There’s a huge smoking crater where our class used to be.

Matt Hinton tells the story of the amazing disappearing act of Junior’s only recruiting class in Knoxville:

In all, of the eight 4/5-star players who committed to Kiffin from December 2008 forward, only two – cornerbacks Eric Gordon and Marsalis Teague – are currently listed on the 2011 roster. When you pull up this page on, it should be slowly engulfed in flames.

Somebody should get Mike Hamilton a t-shirt that says “I hired Lane Kiffin and all I got was this lousy NCAA investigation”.

Speaking of which, Pat Haden sounds like a man who’s willing the play the cards he’s been dealt.

“The reputation and reality of Lane Kiffin are two entirely different things. I understand what his reputation is but the reality that I’ve dealt with is not that reputation.”

We’ll see if the song remains the same should the Laner get slapped with a failure to monitor violation by the NCAA. If that happens, maybe someone could get Haden a t-shirt of his own.


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9 responses to “There’s a huge smoking crater where our class used to be.

  1. ZDawg

    “I hired Lane Kiffin and all I got was this lousy NCAA investigation”



  2. 202Dawg

    On the bright side; they still have Da’Prick!
    /evil laugh


  3. Dog in Fla

    “I hired Lane Kiffin and all I got was this lousy NCAA investigation” and this picture.


    • Lane Kiffin

      Yeah. I’ve got what is underneath that orange dress and can have that any time I want it and she’s here in LA with me, not in Knoxville!


  4. Normaltown Mike

    Question is: when the fat guy with the orange satin jacket sleeps with a stripper from the Gold Club, does he really care that she was fakin it and he gets crabs?

    The Vol nation seems ok with it.


  5. Doug

    Does it really surprise anyone that a coach who was all flash and not an iota of substance (or loyalty) would attract recruits who fit the same description?

    Have fun with that, USC.


  6. Reptillicide

    lol, thus far Lane Kiffin has hoodwinked Al Davis and Mike Hamilton… but Pat Haden thinks that it’s all just a bad rap. Gonna be funny when Haden makes it the unholy triumvirate.


  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    At some point you have to ask: “Doesn’t Derek Dooley bear at least some of the blame for these kids leaving?” The way DD acted last year about refusing to grant a waiver to Bryce Brown may have had some blow-back with the team. I know if I were 18-19 years old I would think twice about playing for that guy.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      P.S. While the UT schedule gets a little easier in 2011 let’s all hope that they meet with the same fate (or worse) than last year. Thugs playing for a coach with no character.