‘Cause being in love with your ass ain’t cheap.

File this under money well spent… so far.

Auburn University says it has spent approximately $170,000 in attorney fees on the Cam Newton case during the past 4 months.


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33 responses to “‘Cause being in love with your ass ain’t cheap.

  1. Normaltown Mike

    Bendini Lambert and Locke?

  2. Joe

    The heart breaks for them.

  3. Go Dawgs!

    Compound that with the $180K they paid him to come play, and all of a sudden, that’s a pretty expensive amateur athlete.

    • Jaybird

      And you know this how? Miss St was the team in negotiations with daddy Cecil and the $180,000…pretty big conclusion you and your brethren have jumped to Mr GO Dawgs.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Yeah, I guess Auburn’s just lucky that Cecil met the Ghost of Christmas Past, saw the error of his ways after asking for a huge payday from Mississippi State and then steered his son to Auburn for no apparent reason at all, other than the fact that I bet he looks good in navy blue. Cam was quoted in “Sports Illustrated” saying he wanted to go to Miss State, but he let his dad make the final decision. His dad, the guy who admitted soliciting money in violation of NCAA rules. Just saying, not exactly a HUGE leap to make.

        Enjoy the championship, though, Auburn fan. Seriously, if anything bad DID happen, they’re never going to be able to prove it. The only way the NCAA ever got USC was Reggie Bush was stupid enough not to sign with the guy bankrolling him. If someone in the Auburn family paid up, we’re never going to learn about it, so enjoy!

        • Jaybird

          Reasons to go to Auburn over Miss State..nah, there were none…….Right down the road from home, 4 returning offensive lineman, 3 wide receivers, tight end, 4 running backs including the #1 HS RB in the nation in Dyer, and QB Coach OC Gus M. Nah, no reason at all to decide to go to Auburn instead of Mississippi Freakin State.

          • Go Dawgs!

            You’re breaking my heard, Jaybird! How about the fact that other than Toledo, Guz Malzahn had never shown himself to be all that special on the collegiate level before this year. How about the fact that Cam had a relationship with Dan Mullen and wanted to keep playing for him? I’ve been to Starkville and I’ve been to Auburn. I found the two towns to be pretty similar. Although, Auburn’s proximity to Loachapoka certainly makes it attractive.

            Keep drinking that Cammy Cam Juice, Jaybird! I’m clearly just a bitter Georgia fan, you and I both know that Cam and Cecil are completely spotless, and the entire relationship between the Newtons and Auburn University was completely above reproach. I apologize for suggesting otherwise.

            • Jaybird

              First, I NEVER said or insinuated Cecil was spotless…he is a scumbag that shopped his son to Mississippi State…but to jump to that conclusion that Auburn must have paid, I just don’t get it..and my reason were stated to you before…Would you be saying the same if he had miraculously wound up at UGA under the same circumstances??

              Gus was at Tulsa, not Toledo, and his numbers there were :
              2007…..#1 in Yds per game Tulsa
              2008…..#1 in Yds per game Tulsa
              2009….Rushing from #69 to #13 AU
              Passing from #106 to #22 AU
              Scoring from # 110 to #17 AU
              I’d say he and had proven himself by the time Cam/Cecil was deciding between AU and State.

              ..Don’t knock ‘Poka til you’ve tried it….and even though I live at Sandestin, I do have a vacation home in “beautiful downtown Loachapoka” for football season. I appreciate your congratulations, it HAS been a long time…and the Dawgs are now on deck..it’s been a while since that Glorious 1980 season, hasn’t it???

              I don’t drink Cammy Cam juice, just Glenlivet on the rocks, and an occasional Budweiser.

              Good luck with Crowell.

              • Go Dawgs!

                Well, it would have been pretty miraculous if he’d ended up at Georgia seeing as how I think we recruited him as a tight end or something out of high school. Ooops. However, if Georgia ended up with a player who didn’t want to come to UGA on the say-so of his dad who had previously asked another school for money? Yeah, I’d be scratching my head in that situation, too. I’m friends with many Auburn fans, coming from beautiful Muscogee County, GA, and in their private moments, they’ll admit that they smell something, too. However, like I said, nobody thinks anything will be proven, me least of all. Just like it will never be proven to me that Cam Newton was eligible, because he became ineligible the second pops asked for cash. The fact that it happened in the year that NCAA decided to start selective enforcement of the rules was simply serendipity for Auburn.

                It’s been a VERY long time since the 1980 season. It takes longer when you’re trying to do it the right way.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                You might want to also try Highland Park. I recommend it–neat or on the rocks.

      • Hackerdog

        Didn’t Cam tell the MSU coaches that he wanted to come to Starkville, but the money was too big at Auburn?

        • Jaybird

          No, said the “Money was too much”..and didn’t say “at Auburn”…

          • Hackerdog

            Thanks. I thought I was right about that. So Cam tells the MSU coaches that Auburn is paying him. I agree that he didn’t say he was getting his full $180k asking price. But NCAA regulations ban his receiving anything. Until they opened up a loophole for Newton, they used to ban athletes even asking for anything.

            • Jaybird

              NO..you were wrong about that. Cam did not say “the Auburn coaches were paying him.”

              • Hackerdog

                Do you speak English? If not, I can understand your confusion. I’ll be happy to educate you on the plain meaning of Cam’s statements. If you do, then you’re just being willfully obstinate. In that case, I guess you’re all in that it was opposite day when Cam spoke to the MSU coaches. Good luck with that defense.

  4. Russell

    My ‘roids bleed for them.

  5. 81 Dog

    what was their cut of the BCS title game payment? I think spending 350 grand (180-ish for Cam, 170 for the lawyers) to cash a check for a few million is a pretty good return on booster slush fund investments. Add in all the licensing royalites they’ll make for all the BCS champion gear that will adorn trailers from Mobile to Ft. Payne, and I’d say that was money well spent.

    • Macallanlover

      Their cut is only 1/13 larger than UGA’s (or Vandy’s) for the game itself, minus travel expenses for the huge entourage so that isn’t a big deal. What is bigger is the increased donations and royalties on merchandise sales. Hopefully that will be offset by the decline in revenues when they go on probation for their illegal actions.

  6. Scott W.

    WOW! Being innocent is really expensive!

  7. Pumpdawg

    170 grand is pocket change for Bobby Lowder.

  8. Bulldog Joe

    Ice Miller. It’s not just a beer.

  9. DawgPhan

    cee-lo reference ftw.

  10. Reptillicide

    170k? That’s it?

  11. 69Dawg

    Tip of the legal iceberg my friends.The fun has just begun. If the Feds can go against Bobby for bank fraud he is going to lose it all to repay the FDIC so will the other Board Members. I’m not sure how much transfer liability there is for bank fraud but Auburn may have to cough up some of its donations from the convicted felons.

  12. The Watergirl

    NCAA needs to hit AU with the SMU “death penalty” not only for the Scam case, but for the decades of corrupt business their athletics have been doing

  13. Shane#1

    Bobby ain’t AU’s only fish to fry. Don’t forget that it was the yellow cowboy that made the late night call to the Right Reverend Nutt.