogeorgia

                Agreed. That’s why I discount much of the opinions coming from former players talking about how “UGA trippin”. Probably 99% of the time, players are going to side with players, especially players they played with.

      • Derek

        This was my source. The cite links the issue to the new “training table” regimen but that was posted before the ealey story. I think it may be more likely connected to ealey being suspended:

        • Thank god for this.

          I used to be completely shocked by Michael Moore’s twitter that he had to eat at Burger King and crap like that almost every meal.

  6. S.E. Dawg

    This is the problem I have with todays kids, not the majority but some seem to have a sense of entitlement. Rather than working hard for something they feel entitled to it.

  7. This actually works against UGA from an entitlement point of view… It would be far better for Crowell to Compete against Ealey, King and Malcome for the Job.

    If Ealey is out and King may be out then you engender even more entitlement for Crowell.

    • Careful Brad

      Carlton Thomas up the middle!

    • heyberto

      Well, this could be trying to send all the troops a message. If Washaun gets back on track, this could end up being a very short suspension. So I wouldn’t put too much stock in this meaning that there is a lack of competition in the fall. That happens if Washaun doesn’t accept the punishment and decides to go somewhere else… and if that’s how he feels, I’d be ok with him leaving.

      Also, I’m of the opinion that Crowell having to compete against King, Malcome and the other crop of RB’s we have is all about how the Coaches present it. Having him compete for that job isn’t out the window if our current top 2 RBs are gone. It might not look like it to us outsiders, but he may not be treated as though he’s entitled to the position at practices, and if feels like he has to earn it (even when we all know he’s the frontrunner) then that may be all that’s really needed to instill the work ethic that T. Brown talks about.

  8. Wow. When it is made evident that he is going to have to earn his playing time, he spits in the face of internal discipline. Young people make some dumb decisions, but he needs to get someone in his ear telling him to stop being a moron… that he is willing to listen to. The coaches are obviously not getting through to him.

    I don’t think this is the end for Ealey at UGA unless Ealey decides that he is not willing to abide by the rules. If he owns up to this latest snafu like a man, takes his punishment, and moves on, then he will remain here. If he pouts and tries to skirt blame, then he is done. Immaturity is not a good character trait.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Goodness one broach of protocol after another…. who blinks first?
      just sayin’…not since Pulpwood Smith have I wondered if the tail is wagging the Dawg with such repetition.

    • JWalker84

      He’s done dude. He’s not coming back. I knew when we signed Crowell that we probably would never see King or ealy again. Especially King but apparently Ealy helped himself to the top of the shit list. Maybe King will be next. He’s like 24 years old and is a waste of a sholarship. He’s known for not having a work ethic. He obviously doesnt care about getting a degree because he skips class and misses tutoring appointments. Really Caleb King, why are you still here?

  9. Chuck

    Cannot blame the kid when they live in a world that accepts that type of behavoir. It all about ME! And everyone thinks that are entitled something.
    I agree if the kid is not going to be a part of the program and conduct himself properly kick his ass off the team! You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. No sitting on the fence.

  10. William

    I don’t know if this is a symptom of his entitlement, as much as maybe he finally just snapped a little. I think the connection Derek makes is a valid one. It seems a lot of the football players aren’t used to such a regimented schedule (ones like the one our new S&C staff has implimented). So they feel put upon and aren’t channeling it well. They take to Twitter to vent, or skip punishment runs because they feel worn out. They have to get mentally tougher and use this frustration and anger to push themselves. If Ealey is frustrated and rebeling, he would be better suited to put that into his game and preperation. You’re mad at the new terms of your scholy? Put it into your game. Take that nastiness and apply it young man!

    • heyberto

      I like your train of thought here William.. makes a lot of sense to me.

    • austintwo

      I am surprised JT2 stuck around for the first 10 yrs of CMR/CVH given how radically wrong he obviously feels their methods were – that had to cause one hell of a lot of stomach churn on his part over the years . . . .

  11. William

    Senator, did I make any sense at all? I need more coffee! Be back shortly!

  12. Bulldog Joe

    It appears the Country Club is finally closing.

  13. hailtogeorgia

    At the end of the day, give me a guy who will come in and take care of business. If he does all that, chances are he’ll be okay. Knowshon was cocky as hell if you saw him out on the town (not rude, just cocky), but when it came time to practice, you never heard any complaints. The only discipline issue he EVER had at UGA was a noise violation. Ditto for Thomas Brown, except he wasn’t cocky. He did his work, he busted his ass, he kept a good attitude about himself, and he stayed out of trouble. Does anyone here think it’s a coincidence that the two best backs of the past decade both exhibited these characteristics?

    • William

      Not at all! In fact, I think it further supports my point. They were mentally tough. They took set backs and frustrations in stride and took it to the field. Knowshon exploded onto the scene, and what was Thomas Brown’s reaction? “Ok, but I won’t give up my top spot that easy”. He made it a point to work harder (if that’s possible for him), and made himself a factor. It became a two back apporach, tilted a bit more in Knoswhon’s favor admittadely. But Brown didn’t get pissed and start disrespecting coaches. He took it out to the field. That’s where these guys outlet should be, always IMO.

      • hoente42

        I think its even more important to note that Knowshon and Thomas Brown handled the competition maturely as well – the Blackout Game in 2007 was what it was because of the genuine friendship you saw between them.

        The two were teammates first, and rooted each other on. Ealey and King showed that back in the 2009 GT game, so let’s hope they bring back some of the same.

        These guys don’t lack for talent – if they get it turned around, a backfield of Isaiah, Malcome, Ealey and King would be something to see.

  14. etenndawgfan

    so do we know what “happened” and arent saying it? Or is it all speculation?

  15. Go Dawgs!

    I’m pumped. This train is bound for glory. If Ealey’s not on board, he’d better get out of the way. That goes double for anyone else on the team.

  16. Richt-Flair

    Ealey seems to be better at breaking team rules than tackles.

    • Richt-Flare's Agent

      Mr. Flare had to leave early to skirt some process servers but said on his way out the back door not to forget to tip your barmaids. He’ll be back here next Tuesday for a matinee. This weekend he’ll be playing the Catskill Lodge Burlesque Club with two shows a night, the earlybird at 5 p.m. and the late show at 7 p.m.

  17. Boz

    I’m all for WE coming back and working his ass off to get back on the team. As speculated, I hope that the new S&C team is simply shaking things up and telling the players that loafing will not cut it, regardless of who you are. I love the fact that Thomas Brown is a part of it – this should provide a role model type influence that most feel the team needs.

  18. Normaltown Mike

    Good thing we didn’t “burn that redshirt” with Malcome.

    With King and Ealey runnin thangs, we don’t need to find out how good the next guy might be.

    It’s all just youthful indiscretion anyway.
    -Caleb King DOB 1/10/88…carry the one…he’s only 23. Most college RB’s really hit their stride in their mid 20’s.
    -Ealey DOB 6/01/89…so he’ll be 22 this summer. Most UGA students his age are at Clark Howell Hall getting their interview on… reminds me I need to get my keys back.

    • se1915

      Who’d have figured that 23-year old redshirt juniors and 21-year old true sophomores would be unreliable?

      • Dog in Fla

        It was a complete surprise to everyone.

        • Hackerdog

          I know when I was 21, I liked watching Matlock before catching the early bird special at the Mayflower. I certainly wasn’t engaged in crazy behavior like getting traffic tickets and not studying.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Exactly! Next time you hear of a “values-preaching” coach giving a “bad” kid a second or third chance after screwing up… remind yourself that some of these athletes are just now facing demands for self-discipline that you mastered in grammar school. I’m not making excuses for poor behavior. Do we all recognize the abundance of “special programs” to make up for circumstances that have lent to situations with college athletes inability to adjust properly to college life. It ain’t simple sport fans….a lifetime of poor habits and poor decision making is a lot to overcome. Even when you are a stud running back. Yet I see this as a positive reminder that even the stud running back has to do the right thing. Or face consequences that won’t be minimized cause we need him on the field regardless of his poor behavior.

            • Normaltown Mike

              I’m objecting to the “stud running back” part of the analysis. Star players deserve special treatment. WE aint a star.

              When WE was throttling A ball (just like Herschel) he was a full year or two years older than the kids he played against. This makes a difference at that level.

              Once he got on the field he has provided as many epic fails as he has amazing contributions. Adding the off field issues and the blatant disrespect to his coaches, begs the question “why is he still here?”

              Its one thing to hold on to a guy that is a mere role player/backup and give him opportunities to redeem himself (Darius Swain & Arnold Harrison come to mind). Its quite another to hitch your running game to a player with Michael Cooper’s skills and Tony Cole’s ethics.

              CMR needs to cut bait.

              • Hackerdog

                I think he was still around because he was engaged in typical college student behavior. He got traffic tickets. He drove with a suspended license. Stop me when we get to something that the ATF or FBI is interested in.

                I think he was also still around because, out of the King/Ealey/Thomas trio, he was still the best running back we had. That buys you a little more leeway.

                So now, CMR has Malcolme coming off a red shirt and Crowell in the fold. So Ealey’s minor transgression of missing a punishment run can result in an indefinite suspension. I’m not surprised. I hope Ealey gets religion, straightens up, and contributes to the team next season. But I still don’t share your disdain for a kid acting like a kid.

  19. W Cobb Dawg

    Another scholly for a walk-on – less than a week after signing day. Maybe oversigning isn’t such a bad thing after all.

  20. Jim

    Punishment? accountability? consequences? Oh my god where has this been?

  21. dudetheplayer

    So we had “Blow the lid off” Richt, then Evil Richt, then complacent Richt, and now hardline Richt.

    I am in favor.

  22. Skeeter

    I’ve heard a lot about these new post workout smoothies. The last few years it was mat drills. This year it’s lift ’til you puke then down your smoothie.

    Maybe Ealey didn’t finish his smoothie.

  23. Macallanlover

    Not sure any of us now enough about the circumstances but I only want Ealy if he is committed to this team and Richt. He has had a few issues the bad 12 months, but hasn’t profited from the experience. If he wants to work his way back into good graces, UGA will be a better team for having him. But if he is a part of the “bad seeds” that need to be ripped from this apple, so be it, we will be better off without him.

    Again, I don’t know anything about his current situation but I am tired of players at the college level acting like middle schoolers; so if he is one of those with a maturity problem, cut him free. We need men on this team, not prima donna punks.

    While facts are still not known, there is an awful lot of smoke around this young man. He has been punched by two different players on two opposing teams in different games in 2010 and almost had his eyes gouged out in another in 2009. Additionally, he has had incidents at practice with his own teammates and has a reputation as a trash talker. He knowingly drove a car without a valid license then ran from his responsibility after an accident. Now he rebels against discipline…..again. Time for someone to look in the mirror, or another talented athlete will see his dreams fall by the wayside.

  24. Irishdawg

    Don’t think you can lay blame for the eye-gouging on Ealey. The kid might have some issues, but it’s not his fault Brandon Spikes is a dirty playing punk.

    • Macallanlover

      You may well be right, but he seems to be in the middle of several unusual interactions with opposing players. The eye-gouging is not justifiable but there are plaenty of reports about trash talking. Why would you ever want to incite the other players? WE isn’t the only one weaaring R&B that should learn to act like a winner. Agree about Spikes, although he could take lessons from Fairley the Fairy.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Right Mac. While Spikes’ conduct was reprehensible there was a reason that Sikes gouged WE’s eyes and not some other player. Too many of these things happen to WE for it to just be coincidence.

  25. 69Dawg

    OK how many of you have children? We have been running a loose program for the last few years. The players have been eating out and eating crap for years. Look back at Jeff Owens nightly tweets and remember garbage in garbage out. Now we have a new order and the kids are rebelling. The graduating players are just amazed by the sudden changes. We might get a few transfers out of this because it is not what they thought they were signing up for but in the long run the guys that are left will be tougher and meaner and more like our SEC opponents.

    • Dog in Fla

      “the guys that are left will be tougher and meaner”
      It’s about time we had some domination around here.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I had children… both are young men in college now. Is it me..or is that not a big difference. I complained when my eldest took bio-chem, genetics and organic the same quarter….err semester. I said ” what are you a masochist spread that stuff out…” he said -” Dad… I got this” and that was it. I had that much influence. His choice and his path. But he learned a skill set early in his life that allowed him to make those decisions and he doesn’t like being second guessed. Problem is that a lot of high profile athletes never developed those skill sets. Worse maybe is that they might not have an interest in developing such a skill set. Now what? There is a culture that values the road to success through sports and the lottery……education and discipline ranks a distant second to these. Coaches are hard pressed to change/influence this mindset. IMHO.

  26. The Big Lebowski

    I’ll read all the comments when I get home, but Senator, I love a good reference to one of mt favorite Dylan songs.

  27. Slaw Dawg

    Watching the Liberty Bowl on TV, it looked to me as if Washaun was gassed at the end of that first drive–hands on his hips, breathing hard. I wish the young man nothing but the best and hope he gets his head back on straight, but he’s clearly had a rough year characterized by discipline and performance problems on and off the field. It’s happened to underclassmen of all types probably since college was invented. He’s obviously talented, so the only thing standing in the way of competing for serious playing time is himself. I hope he rises to the challenge. If not, I’m fine with rewarding a deserving walk on with a scholly. Note: other oldish timers like me may remember another young man, last name Scott, who had some off field problems about 30 years ago–and wound up redeeming himself in the most dramatic manner possible!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Having another scholly available ain’t so bad. After the dust settles someone from another good program may just decide to transfer or another JC kid who might help may come to the surface. Or a deserving walk-on who worked his tail off gets rewarded for his effort. If Ealey doesn’t get his head straight somebody else will take his place. Fact of life.

  28. I remember vividly one night when David Pollack retweeted one of Jeff Owen’s thousands of “eating out at . Then he replied “Dude, eat a salad.”